Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not exactly what I meant

One of Sam's chores he is to perform this week is a daily walk for Lew around the yard.  Lew needs the extra excercise to combat his belly.

 (Lew was sitting on the reverse lever- Sam had to take matters into his own hands)
After his 'walk'- Lew came in a took a big nap.  He was wiped.

Personally- I was concerned about getting him out of the Jeep that Sam had carefully stuffed him into- his heiny was wedged in there pretty tight.  Sam might consider a trailer or something next time.

Or just take him on an actual walk.

We are sneaking away for a couple of days- so I'm gonna be gone from my little blog.  We're going to the land of someone else making my bed, cooking my food and entertaining me and my family. 
I'm SOOOOO ready.
See ya on the flip side!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Too big for his britches

 Notice anything?  Other than one grouchy faced boy?
Within the past month- dang near every pair of pants this kid owns have shrunk.
Something tells me there is no need to pack up any of his clothes from this Winter for next Fall.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My new friend

There are several things I had contemplated posting about this morning.  But I will have to save them for another day, because I've got this new demanding friend that is sucking up all my time this morning.

His name is Dave.  Dave Ramsey.  And HE thinks I should have my check book balanced to the penny.  Which means that my current method of 'here's our total- give or take a couple hundred' isn't what he wants.


Now I painstakingly record every single transaction in our checkbook register.  Every check, payment and debit card purchase.  And I bring down the total.  I even play detective and go online to track down what Dan's been buying- which is just gas and mountain dew basically.  Sometimes that total shows in the negative.  Sometimes it's negative hundreds of dollars.  Which is okay- since I think that there have been some minor errors here and there and basically I think there might be up to $300 more than what is listed in my checkbook.  But who will ever know because there is never a good time to not use the checking account for a week and see where the dust settles.  Sure, I will say this is the week.  But then I debit at Target, write a check for piano, find a gas entry for Dan, and buy groceries.  And now I have to wait ANOTHER week.

Point is- I keep good records.  I am an obsessive compulsive neat freak who CRAVES organization and complete tidyness trapped in a family filled with chaos!  Either that, or I have multiple personalities- one really organized and one hoarder.  Either way- this isn't my fault, obviously.

So I had to give my time to Dave this morning- filling out charts and balancing my checkbook.  Which I almost zeroed out, but I needed to make a couple of online payments so we'll have to wait for those to clear.

I'm not even really sure we need to do this Dave Ramsey thing- seems like I pretty well have our finances under control.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like a poke in the eye

I get like 60 minutes per day to myself for my own personal selfish things.  This is not all at once mind you- it is broken up along the day.  And it doesn't include restroom breaks. Cause any mother knows that those are not 'by myself'.  I ALWAYS have some little person, or big person (side eye to Dan) tracking me down when I'm in the restroom, but that's a story for another day.

Today- my story is about my magical time of the day between 6:54am and 7:30am.  This is when I start my day.  Now, it's not when I would choose to start my day- but Allyson's school says otherwise.  And although I initially thought I would use the time to excercise, the fat girl in me threw that craziness overboard and instead I use it to drink piping hot coffee and read blogs.  It's also when I typically update mine.  Which is why it has turned to sh*t this past year, cause I'm basically still asleep.  Sorry about that.

But today- Sam is all up in my junk.  He produced his bad self at 5:30 AM in my room........awake for the day.  But still tired.  So we have a bit of whining mixed with uncontrollable hatefullness that is making me want to pluck out my own eyelashes.  He also has began his daily demand list like drinks, food, play a game with me, change the tv channel, and on and on and on...........pre-my morning coffee.

And I still haven't gotten my proper wake up 36 minutes that I require.

I can tell- this day is going to suck big fat giant easter eggs.

