Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pick your spouse wisely, young folk

For years I have teased Dan that I should have married a dentist.  And last week- when I broke yet ANOTHER tooth, I was singing that same song again.    Until this morning.

Now I'm wishing I would have married a website designer.  Because I have no idea what I am doing.  At all.  The fact that I have been able to maintain this sorry little blog AND change the background from the original white is a miracle.  That- and the purpose of blogger I suppose.  They make it kind of easy.  Do I wish for my very own website that is all mine where I can post electronic sequins and glitter?  Sure.  Do I have any idea how to do that?  Negatory good buddy.

Why just yesterday I went all techno and added that fancy schmancy 'like' button and threw around the term viral like I knew what the heck I was doing.  And BAM!- it was completely wrong.  So now- it looks like a few of you may have actually pressed that 'like' button like I was begging you to and it didn't really make you 'like' my page at all.  But I'm sure you liked something- I just don't know what. 

In fact- I'm not even sure if my adjustments will fix the dag gone problem.  But I'm trying.  Work with me here people.  If you could be so kind, if you want to, to press that-----------> like button again, we'll see what happens this time.

Thanks for the heads up halala mama.  Can I hire you to be my tech support? And by hire, I mean just basically trade a glass of wine and some gluten free cake mixes for hours on end of your time, just so we're clear.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I've gone viral

See that?  Over there? --------------------------------------------------->
Okay- actually look up a little.  No- not that high, a little lower.  Right there- the 'like'- see it?
My blog has a facebook.

For months I have been 'liking' blogs I love to read on facebook, and then when they post an exciting update or earth shattering story- it pops up right on my facebook wall to let me know to get over and read it.

And now I'm joining them.  With the exception of exciting updates or earth shattering stories. 

I'm nervous because I'm afraid I'll end up with 3 likers.  Me, my husband (only because I hacked into his facebook and liked it behind his back) and my mom.  And possibly not even my mom.  Here goes- I'm jumping in.  Please like me.

On another note- who coined the phrase 'going viral' anyway?  Because they could have totally picked a catchier phrase.  This reminds me of going postal, viral illnesses that your doctor can't even help you with and a possible virus detected on my computer.  How could going viral be good?  But it is.  At least that's what I've been told.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cupcake Wars and bags of melting frozen veggies

I have to admit.  It has been kind of awesome being restricted to the house with my surgery patient.  There have been no places to run during the day, no work (at the office anyway), and Emily being who she is has even requested my presence with her when watching afternoon movies- which has meant nap time almost every day.  However, trying to keep track of her medicines-the times issued- how much has she drank- when is her antibiotic due (plus the whole recently pierced ears cleanings) are a bit taxing, so that naps are a necessity.  That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

I'm also the keeper of the frozen vegetable bag rotation- which is a BIG responsibility (dang I wish I would have grabbed that ice collar from the hospital!)

When I'm not slinging narcotics, freshening frozen bags, fluffing pillows and cleaning ears- me and emily have been watching lots of episodes of Cupcake Wars.
Lots of cupcake wars.
And yesterday- when I found myself going a bit stircrazy, I decided to act out an episode right here in my very own home.

Of course, I was out of boxed cake mixes, but since I am a world class baker and own my own cupcake shop I got out my recipe book and looked one up.
And then I apparently forgot to put all of the ingredients in because what was supposed to make 30 cupcakes made 17 and they didn't rise.
I mean at all.
And they were very heavy, but moist.  And a bit salty.
Fortunately the portion of the show we were in was the decoration part, so it didn't matter.

