Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your resignation please..............

I've been demoted. First as room mother- then as cookie mom. You would think I would be doing a little happy dance- but on more than one level, I am sad. I guess I didn't realize that in some strange way I kind of enjoyed being involved in those things. Even if I was running around like a crazy woman last year. Now I will continue to run around like a crazy woman- but will have nothing to blame it on.

No doubt I enjoyed being room mom- it was just the pressure that was over the top for me. 8 year olds can put on a lot of pressure. Those parties are big business- you have to find the perfect balance of fun, craftiness, sugar, treats and entertainment. No easy affair. This year, by the time I showed up to back to school night (of course I was a few minutes late) someone had already signed up. Relief, then disappointment. Whatever- I can only hope she will call me to be a helper. That would be all the fun without the pressure : )

Then the whole girl scout cookie thing. I never really wanted to be cookie mom, but did it to spite my husband. I showed him! He said he didn't care what I did, just don't sign up to be cookie mom. The night of the parents meeting (Allyson's 1st grade year) he had upset me- so when no one volunteered for the role I took it. Turned out to be a ton of work, and not too much for him. Ooops. And once you sign up for one of 'those' roles, it is very seldom that you can escape it. I should consider myself lucky. I made it out alive, thanks to an overachieving new girl scout last year who's dad had cookiemania- should have known he was out for my job : ) That is one role I won't really miss. At one point I had over 30,000 calories stacked in the cookie warehouse (aka my bedroom)- that is some pressure too folks, let me tell ya!
Oh- and since I am babbling- be sure and mark your calendars. In 6 months I have a full 30 minutes of scheduled alone time without any any any guilt. It's official, Sam has been scheduled for his first dental cleaning appointment. Today, after the girls cleanings, we scheduled all three for a return trip in the Spring. All at the same time. Who cares if it is at the crack of dawn. I will be there, with bells on and a cup of starbucks coffee! They have the best magazines and I plan to read them all. Wow! I may move to a monthly dental cleaning for the kids- you can never be to careful with the health of their teeth you know!
Oh- and apparently I have lost my job as window washer too.
Granted- from the looks of that window I have not been doing a bang up job anyway.
So I guess Sam took matters into his own hands (or mouth).
Yuck. But he was so cute- and the damage had already been done- so I kept snapping pictures.
Don't panic- it didn't start out that way. I was just wanting a picture of his knobby knees with those boots on.
And then he disappeared. Where did he go? Where's Sam?
Oh good- there he is : )

Such a joy (most of the time). I should get him a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. After the germs he just licked off that window- I bet we'll need them.

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Ronda said...

Hey, congratulations on your demotion!! That requires a celebration!

Send Sam over when he's done with your windows. He can get ours, too. Maddie has taken care of the inside, so he'll only have to do the outside. Easy, peasy.