(In case you are wondering- my other 24 minutes of personal time is late at night after the kids have gone to bed.  Not immediately when they go to bed- after the 68 trips they make into the living room to tell me they are thirsty, not tired, scared, forgot to read their library book, want different jammies on, have to go potty, need another story or want to see what I'm doing.  My time starts after they quit all that.  And ends when I fall asleep watching a dvr'd show that I will never have time to see the end of.  ever.  Which is why I still don't know who was voted off survivor..........two weeks ago).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Bash

Today is our bookin' buckineers book bash.  What's that mean? It means you dress up as your favorite book character.

Last year- Emily wanted to be Amelia Bedelia.  But when she got to school, she forgot her name so she just told her teacher she was Fancy Nancy.  I'm sure her teacher thought I was  complete nut job, as emily was wearing a prairie type dress, a straw hat and an apron rather than jewels and a feather boa.


This year..........
She wanted to dress up as a character from No David.
Only, instead of one of the recognizable characters like, hmmmmm.....I don't know....David, she wanted to be his mother.
You know- the one who you only see the bottom part of her body and her pearl necklace.
So this is what we came up with.

 Yes- I did in fact turn a pair of panty hose and one of dans old socks into David.  I was afraid no one would know who she was otherwise.
And they probably still won't since he may or may not look like a posessed gremlin.
Emily was happy- so I am too.
However, I'm pretty sure Davids mom doesn't own sparkle sneakers and grinch socks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Red Carpet with Mynde

Only it was green.  And it really wasn't a carpet.  It was more of a parade.  A St. Patricks Day Parade to be exact.  If you had been there with me- these are the things I would have said to you.

 I LOVE the St. Patricks Day parade!
 I hope child protective services doesn't come down and find me for taking the kids out of school?
 How sweet that Sam put his beads on Kitty Cat.  Also sweet?  This was the first year at the parade where my kids stayed on their heinys and I didn't have to worry the whole time they were going to get stepped on by a horse.  Yay for small miracles!
 First up- the crazy motorcycle police guys.  I think they are supposed to spell out INDIANAPOLIS, but we'll have to just assume that is right because they never really get in order.
 Sam- contemplating his future career as a police motorcycle parade driver.
 Sweet niblets they are SO close!  Scares me to death!
 See that big giant horse?  He was totally NOT happy about being in a parade behind a bunch of lunatic police motorcycles and wiggling, pulling, turning around.  Then all the horses started turning around because he was.  I thought for sure it was going to make a break for it- and I was already planning how I was going to lay across my children to save them.
 This is the guy who drives behind the horses to scoop up their poo.  Poor guy.
Hey little leprechaun man- isn't 11:30 a little early to already have such a huge buzz on?  (I do believe he was a little tipsy- if I do say so myself)
 Hoosier Lottery had a group of professional dancers that would bust into moves occassionally.  I never got the call that they were looking for dancers.  Maybe because I would be a better fit for the ball shaped powerball guy?  Regardless- I was a bit hurt by the whole thing.

 The mom behind me was pointing out ruff ruffman to her kids.  HELLO?  Obviously that is....................who is that?
 Wow- look at the hair on that little gi.............wait a minute.  Is that a wig?
 Seriously, I spent like half my time looking at this child and trying to figure out if that was her hair or not.  Final decision?  Wig- like a beauty pageant kind.  I know because she at one point began shaking her head and playing with it.  Yep.  Gotta be a wig.  Or is it?
 The lawn chair brigade.  Gosh these guys are funny.
 Is it really safe to drive something close to that many people with a fur covered bucket on your head?
 Seriously?  No one really knows who any of these people are.  Just folks with enough money to buy a spot in the parade.  I'm gonna save up.  Next year I could drive my easter egg in the parade waving and smiling and throwing crap at people.
 This was my view most of the parade.  A mom behind me squeezed her kids through ally and my lawn chairs and parked them right in front of us (while saying stay out of the nice ladies way girls- quick go get that candy- hurry run out there for the beads).  Every freakin' year this happens.  We arrive an hour before the parade so that we can sit up front, and then someone shows up 2 minutes before it begins and shoves their little honeys out in front of us.  I seriously wouldn't care if the big one wouldn't have whined the whole entire time that she didn't get candy from everyone in the parade.  And when they would throw a handful at all of us?  She'd pick up every single piece.  One time I made her share with Emily and Sam- cause we don't want little honey to be rude, right????  Eventually, their mom instructed them to go straight out to the float people so that they could grab anything they wanted right out of the cars/wagons.  At least it gave us a little break.
At one point- the little girl didn't get a set of beads from someone and she turned around and shouted "I hate you mommy".  Her mom didn't hear her, so she waited until she had her attention and shouted it again.
Mommy pulled her back and explained that was not nice.  So there you go.
 Wow- back away from the self tanner.  (I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face- wowzers)
 Finally- a float for the adults- but alas, no one running along passing out free beer samples.  Shoot.

