Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Men are from Auto Zone, Women are from Bed, Bath and Beyond

When we bought this house a little over 8 years ago- it needed some love.  And by love I mean dry wall spackling, floors, appliances, paint, and fixtures.  It was kind of trashed and we were just the people to bring it back to life.

Dan and I instantly both knew this was our home the moment we stepped inside the door.  And the idea of working together to make it our home was, surprisingly, exciting for both of us.  For different reasons I suppose.

I got to pick out new towel racks for the bathrooms as one of my many tasks, because neither had any.  Because I'm indecisive, I used my traditional method of selection- the clearance rack.  And I found the PERFECT towel bar with matching toilet paper holder.  And I bought both- because these kind of items should obviously match, duh. 

They are both a chrome/stainless steel- kind of trendy and industrial.  Both have small metal balls that screw on.  On the towel bar they are simply for looks.  On the toilet paper holder they are for function too.  The bar that holds the paper sets down inside of the grooved holders and the balls on the end keep it from sliding in and out at inconvenient times.  And by inconvenient, I mean when you are trying to wipe your heiny.  Or a small childs heiny.

When Sam was little- like 2-3ish- he was so intrigued by this bar.  And it took him like 3 seconds to figure out that the small chrome balls actually unscrewed from the bar and became like large shiny marbles.  Every day I would find them and put them back on the bar.  Sometimes more than once.

Until one day when I could only find one of the two big shiny functional chrome marbles.  Which made my super trendy, love of my life, toilet paper holder only kind of functional.

A few months ago Dan said I had to replace the toilet paper holder.  But I could never do that.  Because then I would have to buy a new towel bar too, and I just can't handle that kind of stress in my life right now.

He said if I didn't, he was gonna fix it himself.  Done.  Sounds perfect to me.  He could go and find another small chrome ball and we could all wipe our heinys in peace without constantly picking up the paper and bar from the floor. 

Except he doesn't really have the eye for detail that I was hoping for.   And now I am shopping for a new toilet paper holder afterall.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keepin' my eyes to the skies

Our internet connection (which coindicentally is also our phone line) has been sketchy, at best, for the past couple of weeks.

It will be on, and then BAM gone, then back, then gone.  Sometimes for hours at a time.

Dan called our provider (from his cell phone, because no internet/house phone, remember), and spent forever with them 'fixing' it.  And they did their fancy thing they do over there way far away and then it was better.

Until it wasn't.  And so he called.  Again from his cell phone (remember????no house phone- try and keep up here).  He explained that his wife was a super important highly read blogger stay at home mom and had lots of super important stuff to update on a daily basis needed something to do other than laundry and the entire livelyhood of our home  existance of her sanity depended solely upon this internet connection and our 800 year old desk top.

Clearly they scheduled a service call, and pronto.  They've probably heard of me.

And then they called back the next day to confirm the appointment and said since he answered the phone it was obviously working so they would cancel the service call instead.

He politely explained that it was intermitent- and to please not cancel the service call.  And if they could kindly try and make it here before the end of eterinty we would be much obliged.  He may have used bad words.  And had a less than pleasant attitude.

I got a call this morning that said they had a tech in the area and wanted to confirm we would be home.  4 minutes later he rolled up our drive way.  I barely had time change out of my jammies.  He put on footies when he came in the door- and it made me laugh because Sweet Mother of Pearl this place is a pig sty and I was worried that his fancy cloth booties might make clean spots in my dusty floor.

He did his thing in here, then out there, then in here, then out there.  Then he produced some connection thingy and showed it to me and said it had probably been hit during a storm.  By lightening.

No joking.  Lightening struck my house.  Probably the same day it struck me.  And now I'm joining the witness protection program because OBVIOUSLY something is trying to kill me.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monkey in the Middle

I suppose I've gotten used to Allyson doing all the 'big kid' stuff.  Camp.  School events (without me). Field Trips.  Sleepovers.  She's on the go most of the time.

But now I am trying to embrace throwing Emily into that mix.  This morning was her first day at girl scout camp.  She has been counting down the days for a week.  But this morning, as we got dressed to leave, she snuggled up in my arms and with giant huge crocodile tears declared she didn't want to go unless I was there.  And that she was scared.  So scared.

Obviously I offered to keep her here forever and ever and we'd read books and bake cookies and snuggle- but she wanted to go anyway.

And so at 7am we put that little bitty girl on that giant huge bus and sent her on her way.

