Sunday, May 30, 2010

A 3 day weekend..............

For as many years as I have been involved with the air show, I have seen it move around dates quite a bit.  But no matter what the date, it seems that it is always preceded by a 'normal' 3 day weekend.  Either Memorial day or Labor day.  And when you work for a once a year special event that is preceded by either of these holidays- you don't get the normal long weekend everyone else does.  In fact, you use that time that 'normal' people are out holidaying to sneak into the office and actually get some work done.

That is my plan for today and tomorrow- but don't tell anyone.

But I did take yesterday completely off to spend some much needed time with my family.  Between Dan and I's crazy work schedules we haven't seen a lot of each other for quite a while.

So we (me) decided to take the kids to this place in Ohio called The Beach.  Acres of white sand beaches with over 25 different water slide pool type attractions.  That's what the brochure said.

It was more like a hillbilly reunion with lots of pools of murky water with TONS of debris floating around in it- along with flowerbeds filled with sand.

The kids had a complete blast, and I really did too.  Dan- not so much.  I don't regret going, it was fun to see the kids having such a wonderful time.  We all needed to just do something fun.

The main problem we experienced was that I bought their 'party package for 4' (or similarly named thing) on their website when I bought our tickets.  Once inside the park- NO ONE had ever heard of it and didn't know where we got any of the stuff.  Plus, the 'all you can drink' wristbands were only honored at two of their concession stands and the people working those stands were   s l o w    to respond to the family of 5 with the drink bands. 

It took over an hour to figure the place out (it really is huge) and finally Emily Sam and I had hunted down our inner tubes (which it turns out we didn't really need), our locker (which came in handy) and our two beach chairs (which they offer for free if you can find an empty one).  So there I am, holding 3 inner tubes, 4 beach towels, a can of sun screen, a locker key, and this fancy family fun pass when the lady literally hands me two folding lawn chairs.  I have emily drag one tube, sam drag one tube, I balance one on my head while holding two lawn chairs and other said items in my hands and we depart to find 'our spot'.  Emily then asks me to hold her drink, which I then clench in my teeth.  We only added to the fine atmosphere I'm sure.

Found a spot, dropped our stuff (right next to 4 empty chaise lounges I might add) and off we went to play play play in the little kids water area.  There were lots of activities for allysons age as well as the little ones and we as a family loved the heated pool surrounded by palm trees.  They even had a huge wave pool that was kind of like being at the ocean.  If the ocean had a concrete floor. And hundreds of people packed into the same area with you.

At the end of the day we go to redeem our last coupon that we prepaid for- a large pizza.  The guy at the stand says that it's too late in the day to make it, we'll have to save it for next time.

Dan was MAD.

I volunteered to go to guest services and I in fact told the lady I was speaking to that she was welcome for me saving her from letting my husband be the one to come and talk to her.  I explain the bumps we'd experienced that day with our party pass thing and she gave me tickets so that we can come back sometime.

I'm up for taking the kids back, but I apparently will be doing it alone because Dan swears he will NOT be going back.

It wasn't horrible in my opinion, later this summer me and the kids will journey back I'm sure.  After all, they owe us a pizza.

Today- Dan is taking the kids camping with his parents.  And I will be left here all alone.  That sounds pretty wonderful, but I am actually bummed out as I would rather enjoy them at the campgrounds then spend 14 hours at work trying to dig my way out of a mountain of papers.  But that is what this three day holiday will hold for me.

My only consolation- a peanut butter cheeseball from Jungle Jims that will keep me company when I get home tonight.  Me, my wad of peanut butter heaven, something on the TV.................ahhhhh.

P.S. I chose not to wrangle the camera at the water park (good decision on my part) so no photos- except this one of me in my bathing suit...........

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A friendly reminder

Sam would like to remind you all to stay hydrated this summer. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Somebody bring me a paper bag and a wad of toilet paper, puleez

It's a cliche.........we've all heard it.............we all roll our eyes at it...................with little bitty babies in tow who are chewing on the shopping cart handle, ripping open boxes of cereal that we hadn't planned to buy and smashing the ever loving life out of our bread as we carelessly corral 'toddlers gone wild' we smile at some stranger and hurry along our way because WE GET IT- they are going to grow up fast...........but not today.  That day you hadn't slept through the night in months, your house didn't really resemble somewhere people would purposely choose to live and the funk coming from your body due to lack of ability to shower properly was overwhelming.

But this day............... this day I realize that there is just one more day of elementary school for the year, and for Allyson, of her life.
Just a moment ago it was the first day of school.  I know I was here for the year, because I remember shreds of it- but could it possibly be the last day of school already????