 Where does one buy giant eyeball balloons anyway?
Great day!  Totally worth the kids missing partial days of school.  And we'll do it again next year! 
Except I'm bringing stakes and caution tape and blocking off our area 100%.  Not that it will help, but it will make me feel better anyway.

My kids are old enough that they are not all about the stuff they are passing out (finally- yay!).  Don't get me wrong, they love getting a little candy and such- but they also just enjoy the day.  The excitement, the floats, the music, the marching bands, the time to sit out in lawnchairs and just chit chat along meridian street.  But parades bring out the greedy in people- that's for sure.  By the end, the folks passing out stuff didn't even make it along the sides to where we were because there were constant mobs of people all over them out by their floats and stuff.

I missed about 300 pictures that I totally could have blogged about.  And I know you are disappointed to miss my thoughts as I watched one marching band mom (who was obviously a marching band participant herself) 'marching' and knee bopping and shoulder wiggling right along with the kids.  She was holding an umbrella or something- right up against her chest like her instrument.  It was great.  Or the street vendor who turned a shopping cart into his mobile display and the police officer chasing him out of the street.  Or the inner city marching band whose shoes didn't match and the girls outfits were a bit more risque- but they beat the rhythme out of the other bands!

So there you go- Gren Carpet Edition 2011.  See ya next March!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top of the mornin' to ya

I love St. Patricks Day!  Actually, I love any day that involves fun little things that don't require a bunch of planning on my part.  Christmas is totally awesome- don't get me wrong.  I look forward to celebrating the birth of our King every year.  But 'we' have added so much to it that it is like work.  Dinners, presents, decorations, school programs, plays, cookies, takes some preparation.

But St. Patricks Day?  Just wear a little green and grab a bottle of food dye and the world is your oyster!  Green milk!  Green cookies!  Green koolaide!  Green pancakes!  (Green Apple Martinis!)

Throw in a visit from the leprechaun who plays little tricks on the kids on st. patricks day morning (like dying the toilet green and filling their rooms with green balloons) and a parade and VOILA!  instant fun day!

Hope yours is too!  Feeling blue?  Take the opportunity to pinch someone, it will lighten your spirits!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random acts of kindness

I was pulling up the driveway one day last week- all three kids in tow.  They were kind of loud and anxious- in need of time to burn off physical energy but the misty gross rain was preventing them from doing so.  I was also grumpy and anxious- days on end of tightly woven schedules taking a huge toll on me.  The ideas for dinner running through my mind, as well as the list of tasks left for the day making me feel perhaps more weary than I actually was.

As we pulled up to the house- I saw something on the porch.  Wrapped in green tissue paper.  And my heart instantly lightened.  I felt like jumping from the car right then and running to the item.

But instead I squealed.  And the kids began wondering what on earth was wrong with me.  I said I saw a surprise on the porch and we all looked at it from the car and began discussing it.

As I parked the car in the garage- I realized it was probably misdelivered for one of our neighbors.  And I was a bit disappointed.  Afterall, it wasn't my birthday, anniversary, I didn't birth anyone, no sickness, surely not meant for me.  But still exciting none the less.  We'd get to take them to some lucky neighbor of ours.

Sam was first out of the car and RAN to the porch, quickly returning with the still tissue wrapped surprise.  I removed the tissue to reveal a gorgeous spring arrangement of brightly colored flowers nestled in a happy little pail. Complete with a small butterfly tucked into the arrangement.