And I am counting down the minutes until I can pick her up this afternoon at 4:15.  I hope it is a super wonderful day for her.  Dang, I miss her already.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Birds- One Stone

I have pictures- but no story.  And a story- but no pictures.  I will combine them for you.

My teeth- they are rotting out of my head.  And that sucks since I endured braces for like 4 years just to make the stupid things straight.  And I say 'I endured' with absolutely no reflection what so ever on the cash my parents dished out to pay for the things (thanks mom & dad!)(got any more laying around- looks like your baby daughter could use some more dental funding?)(just sayin)
 Basically I was trotting along just fine but then this past Fall I had to have one root canal- that turned into two (surprise!) and now the pain is back in the one and it's probably gonna have to be pulled.  Which in reality, I was good to just get an antibiotic when the pain would come, but NOOOOO, my dentist got all whiny and said no more antibiotics for me- I had to have the root canal.  Good call dentist man, this makes MUCH more sense.
 This current pain I am in is kind of my fault because after we endured the multi-hundred dollar root canal, followed by the several hundred dollar permanent fillings- I was supposed to go back for crowns.  But I 'may' have put that off and now I've apparently cracked the root and although the pain isn't coming from the tooth- it's from the nerves around it or something.  But to be fair- he never said I could crack it and it would hurt.  He just said I would risk cracking it the longer I waited.
 Funny stuff dentist man.
 So I had a temporary crown installed to see if that would solve the pain.  But in the mean time, I've had another filling crack and chip out.  And then start hurting.  So basically I've had an ice pack to my head for a freaking week while my dentist vacationed somewhere tropical.
 So my crown appointment this week was switched to refill my already filled tooth hour- which is like happy hour only with more blood and drills and stuff and less half priced cocktails.
 And now next week is double crown week.  Which is probably going to be more like pull one tooth and put a crown on the other week.  Which means I may get my very own false tooth.  A multi thousand dollar false tooth.  I'm thinking they make it out of gold and diamonds or something, but I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time).
 (There is in fact a frog on his head- you just can't see it).
I'm blaming my old dentist for all of this.  He never mentioned anything- just filled an occassional cavity, did my cleanings, life was good.  He'd come in, give me a shot, go to his office and smoke a few cigarrettes, come back, drill and fill, ask about my mom, send me on my way.  He retires and my whole dang mouth starts falling apart.  Plus- his fillings start falling out.  Shouldn't there be a warranty or something?

 My teeth are so very young- like baby teeth really.  A woman at my very young super young really not old age should have teeth like a horse, man.  And yet I am constantly under the knife drill.  Plus they always want me to bust out my checkbook and I'm just not sure if this constitutes what Dave Ramsey calls an emergency or not- but that is what is gonna have to fund some of these repairs.  I brush, I use floridated tooth enamel building anticavity toothpaste, I use mouth wash (more now than before), I don't drink sugared drinks (anymore- unless you count wine and martinis, then only occassionally I do), and I floss (now, ahem).  But apparently it's too late. 
Do frogs have teeth?  Maybe I wanna come back next time as a frog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check that off my list

Lightening doesn't strike twice- right?  I mean what are the chances that someone would ever be struck by lightening once, let alone twice?  So I can rest easy now, because I'm relatively sure I was struck by lightening yesterday morning.

Which is funny, if you think about it, since Cars 2 is released this week, and it stars Lightening McQueen.

That really isn't funny now that I think about it.

I went into work in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm yesterday morning.  Because I'm dedicated?  Because my income supports our family?  Because I'm super important and needed to be at work?  None of the above.  Because Dan is working flipping nights this week and my work schedule is all mushed up and it was the only day I could go during the actual DAY.  So I went.

I was performing ultra important tasks that the vitality of the company completely depend upon checking my email when all at once there was a super huge flash outside, the absolute loudest popping noise EVER coming from the back of the office and a sharp quick pain that traveled from my rear end, up my spine to my head- all at the same time.  And all at once I could tune in radio stations in my brain and communicate telepathically with aliens.  Just kidding.

I lept up, grabbed my purse and headed for the door.  Because dude I was getting the hell out of there!  And that's when I noticed it.  The strong smell of burning sulfur- like a match strike.  Strong.  So I made a couple calls- from my cell phone since the office was basically now powerless- and was just on the verge of giving in and calling the fire department (because what if there was a fire on the roof top, top of the world) when Dan and the kids rolled up. 

