Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Mama Mojo.....................

I haven't found it yet- but I'm sure it is here.

These little ones are trying to knock me off my game. I guess they don't realize that I'm already gone, I fell off my game months ago. Years ago actually. About 9 years, to be exact. This mom thing is enough to knock any well meaning, perfectly planned person out of the water. Throw in wacky schedules, too many tasks and lots of life responsibilities and the 'normal' person does not stand a chance. Nope, not a chance. And when you start off already not 'normal'- well- it just goes from bad to worse.

My point here is that I have not slept through the night for a week. My children have set up some kind of cruel torture in which they take turns waking at various intervals during all sleeping hours.
Oh, don't worry, I can function on restricted sleep. After all, these small beings did come forth from my womb as newborns who slept for no more than 60 minutes at a time- on a good day. But when you take a woman who has become 'used' to hours of uninterrupted peaceful rest and throw her into 'newborn' cycle- well the results are not pretty.
Every night- someone is up. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. Never the same person. They are sneaky like that. They are crafty- these small people of mine. I'm sure somewhere there is a schedule, and when I leave their room at night they go over it to confirm who will wake when. Tricky, very tricky.
Last night- after getting Sam back to sleep, Emily emerged from her room HYSTERICAL that her blankie was gone. Oh- I knew where it was. See, she took it with us to the doctor yesterday. So it was in the van. In the cold, cold, cold van out in the cold, cold, cold driveway. Fortunately, Dan had just got home and just crawled under the covers, so he volunteered to retrieve it (yeah! daddy power!)
Of course, once blankiefied, she wanted to sleep in my bed. With her knees in my back. And her head on my pillow. Not the most restful sleep a mother can have.
There is always hope for tonight. But all that solves is the rest issue.
Then there is the eating issue- which apparently Emily and Sam don't do anymore (eat, that is). Then the toys- which are everywhere and all worth fighting over. Which brings me to the bickering. bickering. bickering. I feel like three chickens are pecking me to death. pecking. pecking. pecking.
This is just a season. I know that. There are equal amounts of good to go with the bad. But this morning, this is my focus. All the bickering, toys, pecking, non-eating and lack of sleep.
Oh- and the frog. The girls found a frog last night. Apparently Sam was actually responsible for the finding part. See- he took the downspout off of the house and was in the process of swinging it at Allyson when the frog fell out. I guess I should feel blessed that the frog caught his attention and stopped him from hitting Ally.

So now the frog is living in a Rubbermaid container in the garage, but just for the time being. I typically do not let them keep their findings over night, but it was late and I was worn, so I said yes- this once. He will once again be a free frog after lunch, that is our plan.

I heard Dan scream from the bedroom this morning, apparently they took 'hoppy' in to meet him while he was still sleeping. Of course that made me laugh. I had no idea the sneaky little people had even brought him in the house.

This one made me laugh this morning too- Emily was mid 'Achooo!'

(I had this perfectly spaced- checked it over and over- and I do not know why it is all muffled together. Sorry- just imagine that there is a space in between each 'thought')


Ronda said...

I would have paid big money to have seen Dan's face as he was given the frog wake up call. Too funny.

Sharon said...

You know, it COULD be worse --- you could be the Frog!!!!:)