Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you God for my Family

Emily drew this picture of our family last week at preschool.
The giant big one in the middle- that's Emily. Nothing wrong with her self image : ) The blue one on the left, that's Lew. The little bitty bitty guy up by Emily's head, Sam of course. The one in the bottom right hand corner (with the very long head), that is her daddy. The round one right above Dan is Allyson. And that tiny squibble with all the blue hair- that's me of course.
I love to see how the kids draw. Especially Emily since she doesn't draw very many pictures (she writes lists instead).

Allyson drew from the time she could hold a crayon. She has always loved to draw, and still does. This picture above was her drawing of our family when she was the same age as Emily. Interesting to see the difference in how they draw.

I like that she drew me with a waist. Thank you Allyson.


Ronda said...

Wow! That is quite a difference. It seemed like all of the kids in Cooper's preschool class drew like Allyson, while he didn't even make distinct people like Emily. Now we're up to Emily's style. My kids just don't like to draw or seem crafty...I wonder where they got that?

Sharon said...

I think it's hilarious that you are up there, right behind Sam, who quite apparently has once again 'made your hair stand on end';).......she nailed it!! It also looks like she drew earrings on herself???

She's growing so fast -- it hardly seems possible that just last night I was calling her Mommy!!


Sharon said...

I had to comment on something I just noticed this morning when looking at Emmy's pic again -- HILARIOUS!! -- did you notice that Dad has muscles??? She may still be drawing only circle and stick people, but the kid is accurate in her observations......his muscles, your hairLOL

Love you......Mom