Maybe I can communicate telepathically now?

They had been to the best bakery EVER and picked me up a doughnut and were coming to surprise me.  Little did they know I had just been struck by LIGHTENING.  I made Dan come in and do all the circuit breaker fuse box stuff with the guy I had on the phone- meanwhile the kids started bickering about who got to use the computer and demanding I turn on the TV.  Lucky for them, my body must have spared 1/2 of the office when I absorbed live voltage for the sake of my children's entertainment, because that half of the trailer (yeah- I said trailer, we're high class livin' like that ya'll) still had power.  And those ungrateful little munchkins didn't even say thank you.

Struck by lightening!  I was struck by freakin' lightening children- back off and let the buzzing in my head quiet down please.  Just kidding about the buzzing, but I needed to prove a point to these ungrateful doughnut eating children.

Dan couldn't fix the power- something big must have been blown apart in the whole process.  Which meant I worked, without my computer or internet or a phone (aka I just cleaned out files and cabinets and crap- and ate my doughnut) for a while until I began to get warm (no air conditioning) and called it a day.

Looks like my days of worrying while holding an umbrella in a thunderstorm are over- I've done been struck.  Bring on the big metal poles- I'm golden now!

Plus I think I might be smarter than I was before.  Strange.

Monday, June 20, 2011

You too can make family suppers for just $10

There is a lady who now has a show, on the actual TV, about how it is possible for a family of 4 to eat dinner for $10 or less.  She even is featured in a magazine article for parents of young kids.  Because this is apparently news worthy stuff.

I mean, $10 for a family of 4 dinner at home?  Who knew?  Except, well, all the rest of us living in the real world.  I mean, a $10 dinner at our house is newsworthy stuff man.  For ten whole bucks, I can bust out some dessert, an appetizer (not onion soup by the way) and probably a salad to boot.  Plus there are FIVE of us, although usually one just complains about the meal rather than actually eat it.  But still- five instead of four!

Looks like I missed my calling.  I could have had a tv show.  And a magazine article.  Dang.

Tonights $10 dinner- me and my crock pot are thinking pork roast with some smashed potatoes and some steam in the bag veggies.  Notify the press.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

You reicka happy birthday- yes?

So after much debating (in my head- just me and my different selves, back and forth back and forth.....exhausting) 'we' decided to let the kids each pick a gift for their dad and then 'my' gift would be more of an evening out experience thing.

Shopping with the kids to pick gifts is exhausting- that shoulda been my gift right there. 
Allyson- she knew what she wanted to get him and had for weeks.  It was a big giant enormous travel mug thing with a handle that would hold like 50 ounces of mountain dew and it said 'bubba' on the front.
Sam- we've already discussed- wanted seat covers for 'the truck'.  Which we settled on me sewing a camo arm rest cover thing and called it a day.  The kid was thrilled- and is now anxiously awaiting the day that I use the left over fabric to make him a matching booster car seat cover for 'the truck'.
Emily.  Well she tried to foil the whole stupid thing.  She picked out hello kitty duct tape- which was PERFECT.  Sam made me promise Dad wouldn't use it on the seats in 'the truck', no promises made (sorry sam).  But then she decided she wanted to get 'dad' a new Wii game.  And Sam did too.  And there were tears, tempers, tantrums and turbulence right there in Target (oh the places you'll go) until I decided they they were trying to trick me.  No more did Dad want a new video game from them then he wanted new pots and pans from me (although I tried to justify it- because he does eat the food I cook on said pots and pans, kind of really a gift more for him than me anyway- right?)  She re-decided on the duct tape and a new wallet for him.  We dried Sams tears and left the video game department.
His birthday evening?  A night on the town sponsored by ME!
We made reservations at a local japanese steak house where they cook at the table.  I knew the food would be horrible to us all but Dan (the kids only like the chinese buffet for the ice cream machine after all) but the experience would be fun.  And boy was I right!

Dueling chop stick wars
Onion soup (soup my a$$- that stuff was just water with three slices of mushrooms floating in it- 'you no like soup?'- uh, no)
Flaming egg onion fire towers
Allyson realizing that chicken is really just big pieces of giant raw meat before it gets flipped all over on the grill next to steak and shrimp.

