Monday, September 8, 2008

Lights, Camera, FASHION

Thursday night the kids treated me to a fashion show.If by being treated you mean I got to clean up 237 different outfits and toys that they brought out for the show.
Not really- Allyson really really really tried to get it all put away. And did a pretty good job.
Considering everything they own ended up in my bedroom, on their bedroom floor, or strewn in between.
Regardless- it was worth it to see them playing happily together.
Beats the heck out of some of the 'knock down drag outs' we have been experiencing lately.
Emily loves her sisters attention- she would probably even eat vegetables if it were what Allyson wanted to do.

But that is not what Allyson wants to do. Any help on how to get that kid to eat something other than bread (or cheese)?
Back to the show. They had the camera and took most of their own pictures, in addition to doing make up, adding accessories and picking out the outfits.See all the blankies lining the hallway behind emi? The runway, of course.
Sam- for whatever reason- just ran laps the entire time. Round and round and round. Occassionally you will catch a glimpse of him in the pictures- that's why. He was just running, literally, in circles.
They put on tons of sparkles and make up. But I wouldn't recommend the lip plumper.
Just a funny story to make you laugh. Anyone who knows my husband will laugh. Heck- I'm still laughing. I had dental cleanings scheduled this morning for the girls. 8am on a Monday. Was I possessed?
Dan- wanting to try and help since basically once he leaves for work today he is MIA until Saturday AM. He offered to get up at dark:thirty and take the kids (all of them) to the dentist. See- I've done this a few (dozen) times and I know how not easy it is. So- being the fact that I have to go to work for a bit today and could really use his help and he did offer, twice, I took him up on it!
We all get up- Sam was already up, we try for ever to wake the girls, finally do, get them dressed, brush their hair, find their shoes, fix and eat breakfast, brush their teeth (twice), gather their backpacks, jump in the car and they are on their way. I get in the shower. The house is quiet. I fight the urge to crawl back into my bed. The phone rings. It's Dan. They are at the dentist office. Their appointment isn't until Wednesday.
I check the calendar- I have it written on today. I check the card they give you when they schedule your appointment for 6 months from then (for whatever freak reason I actually still have it, taped to the calendar)- it says Wednesday 9/8/08. Today is 9/8, but Monday. Not my fault. Silly girl at the dentist office's fault.
I am relieved that Dan took them today- because I may have gone manic-momma-postal had I managed to get them all there by 8am and discover it was the wrong day. But since it was Dan, I find the humor and realize that I get to do it all over, again, in two days, all by myself that time. yeah.
By 8:15 they were home- dirty teeth and all. No more quiet.

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Ronda said...

I love the fashion show! Poor Sam. It's sad that the poor kid has to run in circles just to do a "boy thing". You'll have to talk the girls into a truck parade.