Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We were not meant to be left in the ashes

Almost a year.  Wow.

There was a time when I could hardly imagine a day without writing an entry here.  This blog kept what was left of my sanity pulled together when I had little kids pulling me in every direction.  Somedays I would even write twice.  Writing had a way of helping me to focus on the light, the funny, the humorous.........it made me feel free.

Until it no longer did.

God silenced me.  He took any desire and all willingness to share here away.  Or maybe it was just my heart was in a darkness that I couldn't really find much funny.  If I had to pick a season of my life that had the most significant changes, it would be the last 2 years.  And change is hard ya'll.  Especially for people like me who still have boxes of cassette tapes and 35mm film.

So, in the past 12 months here is the short update:

Ally turned 13.  13- wow!
We prayed and prayed and decided to transfer Ally to an entirely different school system to give her a fresh start.
The enemy attacked our family from every angle.
God continued to love us and guide us.
More pain than I ever thought was imagionable.
God worked some more.
Grace and mercy, wow.
Lots of new family friends and abounding love through our new church- thank you Jesus.
We got baby chickens and built the worlds best chicken coop.
Rosie has since killed all but one of the chickens.
We have a new box of baby chicks in the garage right now, round 2.
Vacation to Lexington Kentucky just to take some time to BREATHE.
Air Show was cancelled for 2013- I helped to close down the office.  Bitter Sweet.
Summer of wonderful peace.
Emily and I were baptized together.
And now we homeschool.  Yes- you read that right, HOME SCHOOL!
Ally turned 14.

I would not choose to relive the past 12 months for my life, but I would never trade them because the work that God has done in my home has been AMAZING!  And I have heard the voice of God speak life into me and I will never never never be the same.  I started the year on a fast praying that I could die to myself.  I didn't know why God asked me to pray for that, only that He did.  And now I see why.  So much change, so much spiritual warfare, so many challenges.

Hear me.  We withdrew our children from public school and now we home school.  I never ever even considered that we would do that.  Ever.  But God said do it- so here we are.

It's been a year of growth for us.  A year of developement.  A year of birth. 

Thank you God for not leaving us in the ashes.