There's Dan having the chef throw food into his mouth (you move head side to side- yes?) Nice catch Dan!
My meal- some kind of chicken, 'spaghetti' (you no fool me chef cooker man- that is just some kind of sprout!), fried rice and grilled veggies (under the 'spaghetti').  Up there in the corner- two dishes of sauces- one for shrimp and one japanese ketchup (which Dan called oyster something or other and I call plain not good).
And the grand finale- japanese fried ice cream and a happy birthday song.  The sparkler was just really to keep allyson and emily's dingy little chop sticks OUT until we got done singing I think.

We then went to the movie theater and saw poppers penguins (really good) and ate like two buckets of pop corn because DAMN I WAS STILL STARVING! Then home- for the final event of our evening......

Birthday Cake: which was store bought cheese cake with a mulberry scented candle from the dining room center piece because some huge failure of a wife ran out of time to make the homemade cake Emi and I planned and then she forgot to buy birthday candles to boot.

Fun Fun Family Night.  However, next time, in an effort to perhaps spend a bit less cashola, I'm gonna fire up my electric skillet on the dining room table and speak with a funny accent. 

Happy Birthday Dan.  We love you so very much.  Thank you for a fun night out in your honor and for understanind about the birthday candle thing.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dan- if you are reading this- stop and go away.

I mean it Dan- do NOT read this.

Is he gone?


Why oh why oh why oh why oh why did I wait to buy his birthday and fathers day gifts until the last minute?????  And why on earth would a woman give birth to a boy so close to fathers day anyway?  Doesn't she know what kind of chaos that would create in my life?  I mean really, I am the woman who declares no, absolutely no, BIRTHASARY gifts for my birthday that is 4 days from our anniversary.  And yet, his birthday is ALWAYS like a day from fathers day if not ON it!

And he's impossible to buy for!

If it were me, I would buy myself a basket of flowers for my birthday and a pedicure for mothers day.  Or new pot holders for my birthday and dinner out for mothers day.  Or a soap dish.  Or a picture frame.  Or a new blanket for the bedroom.  Or a shirt.  See- easy peasy.

But Dan?  Not so much. 

I broke down on Sunday and asked for suggestions.  He asked for seat covers for 'the truck'.  Me and the truck- we no likey each other so much.  So that was kind of below the belt in the first place.  But boy Sam was THRILLED to get to shop for ANYTHING for 'the truck' so that made it better.

Until I realized that there are no basic cheap seat covers for 'that truck'.  I'd have to order a customized set- and they start around $200.  As if I am going to spend that kind of cash on 'the truck'?

So Dan mentioned that really he only is worried about a cover for the arm rest thing- maybe I can make one.  Why does he hate me so much?  I mean really?  Make one?  I'M NOT CRAFTY.  Yes- I try like heck to pretend that I am, but it NEVER ends well.  Ever.  So I did what was natural.  I went to the fabric store of course. 

After looking through bolts of fabric and totally ignoring the nasty glares from the sales associate (she could tell I had no idea what I was doing) we settled on a fabulous swim suit fabric that would no doubt stretch to be whatever shape I needed it to be and would make this so much easier.  And then Sam spotted the camo 'squishy' fabric.  And his heart screamed yes.  And I couldn't fight it.

We measured, I sewed, we'd run down the stairs and into the drive way, it wouldn't fit, I'd rip out stitches, I'd sew, we'd run down the stairs and into the drive way, it still wouldn't fit, rinse, repeat for like 4 times.

Finally, we ended up with a pillow case of sorts that kind of fits and at least that part of my life is over.

And then Sam asked when I was going to get started on the rest of the seats and their new covers.

Boy- I hate to let you down, but an upholsterer I am not.  I quit.  I am stopping.  Perhaps Daddy can lay a nice towel over the duct tape on his seat.  I quit.

Dan, I love you.  I hope you have a great weekend.  And I certainly hope I come up with a nice gift to give you for Fathers day that doesn't involve the sewing machine.

Suggestions would be appreciated. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not just some kid with a camera

Dear official photography company for the kids baseball teams,

We received the kids photo packages this week, and boy was I wrong when I mumbled under my breath after waiting AN HOUR past our scheduled time that hot hot summer day about you being just a 15 year old with a $2000 camera.  I mean every year I wonder if I REALLY want to spend the cash to get the 'official' photographs of the kids in whatever activities they are in- which is a lot.  And when you multiply that by 3 (because I have three children, try and keep up here) it becomes even more.  Like by a lot.

So you can imagine my HUGE sigh of relief when I opened Sam's team photo package this week.

