Friday, July 29, 2011

Survival of the fittest

Last year, my family started a new tradition.  It involves sweating, eating cold meat sandwiches, swimming in a lake and random chit chat.  Welcome family camping trip 2011!

Truth is, they NEED me on this trip.  Who else would kill and clean their dinner?  I mean, this is primitive every man for yourself kind of living.  For three whole days. Do or die. They will totally be depending on my wild life survival skills.  It's tough being the provider for this many people man.

I just hope that our spots are somewhere near the bath house.  I'm a middle of the night pee'er and there isn't much worse than trucking across blocks of dark pavement running and crossing your legs to get to the facilities.  I also hope that Dan can fit the oscillating fan in the van along with our air mattresses, lawn chairs, board games and tote full of keebler cookies and marshmallows.  I also kind of hope we can put our tents in the shadow of my brothers camper.  That would be delightful.

Not sure how the pioneers did it.  Had to be rough trying to load those wagons........

Happy Camping!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fast. Fresh. Italian.

Yesterday- the kids and I stopped at Fazolis for lunch.  The main reason was because we were out running errands and it got to be lunch time and we were starving.  The other reason is because I've been in a horrible funk and I failed to plan the day out well.  A good mom would have packed a picnic or simply fed them before leaving the house.  But this is me and my world feels off kilter and 'together' is not a word I would even begin to use to describe myself right now.  So we were hungry and not at home- we stopped the car.

So we sit down with our plates of pasta and dripping with butter breadsticks and eat.

Then Allyson finds a hair in her pasta.  I'm not one that gets all freaked out about that.  I guess it happens.  Just take it to the counter and get a fresh plate of food- problem solved.

So I take it up to the counter where the manager is and I whisper (as to not gross out any other customers) that there is a hair in her food. 

He takes the bowl from me and looks down in it.  Then he says he's not going to argue with me, but he doesn't see it.  What else did she want instead. 

Customer service at its finest.

I explained she'd really just like the same thing............hold the hair.  He said he'd bring it right out.

When he arrives at our table, he sets the meal in front of Allyson.  Then he says "You know, it could have come from anywhere.  All our girls wear hats, and I suppose it could have been mine but it was too long."

It's no wonder this man progressed to manager of this fine establishment.  His people skills are amazing.  No time at all he'll probably be transfered to the corporate office.  What an extraordinary man he was!

He's lucky I wasn't in the mood I'm in today.  He'd a' probably been wearin' that pasta.

*Fazolis did not sponsor this post nor did they pay me for my opinions.  They are all my own.  I chose to talk about this only because I felt like it.  You are welcome.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sunday we got to take the kids to an Indians Baseball game.  Just as we got in the gate, the rain started to fall.  It was HEAVENLY.  Because here in Central Indiana ya'll?  It's been like an ungodly kind of furnace that has raged on for over a week.  We all just kind basked in the cold drops of heaven and watched them instantly sizzle on the concrete.  But after the rain it was a bit overcast, light breeze, cooler- perfect ball game weather!!!!!

But that is not the point here.

Before the first baseball cracked, the kids were wanting to go get their treat to eat during the game.  Emily finally decided on Dippin' Dots.  The sales gal was a tad pushy and may have been screaming out all the good qualities of her product and that might have had an effect on Emily.  Regardless, after perusing all the options, we came back and Emily picked from the three flavors they were offering.  The gal opened the freezer case, pulled out a small prepackaged bag of freeze dried ice cream (that I'm relatively sure she didn't make), handed it and a spoon to Emily and took the $5 bill from her hot little hand.  Turning to get Emily's $1 change she openly announced that she does accept tips.

Really?  And how's that working out for ya?  Because I've been at this ball field for less than an hour, climbed the stairs to our seats three separate times now, been to the restroom twice, and have walked these snack windows two times with my children.  I am dripping sweat hot, my hair is frizzy and I'm so thirsty I could die.  And YOU accept tips?  So do I chickie- but the jar is always empty.  Thanks for the $4 bag of $.50 ice cream!  Have a great day.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You only get one chance to make a first impression........

So last Friday it happened.  Our neighbors, who we have been fairly close with over the past 8 years, loaded up all their stuff and moved.  Away.  Far away- Nevada. 

