Friday, September 12, 2008

The Squeeling Popper

This is a toy that can truly do no good. In the hands of Sam- it can certainly get him into a bunch of trouble. But I do not blame this on him. It is the nature of the toy.

When I birthed the first of our brood- my mother in law (sorry Ginny) was so excited to purchase this weapon, I mean toy. She said Dan had one as a baby and she just had to get one for Allyson. How sweet- at the time. Afterall, I was staring at an innocent small baby who was gurgling and cooing. Ahhhh.

But once she began walking- it was her purpose in life to chase our poor dog with it. Daisy would run run run, growl, bark, claw, run, run, run. And Allson would crack up the entire time. Eventually it 'disappeared'.

When we moved to our new house, with all laminate floors, it surfaced again. And now there was a new delight in it as Daisy could get no traction so she was almost cartoon like as she would try and 'get going' to start running. Then she would wipe out, fall, slip and slide- All to Allyson's delight as she would still be cracking up the entire time. Then it disappeared again (see-it's magical too!)

When Emily began walking- Daisy was no longer here. I figured it was safe to get 'the toy' back out for her. She was left with no one to torture but Allyson. So she did. I kid you not- she would chase Allyson with it and Allyson (who was no doubt big enough to grab it) would run and scream. And Emily would chase her and crack up. It disappeared again- strange?

And now there is this one. He could make a weapon out of a Q-tip. So to arm him with something resembling a weapon leads to nothing but trouble.

He calls it his vacume. But he squeels as he runs- chasing Emily and Lew Lew. Emily is truly terrified, she will come screaming, crying, and looking for protection. Needless to say I know what is happening- I can hear the squeeling popper coming.

And he also has found it useful as a bat. Dangerous child (toy).

So it occurred to me this week, when I took it from Sam (again) and tried to find somewhere to hide this overgrown infant toy. I've been bamboozeled.

Of course Ginny wanted to get one for our children. She was punishing Dan. She wanted to pay him back. I bet he was a living terror with his as a child. I bet he made her life a living nightmare while young with his popper on a stick. And she was trying to spread the love. Was that it Ginny? Did you know what you were doing? Are you going to bring us a chemistry set next as a beloved memory of your son? Don't you love me?

See, Dan has not felt the wrath of the popper, just me. I've been punished. I am receiving the punishment due to my husband. I've been robbed.

This time the toy is not going to disappear. No. It is going into storage. And someday, when one of these little angels produces a grandchild for me, I am going to gift it to them. Just as innocently as it was gifted to me : ) And then I will sit back and wait. For them to learn to walk.

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Ronda said...

We have one of those -- at church. Along with the loudest vaccuum EVER, and the toy piano, and the talking books. It really does come in handy to have that job!