And to think I almost missed my chance to 'officially' document this forever.  And by 'officially' I mean without the coaches heads- but really, they aren't even on the team anyway, why should they take up valuable real estate?  I'm just glad that it wasn't MY kid who's face was blocked by the wiggly unattentive blonde kid in the middle.

Great job, keep of the great work, and by great work I mean catching that look of complete constipation on the first kid on the left in the front row.  I bet if you would have bothered to snap more than one picture you would have completely missed it.

Mother of the wiggly kid- front and center, AKA you'll never see another penny out of me (not really- cause I'm a sucker- see you next year!)

Campers Unite!

Yesterday- we loaded up Allyson, her bedding, her clothing, a fan and her hair straightener and drover her to that little bitty town for a week of church camp.

Typically in the past we have pulled up, parked up front, been welcomed by folks we know and a dozen or two other kids.  Yesterday, the only available parking spots were clear out BY THE MAIN ROAD and instantly my heart began to race.

The place was packed.  There were three registration tables based on age groups and kids dragging suitcases everywhere.  Every.where.  There must have been 100 kids there- at least. 


Even Allyson quieted and withdrew inside of herself.  I knew she was worrying.  We chatted as we waited, but all the while her eyes were darting back and forth among the sea of kids- of whom she knew no one.

I know she will make friends.  I know she will fit in.  I know she will have a good week.  But it sure was a bit hard to leave her there this year.  I pray the Lord protects her and provides a great week in His name for her to grow from.

Next year, Emily will be eligible to attend.  Pardon me, I'm off to have a stroke.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Who ordered this?

I can't even begin to come up with something to share today......mainly because in 30 minutes I have to have all three children packed into the car and ready for a 4 hour round trip journey to take allyson to 'surprise' church camp.  I say 'surprise' because she wasn't supposed to leave until next Sunday but they cancelled that camp due to low enrollment so 'SURPRISE' we had to pick a new week- and that week starts today.

I feel over and beyond blessed to see her so excited to get to go.  I also feel overwhelmed because our life lately has resembled some what of a circus and throwing this in on such short notice has dang near been enough to make my head come off.

Regardless- I wanted to share a picture from my nephews graduation party that I haven't gotten to blog about yet.  Just a reminder that if you look around your home and think that perhaps you need to devote more time to cleaning and tidying..........somewhere in the world is a mother who is dealing with the aftermath of this:
I'm sure her bathroom will never be the same.

For the record- she is a beautiful, fun, highly intelligent young woman who just happened to dye her hair a vibrant pink/purple that in turn made her hands, neck and sides of her face pink.  And I spoke to her mother and expressed my condolences for their bathroom- to which she responded that her daughter and some comet have a very serious date when they left the openhouse.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We're 'helping'

I've packed up my brood and moved them to my inlaws home for a few days.  My mother in law had to have a procedure done this week that kept her in the hospital overnight and now has her on bed rest for a while.

Being the helpful gal that I am, I've brought myself and my traveling circus to their home- you know, to help.  Because three fighting, mess making, begging, whining children is helpful.  Who doesn't want to listen to the constant clamor of bickering kids while resting?

I could use prayer.  Because I'm afraid that I'm going to flat out hurt my children if they don't tone it down and cut it out. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love a parade!

Saturday was the annual Ball Day Parade for the kids ball teams.  It's a big deal to a little town, trust me.
 Mr. Davis- our favorite school principal ever (who is retiring this year, boo!) was the head chief parade guy (I can't remember what the name is- sorry)!
 Here's Sammy's team!  THE BATS!
 This is the team Sam wants to be on next year.  As long as whoevers Dad volunteered that truck for the parade will do it again next summer, that is.
 Allyson's team didn't participate in the parade, so we hitched a ride on a friends float.  She had a blast!
 Emily's Princess team won third place in the float contest which bought us FREE bracelets for all the jump houses we wanted for the whole entire day!
Considering it was like BLAZING freakin' hot- we called it quits around 3pm once we wrapped up all three kids games, a few pop cicles and an hour of bouncing.  (My shoulders are still burned).

Monday, June 6, 2011

My chance to shine?

I've always joked about wanting to be Amish.  Only in my heart, I'm afraid it might not be a joke.  If they only used coupons and had air conditioning, we probably would already own a horse driven carriage.  I admire their faith, their lifestyle, their names, their simpleness.  I find it all mystifying.

And dang they make good bread and cheese!