We will miss them.  But my real concern is our new neighbors.  Who are they, do they have children, are they good people, do they like to drive really fast in big bad loud cars, do they drive four wheelers around like crazy people and have dreams of building a dirt track in the back yard????????

I typically like to make something for new people in the neighborhood and deliver it to them.  It gives us a chance to meet them and to welcome them to our tiny world.  But the weekend wasn't the time.  I was too busy crazy busy and couldn't work it in.

So yesterday, Emily suggested we wash our hands and get to bakin'.  So we did.  Meanwhile, Sam and Ally are asking if we can go meet them.  Now?  Now?  Now?  I had to point out that #1 the cookies weren't done yet and #2 I wasn't dressed yet.  They would wait until the afternoon when we delivered the package.

Just so happens that while those two crazy kids were out in the yard playing, the neighbors were outside.  So they introduced themselves.  Sam mentioned that I would be brining over cookies later.  And that I couldn't come out to meet them right then because I was still in my pajamas.  It was noon.

Lord help me.

Later in the day I went over and delivered a small package of homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches, introduced myself and met the new man, woman and two boys who will be living all up in our business.  Even though I was in fact showered and dressed, I'm sure they already invision me as a sleep all day alcoholic chick. 

Thanks Sam.  Just great.

Monday, July 25, 2011

And when we weren't crying at the ocean or sleeping..........

This isthe final vacation post- I promise. 
 We got balloon animals (the pink panther- in case you are wondering).
 We contemplated buying my nephew a hermit crab as a souvenir- because I'm kind of evil.

 The view from our room to one of the pools- it would take like 20 minutes to get there.  First you'd wait (forever) for an elevator (because HELLO we were on the 21st floor and there were like 3000 other people staying there and most of them were jr. high age softball girls who like to press every.single.floor on the elevator to just be charming)- then go up and escalator- walk across the copper roof sky bridge, down the escalator- through the lobby (in my swimming suit- yay) and finally to the pool.  You can't tell- but Dan and the kids are over there in that pool in this picture.  And yes- it was raining.  And I totally went over and joined them- until it started lightening and then we all ran because I kind of attract lightening, apparently.

 We learned to shut off the flash on the camera when taking a picture against glass (side eye to Dan).
 We spent our hard earned saved up money on airbrushed ball caps.
 We swam.  lots.
 We sat on pretend alligators.
 While looking at real ones.
 We went out for girls only pedicures (I got the dude pedicurist- which sucked big eggs because I was uncomfortable)
 We wore our swimsuits out to lunch because the rest of our day was spent basically in the water.
 We enjoyed Dan's parents company.

 Ally perfected the handstand underwater, Sam learned to swim and Emily learned how to do flips under water.  They are all like little fish now.
 We posed like gangsters in the elevator.
 We saw this totally awesome guy preaching on a loudspeaker along the highway with scriptures on signs.
 We rode the public bus.  With four homeless men.  Who were hiding their brown paper bag bottles while one slept.  They were all tan with long hair and bahama mamish type t-shirts and flip flops.  No shopping carts.  No bags.  Just living life on the beach.  I think one of them might have been jimmy bufffet. 

We discovered that men on work release who do the landscaping work in Florida wear actual black and white striped clothes.  Which I found facinating.  I would have really preferred a better picture, like one with me posing with them, perhaps with one of the nearby law enforcement officials as well, but Dan wouldn't stop the car.  So this will have to do.

One more bit of info- sans picture (trust me, you'll appreciate that).  On our way to Florida and on the way home we drove straight through.  12 hours ish, mostly during the night.  Kids slept most of the way- it was really nice.  On our way TO Florida, we stopped at Cracker Barrell fir dinner because we ALWAYS stop at Cracker Barrell on long trips.  I'm not sure why, we just do.  Sam ordered pancakes, but didn't eat them.  Just a bite of sausage and then sucked down his chocolate milk while proclaiming how great it was.  He said it was magic and made him feel so much better (remember how he was a bit feverish before we left???)  He really was acting fine- just saying his belly hurt every now and then and then sleeping alot more.  We finish dinner, drive across the street to the gas station.  While pulling in, Sam declares he's gonna puke.  Dan keeps driving.  Until I begin screaming to stop the -bleep- bleep- bleep- car and open the -bleep- bleep- door.  Sam makes it to the gas station trash can, can't reach into the top and proceeds to hurl his little self up all over the concrete.  I clean him up, give him water to rinse his mouth with and say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that he didn't do this in the car while we are hundreds of miles from home.  It was then that I looked up.  Into the eyes of a man who is parked on the other side of the pump.......with his window down.........who just witnessed the grossed thing in history.  All I could really say was 'sorry' as I mopped up the concrete with my roll of paper towels.

