Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it time?

Emily: "Is it time to cook the debiled (deviled) eggs yet?"
Me: "Not yet- I have to balance my checkbook."
Emily: "On your head?"

I don't think I could ever possibly tire of this world- even though I am tired- just not of this world.

1 hour 20 minutes at the broken arm doctor this morning with ally. Good news- no more big honkin green cast. Bad news (for ally)- he gave her a removable velcro splint to wear for 3 weeks. You'd have thought he smooshed her toe in the door- the tears told me she was a bit more than disappointed. But just 3 more weeks, and at least now she can bend her elbow she finally decided (at least she found something positive).

Just imagine, a waiting room of 60+ (mostly 70+) year old people and us walking in. Sam in his camoflauge rain boots, two shirts, shorts (knobby knees barely showing between boots and shorts) and bright orange vampire teeth. He struts his stuff right up to this little old woman and growled at her. (he was a vampire- get it?) Fortunately- she laughed, that could have gone sour really quickly.

My reward for the two hour round trip drive with small children to this broken arm doctor every two weeks- a $6 cup of starbucks coffee. My heart is still racing. I love it, I love it, I love it! And of course I deserve a reward- don't judge me : )

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