Friday, September 26, 2008

My biggest fan..................

Happy Birthday Mom- my most faithful blog reader and biggest fan!

We love you! Although I can't understand why you won't take us up on our offer to take you out for a nice relaxing dinner on your birthday???? Are you afraid of these smiling faces?


Ronda said...

There for a second, I thought you traded in Sam for a Care Bear.

Happy birthday, Sharon! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Sharon said...

AFRAID??!!! What on earth could they do to me they haven't done already???LOL I love those little bright and shining faces -- you all make me so proud and honored to be your Grandma --- Mom --- all the above. Thank far it has not been what I would call 'uneventful', getting locked in the waiting room at Community North, for instance. For a brief time, I feared I wouldn't see your faces again or at least til the night watchman came through but fortunately I am once again free. At any rate, thank you -- what a nice surprise.

Love you.......Mom