And that was that.  Sam was fine afterward (thankfully).  And we finished driving across the country with no more vomit.  The end.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Next time we'll save our gas and just go to Ohio.

 These are not the gorgeous ocean photos I was hoping to share.  But these are the ones we got.  I'm not sure if it is effects from the oil spill, the season, or what but the entire coast was green with seaweed and smelled the same.
 These are the closest family beach photos I've got.  The first is Ally and Papaw swimming in the green ocean, and this one is Dan with Emily and Sam fleeing to the pool.  They were both hysterically grossed out by the whole ocean thing and they were out of there.
Every attempt to play in the waves was destroyed by Sam complaining and gagging about the smell...

And Emily sobbing about how horrible it was.  No sand castle building, no family surf play, no giggling in the waves, no laying on a towel watching my kids revol in God's creation.  None of that.

 But we did get to see a GORGEOUS rainbow that ended on the beach right outside our condo window and went all the way down the beach.  (I saw nothing like a pot of gold on either end by the way)
 Being the stuborn creature that I am, we did go out and float about in the water for a while.  Imagine if you will that this thick furry seaweedy stuff gets INSIDE of your swimsuit.  All over.  I looked like oscar the grouch when I stripped for the shower.  No- there is no picture.  You are welcome.
 It really was gross.
 Ally is the only one who enjoyed the beach.  We spent a few evenings digging up clams and small sea spiral suction cup things, got to take a nice walk one morning looking for shells and shared some fun times looking at the treasures she'd found.  She brought home a two liter full of sand, salt water and small creatures.  They all died.  The end.
 Here is Emily- crying.
And here is where we spent all of the rest of our time.  In the pool ocean.  The one without seaweed, sharks and salt.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

At least somebody got some rest

 Have you ever seen somebody who pulls the blanket, literally, over their head when they sleep?  Sam does.  I find it hilarious every time. 
 On our vacation, it seems like every time I turned around Sam would be asleep.  All at once I would notice things were just a 'little' quieter and sure enough I would find him asleep somewhere.
 Apparently 6-8 hours of pool time a day was too much for the little guy.
 As soon as he'd get changed and set down after some high action pool swimming fun- he would zonk out.  This was at 5 o'clock in the evening as we drove to dinner.
It has made me realize something that is very important.  We.Need.A.Pool. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Master Lewis

So- we have this dog, right?  He is living in his golden years, fighting a thyroid issue, and weight is an apparent problem for him.  All of these items combined make him a bit sleepy.  Therefore- most of the time- he just lays.  And when he's up?  We'll he's either eating or using the facilities.  That's his day.  Lay, sleep, eat, go in the yard, rinse, repeat.  Sometimes he likes to mix it up and lay on the cold floor- sometimes he sticks to his bed- sometimes he chooses a comfy spot right in the middle of the hallway. 

Until he's thirsty.  Or hungry (which is ALL.THE.TIME.) Then he rolls over onto his stumpy legs and waddles to the laundry room for refreshments.

Then waddles back and flops onto his nap location of choice. 

One time- after dog sitting for a friend- the kids mentioned how fun it was to have a dog that actually moves.  Lew was not amused.

Oh- and he snores.  If you've ever met Lew, then you've heard him.  Even when he's awake he kind of snores.  And it's loud, ya'll.  When we were camping, he would occasionally break loose from his rope and wander away....................and all we had to do was pause and listen and we would know exactly where he was.

So what I am getting at is he is was low maintenance.  He needs not much- just a cool place to lay, some food and water, and an occassional door opening.  So when we were planning to leave for vacation, a neighbor generously offered to check on him every day if we wanted.  We hooked him up with access to the garage, a personal fan, his bed, water, food and kind folk to check with him each day.

