Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pow! Boom! Bam!

I am sitting here, dazed and confused. Scratching my head, wondering what the heck is going on here?

Yesterday- we ordered glasses for Miss Emily. Glasses. Huh? I was just taking her to the opthamologist to confirm my suspicions- that she is perfect in every single way and the occasional eye crossing is nothing to worry about. POW! Before I knew it we were discussing transition lenses, protective coatings and styles. Apparently, she can't see well. At all. Especially out of one eye. I had her eyes checked as an infant (only because Allyson had such horrible vision problems) and she was fine. 4 years later, no longer fine.

Needless to say, she looked adorable in the frames she ended up selecting. It is not a big deal, heck even I am blind as a bat, but I just didn't see it coming, AT ALL. Now we just have to wait the week for them to come in- meanwhile she asks every 23 minutes if it's time to go get them yet. It will be a long week.

Then today, BOOM! Braces for Allyson next Tuesday. Obviously we are not morons (totally) and we knew this day would come, but next Tuesday? Holy smokes- there is no time to waste apparently. The orthodontist began using terms like skeletal deformity, 8MM deficiency, and a ton of other blabbity blab that basically boils down to alot of moving and a shaking going on in her little mouth over the next several years.

We got spacers today, lots of xrays, molds and casts- and an appointment for the actual braces in less than a week. This week be a week of tortilla chips, carmel corn, gum and corn on the cob for Allyson- because her days are numbered (apparently for real- 7).

So it is obvious. I need a job. As an orthodontist. Or an opthamologist. Or both- an orthomologist. Because the 'ka-ching' is just ringing in my ears. Called Dan to share the brace news- he said not to call him anymore- my calls are too expensive : )

So- you are wondering what is next- BAM! Dan's schedule, which is wacky crazy lately, was switched back to days this week. Thank you Lord- the past two months have really taken a toll on all of us. The two guys he's been covering for are back, and all schedules returned to their previous 'normal'. Until yesterday, when management decided to allow his entire department to rebid.

What this means is they put up all the shifts that are available to Dan's department, and in order of seniority they all get to pick the one they one. In years past, they do this annually, each person picks the same shift they have always had. So no one really changes, but they just confirm that they have what they want.

This time- one of the guys who is getting to come back to his job picked Dan's time (8am-4:30pm mon-fri). So- now one more guy gets to pick his time before Dan and the only person with less seniority that Dan get to pick.

Apparently choices that are left are 3pm-11:30pm mon-fri, 8pm-4:30am mon-fri or 6am-2:30 tues-sat and vacation coverage (his shift will switch to cover whoever is vacationing that week- if anyone). Obviously- the lesser of all the evils is the 6am one. We'll have to see what shakes out. But YUCK! Apparently when the shift picking is all done they will go into effect immediately and will be how it is for a year.

With our enormous farm crop- my vote is Dan focus all his energies on our land. However, upon further examination, even if we sell all of our 12 tomatoes for $10,000 each and our 3 squash for $15,000 each (which I believe might be possible)- we would still need his insurance because our kids are sucking us dry.

So for now- I will suck it up and be a big girl, and Dan will continue to provide for us through whatever craziness God (and that stinky colored acronym that affords us our life) has planned for our family.

Long Live the Craziness!


Ronda said...

Good Gravy! I don't talk with you for a couple of days, and your whole world changes! What have you got in store for tomorrow, Mrs. Goble?

Can I borrow Emily when I finally get an eye appointment scheduled? I'm sure they are going to suggest glasses, but picking through all those frames is NOT going to be fun for me. If she already has practice, maybe she can help.

Rebecca said...

Ok What on earth is going on over there. That stinks that every year you guys are being yanked around form schedule to schedule. I'm thinking 6 am will work to your best advantage too. But the 8pm would be nice in the summer. You can still have dinner with Dad and he may be able to do a few Zoo tips with ya too.