But no card.

Sam and I discussed how strange it was that we didn't know who they were from or for.  And then sam held up his tiny finger and declared 'A clue.  I fink I saw a clue'.  And he tore back out of the garage.

Seconds later he returned with more green tissue that he had apparently lost in all the excitement- and stapled to it was, in fact, a clue.  Much to my surprise- they were addressed to me.  From a sweet friend who has no idea how her simple act of kindness (and very generous gift) turned my whole outlook on the rest of the day- and my week- around.  My eyes filled with tears and I thanked God for such a pure and kind person to be my friend.

Each time I walk by them- I smile and my heart feels happy.  And I feel blessed.

There is so much pain and turmoil in the world right now- so much scary stuff that we are not sure what the ending will be like.  So many people scared, anxious, alone, defeated.  I wish I could send flowers to the people of Japan.  So they could feel, even for just a moment, how happy it makes you to know that someone else cares.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Date Night

Tonight Dan and I have a date.  We're going to a concert.  It's gonna be awesome.

And we're going to have a fabulous dinner.

Did I mention I'm making the dinner?  Yeah- after I get done with Emi's math club at 4:30, we're gonna rush home so that I can make a dinner of grilled fish, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies with a salad.  And pie for dessert. 

But I don't get to stay and eat it.  I'm leaving at 5pm with Ally to get her heiney to the school.  She has to be there by 5:30.  But Dan and his parents will enjoy the dinner.

And they'll be at the school at 6pm.  Because the concert we are going to?  It's Allyson's 5th grade band concert.

What?  It's like a date night only with small children, my inlaws, no dinner and an after party that is gonna rock the casba.  I know, because I get to help throw it for all 100+ kids.  But Dan doesn't.  He will take our small beings home to start their baths.  Only one cool parent can help at the after party per child- and I won the coin toss.

Ha!  And you thought YOUR life was fun.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Be very careful my dear friends, about going on your blog and writing all kinds of stuff about how you used to be so discomoobulated and now you are doing sooooo much better and even on time sometimes.  And be all 'la te da' and 'yay me'. 

Because in the next two weeks you will
  • Loose your debit card
  • Show up late to pick up a whole freakin' troop of girlscouts for a field trip with a child who is clutching his butt cheeks and running to the restroom while you tell the girls to just hang on a few more minutes.
  • Host an impromptu slumber party where you will be deemed the grouchiest person in the world.  And you will know they are right.
  • Show up late to a wholelatta stuff.
  • In your new empowerment of 'I can do it all' you will sign up for like 3 more things and now you are sweatin' it big time (meet your new math club volunteer, mile club mom and first grade play scene maker).
  • Send your first grader to school picture day (only you forget it is school picture day and she is wearing something just a few more wearings from the recycle bin)...........
  • AND THEN you will feed your highly peanut allergic son a cookie containing nothing less than peanut flour.  You will then rush your whole gaggle of children, plus an extra, to the ER where you will realize that you probably haven't brushed you hair yet that day.
And 'POP'- just like that- you will go back to sucking.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Livin' for the LOCK IN- which has apparently been moved to my house

The girls got an invitation to a lock in at the church they play basketball at.  Emily about came unglued.  She could.not.wait!  Allyson however was worried she wouldn't know anyone.

We discussed flashlight tag, scavenger hunts, hide and go seek, pizza parties, movies and all the other things they had planned.

She still was not sold.  Emily was already packed.

In order for me to send Emily to her first every sleepover away from home that was not at grandmas, I really wanted Ally to be there too.  I agreed to let her invite a friend.  Emily didn't need a friend- she was positive she was going to have the time of her life.  She smiled for two weeks straight.

We had a light dinner, loaded sleeping bags, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows and everything they own into the van. 

I explain to the kids that if they are uncomfortable or afraid- not to hesitate to call and I will come get them.  BIG MISTAKE.

