Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pet Week!

It's pet week at Emily's pre-school. And no way was I going to live down the 'wonder walk' disappointment from last year when Brookes mom came to volunteer and I didn't. No way! When I saw the notice- Sammy and I ran to the office to sign Lew up!This is Emily's preschool class. (she is on the left side- behind colts girl). Can you imagine the level of patience it must require to be the teacher of these 14 bright young faces? (We LOVE her teacher by the way- and she does have a ton of patience. And her assistant, Mrs. De'Lightbulb' is just as wonderful).And this little boy- that is Coy. Emily and Brooke had more than one battle last year over who was going to get to marry him. Emily gave up and decided to marry Mathew instead. But just in case she switches back to Coy- I wanted you to see him.Emily was proud as punch to have her trusty stead Lew Lew here for all the kids to see. Lew was, well, less than proud as punch. But it was just for 20 minutes and he got to come home and go back to sleep.Sam found ways to keep himself occupied while he waited.

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Ronda said...

What a patient Lew!