 Emily and Sam were my 'team'.
 As they carefully peeled up the decorations I'd piped out of chocolate to stick on the top of the cupcakes- I was behind them screaming '30 seconds, load load load!'  They really appreciated it.
 I homemade the butter creme frosting and then, contrary to my normal action of either slapping it on with a butter knife or using a ziplock bag to pipe it on, I got out an actual pastry bag and piping tip and worked my magic.  And by magic I mean I put icing on them.
 I could hear that one older guy saying in his accent 'Zee decorations are very nice but zee keek is, how you say, odd.'  But the third guest judge, she really liked them.
Yesterday was the 100th day of school.  Emily was totally bummed that she didn't get to go.  Truth is, it would have only been her 84th anyway with all her sick days last semester. (See the browned areas around only a few of the cupcakes- it was really chewy and kind of crunchy- truth be told I kind of liked it.  Wonder if I can remember what I left out of the recipe and do it again???)

I bet you are wondering who won.  We did, of course. 

Today I think we will reinact a Hoarders show and clean out some of these cabinets.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6th Birthdays.............the untold stories

The thing I think I enjoy the most about birthdays around our house is seeing how excited each of the kids gets for the others birthday.  It really warms my heart.

I mean- 362 other days of the year I hear about how awful it is to share a room, how someone took somebody elses something or other, how someones feet are on their arm rest, how someone lost my whatever it was, fight bicker bicker fight.
 But on a birthday?  Happiness.  This year about a week before Sam's birthday emily had some cold hard cash and was planning to spend every drop of it at Target.  She had already made her selections when we went to peruse the Christmas clearance.  All at once she began taking her selections out of the cart and asking me if I had enough 'extra' money to cover tax on something she wanted to buy.  What she wanted to buy was a nutcracker for her brothers birthday.  I could have melted right there in the store.
 Sam has a thing about nutcrackers- he LOVES them.  Always has.  I have no idea why, but I think it might have to do with most of them carrying a weapon of some sort- but I could be wrong. And Emily knows her brother.  She came right home, wrapped it in tissue paper, poked it into a box and covered it with candy corn wrapping paper.  And for over a week she had a glow about her in anticipation of presenting her perfectly selected treasure.  And she was right- he loved it.
 Just a day or two before his big day, Allyson disappeared to her room for several hours.  I would have assumed she was back there being angry that I wouldn't let her have friends over/go to a friends house.  But what she was really doing was carefully sketching out and coloring with oil pastels what would become her gift for Sam.
 Here he is after unwrapping it.  He was such a blessed young man to have received such a beautiful piece of art from the biggest sister he'll ever have.
 The morning of his birthday we surprised him with balloons all over his floor.  Dan and Emily hid in my bedroom the night before and carefully inflated two laundry baskets full of them and after everyone was asleep, I snuck in and spread them out.
 And early the next morning we were awoken to pounding on the floor and an occasional *POP* as Rosie discovered the delicate balance that is necessitated when one tries to play with a balloon.
Honestly it was adorable.  And Sam, Emily and Allyson had so much fun watching Rosie play with the balloons that they didn't even care when she popped them all.

Most days this life I am living feels like we're stuck in a tornado.  Chaos, work, activities, school, homework, church stuff............we are just a flurry of scrambling around.  But I am grateful for the fun days that come along the way.  Sam's big day was certainly one of them.

Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Bedroom/2Bath home for rent- SUPER

The super bowl is coming to town.  Yay Rah.

I have said from the beginning that I want to be NO WHERE near here when it arrives.  I am not one for crowds or crowdiness or traffic- so my plan is to either hole in and lock the doors or head out for a few days.  And then I heard about people who are renting their houses for several thousand dollars PER DAY during the event.  (Most of them require a 5 day minimum.)  Which obviously got me thinking about renting out our home.  I'm working on the ad- but here's what I have so far.

Enchanting Country Chalet- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
See how I underlined the title and changed cute to enchanting- my marketing studies are totally paying off
Cast your worries aside in this beautifully furnished home located within walking distance of Lucas Oil Stadium (bring some really comfortable shoes- and be sure to head out 2 hours in advance of whatever time you want to be downtown).  A charming ranch style home in a quaint suburb of Indianapolis will make you feel right at home, as long as you live in a middle class ranch home in need of a paint job and a good cleaning with mediocre furnishings and broken handled kitchen pots. 