See- Sam was bummed because the girls were going and he wasn't.  So I called his favorite cousin in the universe and invited him for a sleep over.  And after that Sam was floating on the ceiling.  And so was I.  How fun- a boys night in!  How cool is that.

I was also pumped to trade my three girls for one boy and finally be home for the night.  To change into my slippers, make the kids some smoothies, play some games and watch movies.  It was gonna be a fun night.

And before my sister and brother in law even left the house.  The phone rang.  It was ally.  They were bored.  THIS is why children shouldn't have cell phones.  Mind you Ally doesn't- but her friend does.  I told her that if they left, Emily would want to too, and she was so excited about this sleep over.  Ally said it was lame and boring and geared for 6 year olds and they needed to leave.  I asked her to give it one more hour (in my heart just knowing that when they started the 'cool' activities they would change their mind.  I mean there were like 100 kids there- it was a PARTY!)

I am confident they spent the next hour hammering Emily trying to convince her to leave.  And exactly 60 minutes later, my phone rings and they say all three of them are ready to go.  And that Emily has stopped crying about having to leave and is actually looking forward to coming home since they bribed her with including her in their activities.

I was so not planning on a huge sleep over of 5 crazy kids at my house after the nutso week I have had.  And I was a bit grumpy.  And I was thankful that Dan went to get them- because I was wiped out.

They were loud, giddy, happy and loud.  We have piles of dirty sheets, blankets and bedding.  But eventually they all did go to sleep and that is good.  And they woke up with the chickens.  So I guess that is good too?

Last night I hugged Emily and told her I missed her.  She said she was sorry she didn't miss me, because she was having so much fun.  And then she told me about all the super fun stuff they did in the short 2 hours she was there and how awesome it was.  But the girls did include her at home- which made her equally happy.  And I think she wasn't too disappointed about missing the lock in afterall.

It makes me want to pound Allyson right on top of her 'super bored, lame' head.  But I didn't, because I know she is growing up and is struggling with being a 'kid' and a 'young lady'.  But I think she went in knowing it was gonna be boring- and never gave it a real try.

But it's all still good.  And Lewis is happy- boy that dog LOVES when the kids have sleepovers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mish Mash Central items 1-5

1. Sunday my whole family was over to celebrate winter birthdays.  It was a brunch- so we put candles in doughnuts and called it a cake.  To me- it was important because my whole family was there.
Family is delicate- and although forever- it is breakable.  And I want mine to stay whole.
Which is why it hurts that my niece is mad at me.  She's mad because I love her and I called her out on a behavior that is not favorable.
And she doesn't want to be a child anymore.
But she still is.
2. Sam convinced me to buy a roll of camo duct tape.  I didn't know why he wanted it so badly.
Until he had me make strips so he could cover his bicycle helmet.
And then I found it charming.
3. Emily had pajama day. There is nothing bigger in the life of a child than pajama day.
We should declare a grown up pajama day.
That would rock.

4. I have no picture of allyson- but she had me take her shopping for a dress for an upcoming band concert.
I envisioned a beautiful cotton knee length dress with wide straps and a nice brighly colored sweater.
Hose with some nice shoes- perhaps a ruffle here or there.
She wasn't envisioning that.
And now we are on the hunt for a sweater to go over this orange strapless number that really does look nice as long as she wears a sweater (but is not what I would pick for my child to wear- but I don't get to pick anymore apparently).  But us agreeing on a sweater is going to be painful.
Almost like 1.5 hours of dress trying on.
And then she tried on skinny jeans- that I declined to purchase because I think they look trashy- and she wasn't disrespectful, but I could tell she was disappointed.
And I was bummed.

5. Basically I'm feeling pretty wiped out by this week and our constant busy activies.
I'm ready for a quiet weekend.  And I think Sam is too.