I remember sending her to kindergarten for the first time, it was so scary.  I prayed so hard for all of the teachers and adults who were going to begin to mold this small child of mine (I still pray this same prayer constantly).  I SWEAR to you, it was like last week.  I think.  Maybe two weeks ago, tops. 

And could she really be finishing up the last of her fourth grade year and getting ready for..........gulp..............Intermediate School?

But she is my baaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I am not kidding- it is taking my breath away.
And this could she already be done with kindergarten?  Am I really expected to just send her to the school........alone...........for the entire just a few short months?  Is there really not a half day first grade program?
I'm not ready to give her up to the school.  She is my buddy- has been for 6 years- we spend our days together.  It's just what we do.  I don't want her to have to go to school all day long.  I didn't get to take her to the park enough, or to the playland enough, or just paint her nails and do her hair enough.  We have too much for us to do for her to commit all day long to school.

Thank goodness I still have this little guy.  He will be my company.  One more year of preschool for him- but next year it is three days a week for 2 hours a day.  And for the first time in almost 11 years, I will be alone for 2 hours a day, three days a week.  And I thought I would really be looking forward to this.  But I am not.  Kind of dreading it actually.
See how his backpack was soooo much bigger than he is?  It's not anymore.  The little poop went and grew like a weed this year.

They are traitors, all of them.

I am really looking forward to this summer, getting to have them all here with me constantly.

Remind me I said this next week when they are fighting and bickering and complaining about being bored and asking 'what are we going to do today?'

Monday, May 24, 2010

10 reasons why I am loving this ball season thing (in no particular order)

#1- watching Emily run with all of her might and still get passed by the runner behind her on her way to home plate.

#2- Seeing her ready position.

#3- the excitement when Ally connects with the ball (which is preceded by supreme tenseness as I try and shelve the urge to run out there and help her- this is something she has to do all on her own- and besides, I wouldn't be any help anyway)
#4- and makes it all the way around for a run or a touch down or a score- whatever it's called.  (#4.5- listening to Ally and her entire team singing all of the little chants)

#5- the extreme happiness that being part of these teams is giving to the kids

#'s 6, 7 & 8

#9- How much fun they are all having- even when they aren't playing a game.  This place is CRAWLING with siblings and the kids play until they are dripping with dirt!

#9.25- watching all the dads (especially this one) get so very serious about the game.
#9.5- hearing the train come behind the fields and knowing that, every single time, Sam is watching to see which Thomas the Train it is.
#10- pulling this little monkey off of the fence, time after time, and wiping ring pop goo off of his face.
#10 (again)- Getting to see Sam learn the game and be a complete goof off at the same time

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My week recap- and my satisfied soul

Worked a lot.

Saw Dan for like 2-3 minutes a day in between me coming home from work and him leaving for it.

Stood in complete awe as I have watched my children play their little hearts out in our beautiful world.  Realized that my children have hit an age that is going to make this summer so much different than any I have experienced for 10 years. 

Watched a whole lot of ball games (love it!)

Got the opportunity to serve our Lord at Kids Kingdom on Friday.  Stood in complete awe as HE prepared the lesson and activities and then taught them to the children- with me just as His helper.  I love to serve Him in this capacity.

Washed load after load after load of clothing- like lightening fast.  For the first time in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD all of our laundry is caught up.  I am searching out things to wash to keep my new appliances entertained.

Notice that my peony bushes bloomed for the first time in seven whole years.  Huge magnificent pinkish purply blooms.  Breathtaking.

Found out that money is not something Dan and I are capable of having- lucky for our local HVAC people, unlucky for us.  But there is always enough, and for that I feel blessed.

Found out Emily might have a CT scan done of her head- HER HEAD- but first specialist recommended some antibiotics to see what happens.  And the huge knot in her throat is getting smaller- thank you Jesus.

Ran a complete roller coaster of emotions as I battle complete happiness, satisfaction, and feeling so very blessed VERSUS total exhaustion and overwhelmed schedule.

Went into complete shock and confusion as I read in a weekly teacher newsletter that there are only 3 days of school left.  Excitement, panic, excitement, disbelief, excitement.  It's going to be a great summer!

Decided I was going to eat better.........and then didn't.

And then I thanked our God for such a wonderful life that He has given to me, just to me.  These crazy days- they are all mine.

(no're welcome)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Descending upon us

You all know I work half part time (more like all the time this time of year) for the local air show in these parts. 

Fun job- yes.

Get to take kids with me- yes.

Enjoy what I do- yes.

