Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family, Food and Fastness!

We got to spend Sunday afternoon at my brother's house. We were gathering to celebrate three birthdays that all occur within a week of each other- my mom, my niece Elaine and Ally. My brother and sister are much much much older than me, so my children are the babies in the family. That is kind of cool because the older kids cling onto mine and I actually got to visit for a few minutes. Although, I wish that one of them would have just one more baby, as I could really use a 'baby fix'. But no luck- with their age and all : )
After lunch, my niece came out with this thing. After my initial thought of "heck no, none of my children are riding in that thing", Dan and I decided that it would probably be alright. Ally was first, but I didn't get to snap a picture in time. She loved it. Then came Emily, who also loved it (even though she looks scared to death). And then, the dare devil himself. I swear I heard him screaming 'faster, faster, faster'.

Might I just say that Dana and Lori have a great front porch on their house, nice and big- runs the length of their home. And they are out in the country, so it's also peaceful. And they don't have little bitty kids anymore, so there is the absence of brightly colored toys strewn all over the yard (don't get me wrong- but you know what I mean- it will be nice to just have weeds all over the grass again someday). My three loved the chance to frolic with cats. We don't have cats (dan's allergic) so they really really really like getting to visit them.
My niece Elaine will be turning 13 in just a few short days. She was born on the day Dan and I moved in together. My parents were supposed to meet Dan's parents- it was a big day in my life. Then my goofy sister went into labor. Stole the glory right out of my day that day. I guess it's okay, considering I got a new niece and all : ) (surely you know I am joking)
And here they all three are- the birthday girls. One cake- we're a cheap family.
It was a nice day. We got to pick apples, I was given a jar of homemade apple butter and I didn't have to cook lunch. What more could a girl ask for?


Rebecca said...

Well I see who ranks at your house ...some strange person doing all you cakes.

Ronda said...

You're telling miss I fell in love with Dan while he was riding a motorcycle, that the two of you initially balked at a dune buggy?'ve really gotten old haven't you? ;)