And he did fine.  He even got to hang at their house during the days.  Obviously my idea of 'fine' and his are different.  My neighbor even said that he would stand at the fence first thing in the morning and bark at them to come and get him.  The dog who sleeps until 10am at our house until he awakens for his morning pee.
Ever since we've returned home, it appears he has transformed into the most demanding a$$ dog in the universe.  I'm not joking.  Just this morning he was standing next to me barking.  Bark!  Bark! Bark!  Bark!  Last night at dinner- Lew was at my feet Bark!  Bark!  Bark!  Bedtime- Bark! Bark! Bark!  Like he is demanding justice or something.  Like he is the hairy version of Paris Hilton.  Who is this dog and what on earth do you want LEWIS!  I have children who are demanding stuff from me all day long- I can not handle a overdesireing canine.  Can he not hear the small child beckoning me from the restroom right this very minute for toilet paper?  Or the one in the kitchen asking for help with the milk?  Or the one all up in my face wanting friends over?  We have enough needy people- take a nap Lew!

I swear to you as he waddled away I heard him say under his breath "Silly woman- I don't dooooo rice chex- pfft"  Anyone know where to get angus fed sirloin kibbles and bits and a red velvet dog pillow?

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm so tired I need a 'just got home from vacation' vacation

There is not much that is restful about vacation when you're the mom.  Especially when you take three children along to a place that is JAM FREAKIN' PACKED with stuff to do and see and touch.  And when you aren't doing 'stuff'- they want to go to the pool.  And then they aren't in the pool- they are hungry.  And when they aren't hungry- they want to go back to the pool.  Toss in our accomodations, which were a simply gorgeous luxurious ocean front condo, that happened to have a washer & dryer...........and a kitchen................and my time was pretty packed.

But in a glorious kind of way.  Because I would never ever never in a gazillion years have chosen to go on a vacation any other way.  It was marvelous.  Just perfectly perfect.  A nice refreshing breath of air that I was desperately in need of.

But when you bookend a already busy fabulous fun week with a 12 hour straight through drive each way (all through the night) makes a mom kind of tired.

And so that is where I am today.  Too tired to get the pictures off my camera and tell you about our week.  Mostly because I let Sam use my camera while we ate at an outdoor pizza cafe and he may have taken over 100 pictures of, well- not much, and I need to go through and delete them off the camera before I download/upload/connect the cord to the computer.

But I will bore you to tears with our vacation later this week.  Pinky promise.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I noticed him the first time we ever visited that church.  He sat way up front in the sanctuary, next to his wife and four daughters.  He had a long blonde pony tail that hung down his back.  I suppose that is why I noticed him.

It was years really before I ever met him or his family.  Mostly the others in the church all seemed to know each other, turns out they are all related to each other in some way or another.  Which makes 'newbies' like Dan and myself struggle to fit in a bit.  We were also newly weds and not very regular in services, we were trying to find God and what He wanted for us.

Truth is- he didn't even know it, but he made me feel comfortable there.  I figured he was a motorcycle guy with his long pony tail and somehow it comforted me to know that everyone could worship there together.  Dan and I were biblically uneducated sinners and I didn't want to learn of the Lord in an atmosphere of judgement.  It doesn't make sense- but it is where I was.  As the years moved on, we got to meet this man and his family and it turns out he was in fact not a harley davison biker dude- but in fact a farmer of the earth and one of the most knowledgeable men of Christ and His teachings that I've ever met.

Every Sunday he was at church.  He served on council, rang the bell at the start of service when needed, knew everyone, the business operations of the church, and always spoke to us.  But more importantly, this man knew God.  There are very few things that I will ever treasure as much as the time that we spent in he and his wifes Sunday School class.  His knowlege and belief is something that I have felt blessed to experience at more than one time in my life.  In fact- I feel blessed to just have known him, really.  Dan and I have more than once reflected on how we would like to live our lives as they do- for the Lord.  When Bruce spoke of God- it was like he was relaying a message.  Something that he knew with every ounce of who he was.  And he was comfortable in doing so.

He lived what he believed.  He seemed simple on the outside- not flashy or overdone.  Not fancy or outspoken.  But at his core- the part that really matters, he was covered with flashy huge diamonds that shine even in the dark- he was deep, devoted and faithful.  He served God with his actions, his conversations, his interaction with people, his love of his wife and daughters, with his life. 

Last Monday morning- early- we awoke while in Florida to our cell phone ringing.  It was a familiar voice, telling us that Bruce had died unexpectedly the night before.  Unexpectedly to us- but I bet the Lord had been counting down the days since the day he breathed life into him.  Because this man- he deserves to live with Jesus.  But his family- they should have gotten to keep him a while longer.  Their grief will be strong for a long time, no one ever leaves the earth without leaving a hole.  But the hole that Bruce leaves- it is large.