Really cool experiences and contacts- yes.


This time of year is a killer.  But that is a story for another time.

Todays story is brought to you by Zhu Zhu Pets.  They are purchasing exhibitor space at the air show for this giant Zhu Universe that includes a life size hamster wheel!  Seriously- what mother hasn't once in her life contemplated the NEED for something like this (especially on a rainy cold day).  Hold your credit cards ladies- they are not selling them- only using one for their display.  They are technically promoting their electronic hamsters- not the giant wheels.  I think they missed the boat but whatever.

So they send an email that says they are expecting 'tons of mommy bloggers'- I got the distinct feeling that maybe they might have been making a face when they typed that.  But as one myself- I was all whoo hoo.  Who knew there were 'tons of mommy bloggers' here in the city?  This blogging this is my FAVORITE passtime, I seriously look forward to it.  Although my content is always a bit on the long and boring side and my photos are mediocre- at best- and I really don't have anything important to say most of the time, I still love doing it. 

And since I clearly have like 1-2 people who read my blog (thank you for reading my blog- it gives me a purpose in my day), I am positive Zhu Universe is going to be contacting me ANY MINUTE begging me to come be part of their event with all the 'other mommy bloggers'.  Too bad for them, I'm already busy that weekend.  But I'm still waiting.

Yep- should be any minute.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It will only take a few minutes

That is my mantra.  My really bad mantra.  It is how I end up over committed and kind of on the edge most of my waking moments.

You all know about how dandilionfied our yard was.  Fortunately those little suckers only bloom for a couple of weeks and now they are gone.  But the evidence of our battle still remains.  Like blood and dead bodies scattered all over our front lawn.

Although I blogged about it and joked about it- it really did bug me having all those blowies in our yard.  A few I don't mind- seriously.  Maybe a hundred or so in the whole yard is not a problem for me.  But we had thousands, and it looked ridiculous.  And I felt like I should bake casseroles and cookies for the neighbors and deliver them with apology notes.

So I bought the crap.  You know- that giant huge bag of crap that covers something or other total square feet that sounds like a WHOLE lot and surely this will be enough- yeah, that bag.  It was so heavy I thought my eyes would pop out trying to move it around.  And then I dug around in the barn, that has been known to house 'critters', until I found that spreader thing that I bought years ago when I was on one of these binges.

And one evening- in between working and running the kids to the ball fields- I decided it was time.  I loaded up those millions of tiny pearl balls into my spreader and off I went. 

It became very apparent that our yard was larger than the thousands of square feet that were listed on the bag as I was running out quickly.  There are settings on my spreader- but who knows what those are actually for and moving them around haphazardly didn't seem to make a difference either way.  And I'd already spent $40 on this stuff- I didn't want to have to #1 go back to Meijer for more and #2 spend forty more dollars.

Think Mynde think.

So I began running.  No joke.  This way and that way- trying to at least drop these pellets on the worst patches of dandelions patches in our yard.  Across the middle, around in a little circle, back down the front, around the side, through the edges.  This continued until I did in fact run out of balls of magic. 

And then it was done.

I put the spreader back in the barn, wiped the sweat from my brow, loaded the kids in the car and off we went to the ballpark.

Came home 2 hours later- no change.  Next day- no change.  The next week- nothing.  Week and a half- nada.

That stuff doesn't work.  Or so I thought.

Slowly HUGE patches of dead grass began popping up.

And- we now have the most designful yard of the neighborhood.  It is our standard light green lawn with mixed in clover and other weeds with a slight overlay design of dark green swirlies.  No joking. (no picture either- I'm actually pretty embarrassed so I am NOT going to share this with you).

We're hiring a lawn company.  It's what I wanted to do in the first place.  Now I think Dan is on my side as well.  It just took a little persuasion- and a half dead lawn.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Hey kids- we're going to furnace world!"

This was the year.  Well, not this year as in 2010, but this year as in sometime in the next 12-18 months.

I was going to go to my husband and explain why we needed to sink a bunch of money into a once in a lifetime vacation to a fabulous disney resort with the meal plan and the airplane trip and the daily visits to the parks.  See- our kids are growing up really fast.  And I don't want to keep waiting until 'maybe next year'.  We were going to do it man.

And I have a list as long as my arm of various home improvement things- and I even was making arrangements to hire help to get them done.  Most are stupid- like repainting the chimney, getting the deck scrubbed and sealed, replace our poor old gas grill. Oh- and fix the hole in the drywall in the girls room and maybe even the big hole in the ceiling of the garage.  You know- nothing earth changing but just the 'things' that have been kind of piling up around here.

