Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want to see the lions!

After getting Allyson on the bus this morning, Emily Sam and myself (traitors that we are) left for the zoo. Allyson always gets upset when we go to do something 'cool' without her. I struggled with it the first two years she was in school, but now it is fend for yourself time. Off we went. "I want to see the lion"- yes Sam, we'll see the lion.

We get there, and the parking lot was virtually empty. The whole zoo to ourselves, bonus! We very rarely stumble down to the zoo before lunch time, but now I see the beauty in arriving before the sea of school buses. I wrestle out the stroller, drinks, pick up my purse that dumped off the chair "I want to see the lion"- yes Sam, we'll see the lion.

We start in the waters building. "Penguins, Penguins". Sam decided that this is the mommy penguin, right there to the left. And the one on the right- that's the grandma penguin. I'm not sure why- there is probably a reason floating around in his busy little head- but heck if I could figure it out. Perhaps it was the strange thing she was doing with her head and her bottom? (no offense grandmas : )

Next- the 'teddy bear' (aka Polar Bear). He was actually not sleeping, so that was a real treat.
Be the polar bear.
We stood and watched this 'monkey' (technically I think it was a gibbon?) for ever. Sam could not get enough of CoCo (that is it's name, you know I'm cool like that, I know the names of the animals at the zoo. Really it is, a zoo person told us). Personally, I am afraid of the thoughts that this small, not afraid of anything, loves to climb little person was developing as he watched CoCo swinging from the trees and ceiling. I'll have to keep an extra close eye on him. "Let's go see the lions", yes Sam- we will see the lions.
Next- stop by the tigers. Almost as exciting as the lions. Surprise..............
The tigers must be on vacation. Where do tigers vacation? A small African village? A cruise? Madagascar? Anyway. "Let's go see the lions", we'll see the lions Sam.

And this giraffe, he stood just like this the ENTIRE time we were watching them. With his head bent over and neck straight out- just staring at us. Creeeeepy.""Lions, lions, lions, lions!" Surprise...............They are vacationing with the tigers. But not to worry, the zoo apologizes for the inconvenience. The inconvenience of listening to a small, dutchy two year old talk about the lions for the next forever until we bring him back and they are actually there. Thanks zoo. Thanks. Once over the shock that we were not going to see the lions, we head across the bouncy bridge. Here Sam is explaining that these are elephants. Yes, Sam, I see the elephants. But actually, I think they are rhinoceros'. "No- they not- they hungry hippos." Duh!And we finished it off with a visit to the lorakeets. I haven't taken the kids in there for at least a year, as Sam has just been way too scary up to today. But, since I was feeling extra brave, we ventured in. Notice how Emily didn't get her hair brushed prior to going to the zoo, that is because I am one of those looser moms. But she is not in her pajamas, so I think that evens it out.No harm, no foul. All was well. Plus, Emily loved feeding them. Sam didn't. But before we left he did finally hold his cup up and let one drink from it (stop looking for a picture- how in the heck do you expect me to hold him up while he is trying to feed these silly birds AND take a picture all at once. Geez!)

So that is it, our morning at the lionless, tigerless, (walrusless) zoo. Still fun.

We then rushed home to meet Stanley Steemer so that he could make our carpet cleaner. And he did, yeah!

By the way- Baby Mama (movie) was not the laugh till you pee your pants knock out I was expecting. Cute, but just not up to my expectations. Good thing I got it from the $1 box!


Ronda said...

I thought the same thing of Baby Mama. Glad to hear I was not alone.

Sorry about the vacationing animals. You would think they would leave one large cat on display.

We've never been inside the lorakeet display. Thanks for showing us around!

Rebecca said...

Well it looks like you had a great day at the Zoo even though you had no Ally. I am sure Sam will remember the next time he visits the zoo how "This one time I wanted to visit the Lions and I got punked" Maybe they were on a field trip to a school. (wink)