But first I have to work in emily's classroom this morning, run a couple errands with sam, work a couple hours at the air show, check the girls bags for their lock in tonight (yikes! they are going to spend the night away from home!), remember to pick up Ally from school after her bouncing thing, pick up her friend, make dinner, load their stuff in the car and have them dropped off by 6:30. 
And hopefully my nephew will join Sam for a sleepover of their own.
And I'm gonna crash on the couch like no bodies business.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deep down I think she still needs me

Allyson brought home a permission slip for an afterschool 'bounceapalooza'.  They fill the gym with inflatables, play music for dancing, have all kinds of sugary snacks for sale.  A kids dream.

I asked if she wanted to go.  She asked if I was going to volunteer at it.

I did last time.  Sam and I strapped on plastic gloves and served snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, mopped up the sticky nightmare of a mess that followed and swept and swept and swept and left there exhausted. 

So I told Ally that I was going to not be able to volunteer this time. 

'Okay' she said, 'Then I'll go'.

Two days later she brings home a flyer about walking club.  Once a week a group of up to 250 kids stay after school and walk a few miles.  They keep track of their distance and talk about healthy bodies and such.  She laid it on the counter and indicated she would like to sign up for the spring club.  After she went to bed I sat down to go through the mountains of paperwork that all three kids bring home from their schools and I found the form.

Neatly printed in a small box in the corner was a note to me from Allyson.  'Mom- do not sign up to walk with us'.

Hmm.  I wonder what all of this is supposed to mean?????  I think deep down she is secretly hoping I will support her in her activities and make them possible by being involved.  AND I think that she will be super stoked if I just surprise her by showing up!  Wait till I tell her about the band concert dinner next week I volunteered for.

It's nice to not be wanted.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm gonna get some peace one way or the other

Wowzers!  I go through spurts with this poor little blog.  Sometimes in my life I could blog like 3 times a day.  And then there are weeks like this where I am just a little down in the dumps and out of anything to blog about. 

I can feel myself shaking off this horrible overlay of dumpiness- it is coming.  Things will improve, and it's not even really big stuff that I'm wrestling, so no need to worry.  I think more than anything is it our life that feels a bit busy and time that is a bit short.

Dan and I have committed to two different studies.  Ones on Mondays and one is on Tuesdays.  One is Dave Ramsey's financial peace workshop at our church.  He basically is like the Hitler of finances and he says you are not allowed to spend more than you make.  Yeah- like that is gonna work, but we're giving it a whirl.  Our way hasn't exactly landed us in the rich house, so I suppose we'll try it his : )

The other is a biblical counseling program.  And it is changing my entire world.  It is in depth, it is focused 100% on changing your heart and life to live for Jesus, and I LOVE it.  Dan and I do this together, and we both feel how powerful it is. 

But two nights in a row are kind of nutso around here- and that is a bit tiring.  Mondays involve early dinner, early baths, early homework doing- on top of a piano lesson, girlscout meeting, and air show meeting that typically take place on Monday nights.  Fifty bucks says when softball starts they'll have practice on Monday too.  Tuesdays involve dinner, making sure house is tidy, a trip to pick up and deliver a baby sitter, a 30minute drive to the church where we go, 1 hour of quiet bible study with my husband (totally worth it), 30 minute drive home, another trip to deliver baby sitter home and return back home around 10:30.

I can feel positive changes in our lives I know this is gonna be worth it.

Hang with me- someday I promise to have something stupid and semi-funny to blog about again!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye's are never easy

Emily has had the same best friend since her first year in preschool. 

Emily is not really a 'social' child.  She's not antisocial- and she loves other kids- but after a little while she is basically over them.  She's good to hang alone, read, draw, watch a show.
It never surprises me when she has girlfriends over that after an hour or so that emily basically leaves them to play with sam and she goes to do her own thing.
I can imagine her being the type when she grows up to literally 'need' alone time.
Allyson began peppering me with demands for playmates as soon as she could basically talk.
Emily has not.
Except for Katy. 
She is the one she wants at her birthday celebrations, to come over on a rainy afternoon, to go see the new Justin Beiber movie with, and the one she is anxiously waiting to experience her first slumber party with next year.