I recently was given a start of Amish Bread.  And right on the instructions is a warning that if you fail to continue on with your start, the ONLY way to get another one is from an Amish woman.  And I don't know any Amish women.  So I took this to heart.

I nurtured, mushed, rotated, released air, and loved my bag of rotting bread dough for the necessary days and finally it was bake the bread day.  And so I did- and man was it good!  If  you've never had any Amish Friendship Bread- you gotta find an Amish friend (or drop me a comment- I can get a start in the mail to you : )  It's a sweet yummy bread that is coated in cinnamon sugar..........YUM!

First you add like 89 cups of stuff to your little baggie of yeasty smelling yumminess- then you scoop out more starts to share with friends and then whats left you bake into your bread.  Only I don't know anyone who would appreicate this bread start like I do- so I decided to just measure it all and bake it all into bread.  Then I could share loaves of beautiful bread instead of just mushy mush stuff.  And I did just that.  Except I kept remembering the last line about 'save one for yourself or else you'll have to find an Amish woman to get the secret bread starter again'.  So I saved one. 

And before I knew it, it was bake the bread day again.  And again.  And again.  I have gallon zip lock bags in various stages of Amishness all over my kitchen counter and I can barely keep up with what 'day' they are on and who needs mushed versus flour, sugar & milk added.  It seems like every day is bake the damn bread day and sweet mother there are only so many cups of flour and sugar left in this house and this recipe uses some flour and sugar, let me tell you.

So yesterday- as I was fretting over baking more Amish bread, Dan suggested I just throw them in the trash and cross it off my already full days schedule.

What?  That is AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD DAN- from the secret society of Amish woman and their magical bread starting circle.  You can't just throw it away!  It's Amish.  And anything Amish is good.  Geesh- men.

So instead I saved my bread goo and made today Amish bread day.  And as far as I can tell- if I add the stuff to all these bags and bake up all the bread and save NONE of the starters (because that is just more responsibility than I can handle) I will have around 12 loaves of friendship bread.  And no sugar or flour left anywhere.  Or eggs probably.  In fact- I may have to go buy more eggs just to get this show on the road.

And then my brief brush with Amishness will be over.  And apparently I couldn't handle it because all this bread mushing is exhausting.  But on the upside- I didn't know that the Amish used ziplock bags, which they apparently do at least with their bread mushing, so there is always hope still for a future conversion.

Hope you have a happy Amish bread baking day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gotta get my groove on

The kids have successfully wrapped up another year of school.  And summer is in full swing at our house.  Which basically translates to the kids are all up in my junk and I've been thrown completely off kilter.

I had my groove on.  During the week, I was up at 6:15ish with Ally-scooted her out the door at 6:45- and then me and my coffee had a full hourish to myself before anyone else was added to the mix.  My time to plan my day, catch up on any blogs that I read, update my poor little pathetic blogs, watch any news, handle any quiet household chores, start some laundry.  And then an hour later I felt nourished and awake and ready to start my day.

And now- that is all history.  Today is #2 of waking up with Sam, which means any me time early in the morning is replaced with a constant demanding nagging that Sam rises from bed with.  And he is greeted with a grumpy, coffeeless momma who lacks patience and understanding when coming straight out of bed.  Add to this mix a husband that has been moved to somewhere between third and first shift and I'm a huge jumbly mess of a mom who can't figure out what to cook for dinner and is dang near out of clean underwear (sorry if that is too much info).

Because my norm has been shuffled, I have neglected to do my standard two loads of laundry each morning which means that I am now almost a week behind in laundry which translates to a heck of an out of control laundry situation. 

I gotta find a new groove.  Cause this isn't working.

This morning- Sam came and early on asked for a bath.  This kid is obsessed with baths lately.  But I knew that his desire for a bath translated to enough time for me to make a pot of coffee and capture enough time to wake up without anyone demanding anything of me.  So I totally started the water running, added some bubbles and went to find my piping hot brewed morning deliciousness.
 Which was not one of my better decisions. 
Note to self:  Never assume that a small boy child will know when 'enough bubbles' is and turn the jets off on his own.

I apologize for my lack of attention to this poor blog- it's just not the same writing my mindless dribble with a child interupting me every 15 seconds with demands to build a tent in the living room, make them a cup of 'coffee' or turn on that blasted Wii for the 18th time that day.  It will all get better soon hopefully as we get used to all this blasted company in the house.  If not- see you in August.