We contemplated coming home from Florida.  Somehow I don't know that it will ever feel real if we didn't attend his funeral.  But we decided my father in laws time seems to be growing shorter on this earth, and we should stay there and embrace the opportunity to enjoy them----and so we did.  But my thoughts, prayers and time were spent reflecting on this man, his wife, his beautiful daughters, his impact on this world.

I'm sure he never knew of the impact he and his family have had on my life.  And if he did, he would have turned it all back to Jesus- because that is the kind of man he was.  And I thank God that I got to know him, even if only for a little bit.  And today I am praising God for the legacy that he leaves in his family.........they are some of the best people I have ever met.

I have struggled all week with what I wanted to say about Bruce.  And I have decided that Dan probably said it the best when he said "The world lost a good man".  I couldn't agree more.

To his wife Paula, his daughters Sarah, Emma, Laura & Martha (and his 'like daughter' Beth)- I will continue to pray for God's peace to rest upon you. 

There is no comfort like the promise of eternal life paid for in full by Jesus the Christ, till we meet again................

Friday, July 8, 2011

Time out

I spent yesterday washing, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, mowing, trimming, folding, wrapping, finding.  You got it- it's vacation time.

And even though I SWORE I would never drive more than 6 hours ANYWHERE- we are driving.  But 12 hours is less than 20, so I think we can do it.  But for the first time ever, we are going to try the 'drive through the night' thing.  I have never been certain how that works since I tend to like to sleep at night- but I suppose time will tell.  If it means a few hours of driving with complete silence from sleeping children- I say let's give it a whirl.

And right on cue, Sam broke out with a fever late yesterday afternoon.  Slept all evening, was up multiple times during the night, and this morning seems to be fine (yay!)  He was worried we would cancel Florida.  No way dude- we'll just all go sick and wait to see who busts out with it next.

So- I'm takin a few days off, have a great week.  See ya on the flip side.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

11 things I discovered while trying to get ready for vacation

1. Shopping for a swimsuit is not a party.  Luckily the heavens smiled down on me and I found one- in my size at the first store I went to- 50% OFF! 
2. The muffler to the lawnmower is in the master bathroom.  Right next to the toothbrushes on the countertop.  I have no idea why.
3.  The bag of 300 solo cups to return to my sister in law is still in my dining room.  I have seen her twice in the past month- neither time did I take her the cups.  If I put them away, I will never remember.  So instead, we are embracing them as part of the decor.
4.  I should clean out the back of the recliner more often (I'm not going into detail here).
5. Holy heck wow it's been a LONG time since I had all of our laundry done all at the same time.  Which I still don't, because every time I put in 'the last' of the dirty clothes- the kids baskets magically fill with more?  How is this possible?
6. There is an absolutely obscene amount of toothpaste on the hall bath shower curtain.  I can only imagine someone has been using it as a hand towel.  In the crazy mix of trying to get ready to leave, I am now washing shower curtains.  Because clearly with a to do list a mile long, I should wash shower curtains too.
7. It would have been easier to have the entire van reupholstered than to clean out the mess that I just cleaned out.
8. Suitcases are impracticle.  Is packing in plastic tubs too suburban white trash?
9. Making a 'to do' list is fruitless- because I keep adding more to it than I am scratching off.
10.  I am out of glass cleaner.  So although there will be no toothpaste left on our bathroom linens, the mirrors may just have to stay the way they are.
11.  Children are of no help. At all.  They just wander around, wondering what's for lunch, if so and so can come over and asking how much longer until you are done and we can play legos.  They don't understand that I will NEVER be done.  But eventually I will surrender, put our rubbermaid suitcases in the car and call it good enough.  And we probably won't make it out of the state before we have to stop and buy something I forgot.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Seventeen.  That's how old I was when my sisters first son was born.  Just a child really.  It was the summer in between my Junior and Senior year of high school.  He was born early.  Very early.  Around 28ish weeks if I remember correctly.  I wasn't allowed inside of the NICU- because I was less than 18.  But I could look at him through the window.  He was a mess of tubes, wires, monitors, and such. 