And part of that plan- I hired a company to come and do a maintenance cleaning thing on the air conditioner.  I'm such a responsible adult home owner, aren't I?

He came yesterday.  And ruined my world.

Our furnace has a cracked inportant thingy that has a tubey thing that blows heat or something or other (sorry to be so technical- try and keep up).  And the cost to repair it is really a lot.  And although our furnace blows hot air (aka- works fine) there is apparently a danger that we could pump carbon monoxide into our home.


All I could think was that we paid him to do a check up on our A/C unit- why in the sams hell was he messing with our furnace?  Stay away from our furnace man.  Great.  Just great.  The damage was done, now we knew.

We stood in the garage and talked with this furnace man (which I so politely kept calling him), literally while leaning on our old worn out replaced within the previous 24 hour washer and dryer.  Which are stacked neatly next to our kapoot microwave.  I looked around at our $1000 of appliances as this man started shooting out numbers- really big numbers.  Then he suggested we just swap out the air conditioner too- as it was just as old and is missing part of it or something.  Needless to say I squished his dreams of a total system install- what do we look like we are dripping with cash?

Shelve that trip and those fancy home repairs.  Looks like we are going to be saving for 'not freezing to death or dying in our sleep this winter' instead.  Which is good- considering the obvious downsides to the alternatives.

I am so thankful that the Lord brought this to our attention.  Otherwise we would have never known.  He is protecting us in ways that we don't even realize.  And this time- he did it by dashing my dreams of a huge wonderful trip to see the mouse.

Probably just the same, as I'm sure had He not done it- Dan would have.

I'm going back to hang with Henry and Lola- they offer me great comfort.

By the way- we're having a garage sale.  Up for sale are a gently used washer that MAY drip rusty water out of the bottom and not have a spin cycle, a like new dryer that dries the clothes eventually, a beautiful stainless front over the range microwave that works fine as long as you don't actually want your food to get hot, AND a furnace that would be perfectly suited for a drafty old house or one that you prefer to leave the windows open in.  Shoot me an email if you want me to hold any of them for you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are not of this world..............

Do not store up treasures of the earth............

(meet my new babies)

Where rust and moth destroy.
(I've named him Henry)

I once heard a radio evangelist talk about worrying about aquiring material things while here on the earth was like redecorating your hotel room while on vacation
(and I call this one Lola)

Which really made sense to me- since we are just here on this earth for a brief moment in comparison to the eternity we get to live in heaven.
(Did you notice how it has those special little pour in thingies for the soap, bleach and fabric softener)

So the 'things' we have while here totally don't matter- and they are not where our true treasure is
(Oh my gosh- check out this one in action- it totally has way more stuff than I could ever need in a washing machine- even an end of the cycle signal which to me means nothing because I'm totally not the type to run to it's every beck and call.  I will not be your beck and call girl Henry.)

So when it came time to replace our washer (because it was actually rusting and destroying right in my laundry room and refused to spin out the clothes on it's own anymore) I went in with a very sensible approach- get what we need to get the job done.
(Who knew that dryers had lights inside of them?)

Dan was shopping for a HE model- and said we would be stupid not to replace the dryer too because having to dry towels for 180 minutes can not be normal.  I was just along for the ride- I eventually gave him the four features I HAD to have in a washing machine (a fabric softener dispenser- because there is no way in the universe I would ever remember to put it when whenever it is you have to do that in the wash cycle, multiple temperature settings- because sometimes I like to switch it up, a delicate cycle- for all of Emily's fancy dresses, and the lid had to open up under my cabinets- because obviously it would be hard to load the laundry if I couldn't open it).  I then went to play with the spinny office chairs with my children.
(This thing 'knows' when the clothes are dry and shuts itself off- and get this, towels dry in like 70 minutes)

Dan picked for us- and although he picked a fairly basic model- they are much much much nicer than what we had before.
(The washer has a deep clean button, for really dirty clothes- that is what Sam's will be washed on by the way.)

The point here is that anything material of this world does not matter at all.   

But since we actually have to wash material things of this world while we are here, I am totally doing it in style now. 

Last night after putting the kids to bed, Henry Lola and I shared a moment together.  They are my new best friends and companions.  I love them.  I hope they don't disappoint me and leave me hanging with all their newfangled buttons that I will never take the time to learn to use.  And although these little gems don't matter to me much at all in the scheme of important things- they sure are perty.

And not having to scrub up rusty water sludge and hand spin out my clothes anymore will sure be nice.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Makes you just want to bury your head in the sand.....................

