Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You'll never believe this!

You know how I went off on a tanget two posts ago about McCains vice presidential choice? Turns out she did run for Miss Alaska and got runner up. How funny is that, that I was calling her Miss Alaska and she actually was a beauty queen. Huh! I am way wise beyond my years- in a strange psychic kind of way : )

Also- the baby that I referred to as her grandchild- I have since found out it is her 4 month old son. Huh! Point was previously made- I will not go there. (But just because I can't stop myself- does the Vice President get to call in sick when her babies have puking, chicken pocks, or one of the strange rashes?) I am not judging her- Lord knows I have 12,368 things that any given person could judge me for- so I am not judging. I'm just wondering how in the heck she is going to take on that role when she already has such an awesome role in her home- and why she'd want to.

And to clarify- I am not one of those women that declares all moms should stay home and raise their young and that it is 'evil' to work. It is just not for me. But I am working part time, so I guess it is for me? I don't know. Do what you want- that's my thing. Whatever makes your life work- fine with me. Working moms, stay at home moms, take your kids to work with you moms- none of it is easy. But not the vice presidency- that's just way too over the top in my opinion. Unless- as mentioned before- you have someone in your unit who will function in the 'mother' role. Any mother knows someone has to be in that role, or there would never be any clean underwear, completed homework, or food in the fridge. That's all I'm saying. Moms are the glue in the family, and you can't be the glue to the country too (without your children falling apart- in my humble opinion : )

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