Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Big Bad 9 Year Old!

Wow! My newborn baby is turning 9 years old today- or as we 'not able to let them grow up moms' like to call it, 108 months. I think I did refer to her in months until she was like 3 years old. Just one of them new mom things I guess. Sam and Emily have it totally different, usually I can't even remember how old they are when strangers ask. I rely on them to know. Once they get their social security numbers memorized, I won't even have to go into appointments with them anymore : )

Back to the birthday girl. She has a huge day today! Her class is on a field trip to Conner Prairie to see the native american traveling exhibit. Then tonight her girl scout troop is going to the pumpkin patch. Squeeze in a birthday dinner (including cheesesticks- her special request) and family birthday celebration (Emily and I are getting ready to bake the cake) and she will be worn out for sure!

Just a trip down memory lane- a short memory lane. I only have photos on this PC from 2006- and my lazy butt is not wanting to go upstairs and dig out baby photos because that will start the whole nostalgia thing and I'll be up there for the rest of the day boo hooing about my baby and her nine-ness. So we will just go with what I've got- okay?

No one could ever prepare you for what it feels like to become a parent. No one. I better quit screwing around on the computer and go get that cake in the oven!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birhtday ALLYSON!!!!! I am glad your not over doing the whole Reminiscing thing Mom

Rebecca said...

By the way.... I know someone who knows someone who does cakes. Just not as good as Em :o)~

Ronda said...

Happy birthday, Allyson! Enjoy the nines! It was always my favorite.