Two full baths and a furnished kitchen (eggs included)(maybe) will make your stay comfortable.  Although we would prefer you not use our shower in the master bath as that kind of creeps me out a bit- but help yourself to the kids tub/shower combo, they could care less.  You will rest in 5 star elegance comfortably in your choice of 1 King Size Bed, 1 Full Size Bed (yes our son has occassionally peed it but we will wash the sheets and mattress pad, no worries), or 2 twin bunk beds (only one person on the top bunk as they are kind of rickety unstable charming).  Indulge in the built in entertainment you will enjoy with 2 television sets and our pet guinea pig.  Tranquil fish tank will also provide for rest and relaxation.  Please- no bed bugs or head lice, inspection upon check in.  And don't brew anything other than coffee in my coffee pot. 

*Heated indoor pool. Indoor parking (as long as you only open your drivers side door a little bit as to not knock over the bicycles- which you are NOT to be riding).  Daily maid service provided (by me of course because I want to make sure you aren't messing up our house). 

Handsoap, toilet paper and overly bleached linens provided free of charge.
*closed for maintenance- better luck next time

Dan is worried that they would steal our stuff.  To which I said, what stuff?  I mean seriously- most of what we have is pretty used and abused, I'm wondering who would want it.  We have not any flat screen tv's, the vcr is broken, our linens are not from any luxurious foreign countries and my shoes are not italian.  What does that leave, our dishsoap?  For $2000 a night they can have it.  I'm also thinking that for that kind of cash we just throw out all the mattresses, sheets and pillows when the weekend is over and buy new- which opens up a whole new market to the headlice and bedbug crowd. 

Besides- anything that we would have concern over someone possibly taking/using/laughing at us about we could lock up in our bedroom closet.  And for extra security we would take the bobby pin that we use to open the lock with us..........secure like a steal trap.

I would obviously not include pictures of the tranquil fish tank as it's actually just about a gallon fish bowl in the kitchen.  And although I have seriously contemplated indoor photos- they might work to our disadvantage. In review of my original ad, sticky and live like a local seem like good descriptions to me- I've decided against them. Great for Corporate Entertainment seems to be a common theme among the other homes offered for rent- I might throw that in there too, afterall we do have a breakfast bar.

I'm not positive, but I'm thinking at a briefly discounted rate from the "Downtown Indy newly renovated Upscale Townhouse", plus the free toilet paper (which I have not seen in ANY of the other house ads) we just might be in the bed and breakfast business.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Birthday gift.............surgery (surprise!)

Emily is having her Tonsils and Adnoids removed in the morning (see that large pink thing on the right up there........it is NEVER any smaller than that- even when she is healthy).  After several years of battling strep throat, tonsilitus, and constant colds and ear infections- the end is in sight.  Our doctor has been saying for over a year that if they would just take out her tonsils, she would get healthy and we would go back to 'normal' doctor visits- which are apparently not dang near every single week.  The ENT, stars and moon, as well as all good karma in the universe aligned last week and BAM! tomorrow there is an operating room with Miss Emi's name on it.

The hospital called this afternoon to pre-register her.  I was at my moms house.  Dan answered the phone.
He called me to ask the name of her medication.  And if her immunizations were up to date.  And to confirm that she has had a fractured wrist (which she has not).  Here's hoping he registered the right child.

My stomach hurts.  Although this is what we 'wanted', and it is a 'routine procedure', and our surgeon has done tons of them (I'm reasonably sure- at least his MD certificate didn't look like a photocopy),- momma's worry.  And so do little girls.  And mommas worry about worrying little girls.  I'll be glad when this is over.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is it HOT in here?

So, you remember when we took the stray dog into our home this past Fall, right?  And being a stray and all we were unsure of her age, imminuzations, and basically everything else that you are supposed to know about your pet.  Including her nether regions- if you know what I'm saying.