I got to hold him the first time when they brought him home from the hospital.  My sister in law had painted a huge sign to hang from their front porch that said 'Here's Johnny.........'  It was a blessed day.  He had beaten the odds.  He had made it.  He was home.

Shortly after my sister began growing her second son deep in her belly.  And before he was born, they all moved to Maine.  I will never forget standing in the airport watching their plane leave through the window, tears streaming my cheeks.  I would miss them so much.  My sister, John, and the little chipmunk I'd yet to meet.  They were gone.

Zachary made his appearance on the day I was graduating high school.  He was full term, happy and healthy.  It was such an exciting day- my sister had birthed her second child and I was graduating..........but I so wished I could have been there with my sister.  I worried I would never get to meet him.

Later that summer she and the boys came home.  She left her dreams of a family and father to her children in Maine along the cold shores of the ocean and returned here to begin her life again.  A new life of single motherhood, not her choice, but her destiny none the less.

I was so glad that they were home, selfishly.  I had missed them so much.  I spent so much time with John prior to their move that it felt like a piece of me was gone with them.  And to get to meet Zachary, my sweet little baby chipmunk was awesome.

Through the years I had the joy of having tons of sleepovers, vacations, trips to the zoo-monster truck jam-circus-baseball games- parks-camping trips.........I cherish the time I have gotten to spend with them.   They were both in my wedding as I married their Uncle Dan.  They both laid hands on my newborn babies.  We've trick or treated, easter egg hunted and blown birthday candles.  And I cherish them. And all the time that my sister allowed me to spend with them all.

And now- they are at the crossroad I was at when they entered this world.  Finishing high school, preparing for college, picking a path for their life.  Hard to believe.

Sweet boys- pick well.  Think about your life, what matters most to you.  Strive to achieve it.  Don't become engrossed in worldly will not bring you joy.  Love with all of your heart.  Laugh.  Find God......accept His son Jesus.  Commit them to your world and serve them with your life.  Be happy.  Find love.  Cherish your momma.  Take your vitamins.  Know that the gift of your time is as valuable as anything you can give to someone you love.  Close your eyes and breathe in the scent of a coming rain storm.  Live your lives with every ounce of energy you've got.  Eat fresh vegetables.  Forgive.  Don't waste your time judging others.  Never focus on the bad.  Accept others.  Give freely.  Honor the Lord.  Find someone you love to spend your life with.  Grow into old wrinkly men with big Larsen noses.

I love you both so very much.  Thank you for being, and for allowing me to be such a large part of your lives.  I am so very proud to be part of your family and I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for your lives.  Please don't ever grow too big to spend time with me, you are as much a part of my life as my own children.  Now go................grow into the men the Lord has planned.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy long weekend

We departed Saturday morning for a fantastic camping adventure deep in the woods of Bloomington (with electric and water......duh) for a two night all inclusive tent experience.  By morning- I mean early afternoon because preparing for camping is labor intensive. And by all inclusive, I mean DANG we took everything we own.  Interestingly enough, we actually drove TWO vehicles down there so that we could in fact have every single little thing we wanted.  Two vehicles- two hour drive each way- not a single dog hair in my van because Lew rode with Dan- I say totally worth it. A fan, four bikes, the tent, a tub of food, a cooler of drinks, a cooler of food, a tub of clothes, a tub of linens, a tub of camping stuff (marshmallow forks, newspaper, trash bags, lanters, mosquito spray), two air mattresses, a pillow pet and three stuffed animals.


I did in fact take my camera, but did not snap a single picture.  It was just too much fun to mess with the camera.  The kids played and rode bikes, had a water balloon fight, swam in the ocean (if the ocean is a muddy lake that is- wait till sam sees the real ocean this week!), colored, walked, visited the playground, found baby frogs, rode bikes really fast through mud puddles, went out on the boat, ate smores, played games, read books by lantern light in the was a simply glorious fun weekend.  Even if our tent filled with water during a thunderstorm and everyone but me and Emily wimped out and slept in the camper with grandma and grandpa (woosies!).  I feel renewed.........what a blessing this weekend was.

After coming home, unloading, lining up the 5 loads of wash to be washed and showering our stinky camp bodies, we ventured out to watch fireworks.  And then, once back home, Dan surprised the kids with a special treat..................


This weekend may have been just the breath of fresh air I needed. 

Now- on to drying out the tent and air mattresses and getting all this laundry done.