Two weeks ago Katy was just gone.  She has not been at school since.  I've heard talk that she went to visit her Dad in Florida.  Emily overheard her teacher say she moved. 
They got a new student in her class- she's at Katy's desk.
Emily is concerned.  Beyond concerned actually.  And as I looked at her little face Friday, I saw it.  That look of devastation, sadness that burrows into your soul.
As I held her in my arms, the emotions overcame me and my eyes filled with tears- just like Emily's.
And we sat there on the side of the tub in the bathroom hugging each other and crying.
Because I know how badly it hurts to miss a friend.

Sometimes our friends move away from us, sometimes it is us that moves away from them.
Sometimes you are ready- and others you are not.
Some friendships last a lifetime- others just a season.

My heart is heavy for my Emily.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blossoming Beauties and the idiots who market to them

See- I've got a little problem.  I have this child- my oldest biggest one- who when I close my eyes I see this..........

But when I open them I see this..........

And she requires clothing to cover all of that.  And probably she is going to need new apparel items sooner than later as her hips are doing 'this' and her chest is doing 'that' and basically tinkerbell no longer markets undergarments to my child.

You know who markets to my child???  Skanky pants cradle robbers.  That's who.

When I go to Target, and head to Juniors- this is what smacks me in the face!
 (the bottoms of this suit got cut off- but trust me you would gasp!)

Be still my heart.  The tops are cut low, the shorts are cut high, and there is not a single freakin' bikini that would even be an option.  I'm carefully trying to poke my eyeballs back in my face and NOT make any kind of a scene that might even draw ally's attention to anything so that we can quickly move as far away from this area as possible when ally casually asks "Do you think I'll need a new swim suit this year?"

Oh hell, she noticed the racks of swimsuits.  Which is amazing as they are so teeny tiny they would be easy to miss.  They are basically just an 1/8th yard of fabric (total) and some string.

"No" I reply- I am sure yours will still fit you.  (please- all things good and awesome in this universe- let hers still fit her).

The shorts, however, I'm sure will not.  Anyone know of a nice toga shop?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Like the Twilight Zone, only louder

Somethings changed.

I'm not sure that it was me, or the kids, or our lives, or Dan, or all of it...........but I definitely notice a difference.

There was a time that I would cry daily people.  Daily- I'm not joking.  Just completely overwhelmed, undernourished (spiritually- obviously not physically based solely on the size of my rear end), over scheduled, and tired.  And all at once that has eased up.

Somehow we are managing to get to places, on time.  AND on the right day.  Now if you know us, you know that this is HUGE.  No matter how much I have tried, in our 'life with children' getting anywhere on actual time (or early- gasp!) was just not possible.  It didn't matter how early I began preparing, what schedule I laid out, or how much I discussed what items would need to be happening in order to be somewhere.  Someone would have a last minute poop issue, wardrobe malfunction or mysterious toothpaste incident and it would throw the whole ball of wax into a tailspin.  Or, heaven forbid, we did actually get into the car within the necessary time to depart, the freakin' gas light would be on.  Or we would show up to wherever and realize the someone in the car neglected to bring shoes.  I'm totally not joking.  More than once this actually happened.

But now we are currently able to kind of leave for places some of the time with most of our sanity and not a lot of screaming.  And we are actually starting to arrive places on time (if not a bit early).

It's strange.  This crazy a$$ schedule that we maintain between church commitments, work stuff, girlscouts, school functions, basketball (which is now over- booyah!), piano lessons and on.and on.and on. has normally kept me in a constant state of sobbing rush around.  But somehow, someway, all at once we are swinging it a little easier.  Sometimes I even have dinner ready in a fashion that doesn't involve 'to go' plates and reminders not to drip in the car for crying out loud.

And I start to think that maybe, just maybe, we are at the age of our family where we CAN do this.

And then I find myself in the preschool drop off line, 8 minutes late, polishing thin mint fudge off of Sam's front teeth with my sleeve and I think maybe we're not as put together as I think. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No joking?

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye and she totally takes my breath away.

And then she starts fighting and arguing with her little brother and I remember that she's just 11 years old.