Even the vet was unsure because she could feel a scar in her belly.  She said we would just wait and see if she went into heat.  Or slice her open and take a looksy.  We chose the first option.
And then 'we' completely forgot about it.

Friday I sent the dog to a friends house for Emilys sleep over.  She's too unpredictible with running screaming kids.  And she loves our friends dog.  So it was a win win.  Until my friend began finding drops of blood.

See- she was confused as to if she had 'become a woman' or if she'd hurt her paw because she could see blood on her nails.  Which wasn't really blood- that was fingernail polish- duh.    My friend can be so silly and unappreciative of a good canine manicure.

Turns out Rosie has gotten her gift. And she is not happy about it.

 Here she is in her brand spankin new pair of "Flashy Pants".  These she was able to escape out of in 3.2 seconds all 12 times.  Plus having to chase her down and hold her in between my knees to tie the sides created a bit of an inconvenience for me.  So we decided to pick another route.
 Childrens underwear.  We started with a nice pair of Emilys purple gingham but they were a tad large.  So we had to try Sam's of course.  The funnest part I think was listening to Dan try and fish her tail through the pee pee hole.  Lord help me that was hysterical.  Turns out she wasn't a fan of having her tail bent and twisted- so I just cut a hole.  Sam has pointed out that he is not wearing them again- I keep saying it's just a little hole and it might come in handy should he grow a tail.  Sheesh- such a baby.
 Being the escape artist that she is- she could shake off those batmans too.  So I turned to girls hosiery- which is fitting the bill just fine.  Rosie is so not happy.  So.Not.Happy.  Plus I keep getting the pads stuck to her fur which makes her walk funny- I really am trying not to but it's dang near impossible to properly attach pads with wings to a four legged animal while chasing them around the living room.  I keep inquiring as to doggie tampons- but apparently there are no such items.  Not that I would be brave enough to try THAT either.

Basically I think she is just humiliated. My poor Rosie Rose, who is on the verge of having every male dog in the neighborhood come unglued.  I'm thinking she is embarrassed by her newfound womanly present.  And her underwear.  It's the best we've got girl, until I can get my patent for doggie flashy pants with suspenders- this is all we've got.

On another note- when I called Dan at work on Saturday to tell him our dog had gone into freakin' heat (yes- I called him at WORK to tell him this) he promptly replied "No she didn't".  I quickly told him that she absolutely did.  To which he replied if she was in heat she would be swollen.  I found myself looking around to see if he was here- like looking through a window or something.  I'm no dog who-ha expert, like he apparently is, but I'm pretty sure I know what a dog in heat looks like- which isn't pretty let me tell you.  At least I think I do, since this is the first time and all.  At least I know a good doggie pedicure when I see one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great to be Eight!

This weekend was Emily's birthday.  It involved a slumber party, friends, presents, cake and a fun family day to celebrate our super favorite 7 8 year old. 
I can bet you cold hard cash that when my mother carefully selected and wrapped that Crystal Champagne Flute along with our other wedding crystal she would have never in her wildest dreams imagined it filled with sour straws for a group of giggling girls.  Man has my world changed over the past 15 years.

 This was just minutes, possibly even seconds, before two bottles of fingernail polish got spilled on the carpet.  The one in yellow- she convinced me to let the girls paint each others nails because 'she was super good at it'.  The tableclothe and my carpet beg to differ.
 Although my manicure turned out wonderfully.

 Sam struggled with why no one really wanted to play legos with him.  But everyone had fun once we got Just Dance on- even the big one.

 On her actual birthday Emi was treated to lunch at Incredible Pizza, an ear piercing, build a bear and family game night.  It was a perfect day to celebrate with her.

I can not begin to think what my world would have been like had this child not been born to me.  Thank you Emily for being my daughter.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Who in their right mind schedules their second graders very first slumber party on Friday the 13th?

That would be me.

The same one who has yet to even begin the party preparations.  Preparations being cleaning my dirty,messy,overly lived in home and baking a hot air balloon cake requested by the birthday girl herself.

But I have purchased the ice cream and streamers- so I say that counts for something.

Most of these little girls have never been to a slumber party- so I hope to not disappoint too much.  I also hope that the fall out ratio is low- you know, the ones who chicken out and can't spend the night away from home.  Most have been brave when I have spoken with them but have secretly told their moms that they might not want to spend the whole night.  We'll see how that shakes out.  I might bribe them with candy.

Better go get busy- birthday party #2 for January is in need of my attention!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A day made for celebratin'

 What a super fun birthday Sam had!  That morning his mamaw visited and brought a special gift that kept him busy all day.
 When his dad got home we opened gifts and went to Chucke Cheese (I don't recommend this).

Then a super fun cousin sleep over.

And the next day was his lego party with his friends from school.
 Which involved a group of kindergarten boys coming to our home.  I'll have you know that in years past special shopping expeditions have taken place to pick the perfect party outfit for my other two children.  Maybe even special shoes.  Sam threw on a transformer t-shirt, a pair of stretchy pants and he was ready.
 Boy parties are not girl parties.  This information is invaluable, trust me.  Not a single person showed up in a party dress.  Or a princess gown.  Or high heels.  Not one.
 Plus- boys don't whine, squeal, or really talk much.  They all came into the house and they disappeared into Sams room and I didn't see them again.  In fact, it was so quiet that I kept checking on them.  They were just playing their little hearts out.
 And then we played a game.  They each had to build a car out of legos and race them.  Which was not like painting their nails or doing their hair. And it was not like painting flowers on canvas bags.  In fact- it wasn't really arts and crafts at all.  And when we had the first trial race and their cars burst apart- I was prepared for crying and hysteria (see girl party outcomes of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) but they just gathered the pieces and put them back together and added supports and cross bars and more legos.  Some of them even exclaimed 'cool' as their hard work burst into pieces.
 And when I served cake on crystal plates with matching tea cups- not a one of them was impressed.  In fact, I'm not even sure they noticed.
 And there was not a single solitary polly pocket, barbie or zooble to be found in the pile of presents that they brought.  No Justin Bieber wrapping paper, no pink bows.  But these arrow shooting, transforming, wheeled gifts did bring forth a few squeals from my little man.
I will not point out which one of these boys has called our home every.single.day since he received his party invitation.  Mostly he called just to tell me how many more days until the party.  Or that he had bought a gift.  Or that he had wrapped it.  Or to ask what Sam was doing.  And on the day before the party, he called like 8 times.  It was so sweet I thought I could die.  But should it have continued after the party?  A change of phone number may have been required.

Emily was my right hand girl helping to serve these young men, refill drinks, assist with lego car repairs and scooping the ice cream.  Allyson never even came out of her room.  I could have really used some additional girl back up.

All in all- success.  I'm pretty sure I need to step it up a notch next year. Maybe some gross green goo drink, bug snacks or fake vomit. For the most part they kind of looked at me like a kook when I suggested stopping playing to have some lego looking pizza and for not having a pinata for them to beat on with sticks.  Live and learn.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Six whole years

Dearest Sammy,
 We didn't even know that we were missing you until you were here.
 You completed our family- you made us whole- you make us the Goble 5.
 You are an amazing little person whom we all enjoy having in our family, even Emily (regardless of what she says and how much you two bicker- the times you build forts, rally to sleep together and play house far outweigh the horrible arguments you two strike up).
 We are so excited for you to have your super special sixth birthday today and we hope that you enjoy your special cake, your birthday balloons, and the surprises we have wrapped up for you.

Always remember what a phenomenal part of our family you are.  I would have never been complete had I not been your mother (same goes for your sisters- you guys are the best parts of my whole life).
Live it up big guy!  Today is your day.  And tomorrow when you have your party.  And Sunday when we will undoubtedly still be celebrating your birthday.  Plus next week when you are star student at school.
Happy Birthday Week!