When I found Emily writing this apology note- I swear to you I thought I was going to die.  Right there.

She had asked me a few weeks prior what 'the middle finger' meant.  You know how when little kids point with that finger or hold it up to show a boo boo- the bigger kids get all 'don't show that finger'.  Then the little kids come to us wanting explinations and such. 

So I told her it was something mean people did when they were really really mad.  And that it meant something really really bad.  So bad that mommy doesn't ever do it.  It's that bad.

And then she went and did it- to a second grader.  She must have been really really mad. 

You try telling your neighbor you are sorry your kid flipped their kid off.  Not as easy as it sounds.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I am a creature of habit.  I just am.

It takes me months to gear up to switch pressed powder brands.  No joking.

I shop for the exact same furniture that wears out, so that I can replace it with the same thing.

But this is possibly less the 'habit thing' and more the 'indecisive thing'.  I can't make a decision to save my soul- most of the time.  There are occassions that this is not so- but usually it involves something being on sale, clearance or at a yard sale.  Because in addition to being a creature of habit and indecisive, I am also apparently cheap frugal. 

But this clearance shopping thing, in my opinion, is a direct result of the indecisiveness.  I could not possibly pick out a new 'anything' when there are 14 others and they are all the same price.  But slap one half off and bang- decision made.

It's bad.  And it really sucks sometimes when there are not any clearance things to pick from.  Think picking a doctor, a hospital to give birth in, a house to buy.  Thank goodness God made the really important decisions in my life for me- or else I would still be trying to pick what kind of kid I wanted.

So the good news is- we've replaced the microwave.  And I made the decision all on my own- with three kids in tow I might add.

Meet my new microwave.

Not to be confused with my old microwave.

Same exact microwaves with just a different vent thing.  Same model, size buttons, features, brand.  Same same.


Might I also add that when I become completely overwhelmed and stressed, I make huge decorating changes.  And by decorating, I mean, well not technically decorating because we don't live in any showcase home or anything.  But I buy new towels or rugs or something, and I consider that decorating.  Anyway. I'm currently looking to repaint the girls room and pick out a tile backsplash (that I will yes install myself- thank you very much) for the kitchen.  And then I'm going to repaint the living areas in our home (which includes the entry, kitchen, living and hallways- all one big ugly same area).

But first I have to pick a new washing machine- which Dan has already declared can't be the same as before.  So we are of course going to start our shopping at the scratch and dent sears store.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This time I mean it!

Dear Kroger,

I have said it before, but this time it is official.  We are through.  We can not keep going like this, it just isn't healthy for either of us.

See- this is what I was talking about the last time I sent you one of my hate mails love notes.  You just aren't holding up your end of the bargain.  Our relationship is simple.  You put out items I want, at prices that make me want to buy them.  Then I bring my coupons, from the manufacturer, that match said items.  So I not only get them at 'your' good sale price, I then get some more money off.  Although complex, it is really very simple.

You give me stuff to feed to my family AND good customer service, I give you money.  It was working for a while.  But you keep on falling short, and I think I deserve better.  You do too.  There are lots of really great people out there who don't care if you treat them like street trash, just not me.  It's not that I don't think you are a great grocery, it's just that we are not good together.  I'm sure you will still have other shoppers, and in time you won't even notice that I am gone.

I'm moving on.  I'm a Marsh girl now.  They do this thing, oh this amazing thing that makes my toes curl up.  When they put a price on an item- listen close- the item actually rings up for that amount.  AND, instead of mailing me booklets of coupons that won't work when I go to use them (in turn having the cashier grill me like a criminal)- they just don't send them to me.  That is what I prefer.  Don't tease me and then throw me to the curb like day old trash.  The real topper is this- they actually staff baggers that are there all.the.time and after they bag up my purchases- they offer to help me to my car.  It's amazing.  Not that you weren't amazing to me for a while- just not ever like this.

Yes- I know that their prices are higher.  Actually a lot higher on most of their items.  But this is what I am saying.  I would rather give them extra money than to have to come back into your store- it has come to that.

So there you have it.  The straw that broke this shoppers back was the love note that YOU printed and mailed to ME saying that if I bought two of your cartons of ice cream that you would give me $.70 off.  Did this justify the $5 I spent on the ice cream?  No- but I bought it because at least I could save the $.70.  And then when you scanned said love note you handed it back to me and said it wouldn't work.  This happened again with the free bag of chocolate chips your lured me in with, and then again with the $1 off produce if I bought something or other.  I'm done.  But you should be proud of yourself- you saved the company seventy whole cents.  Nevermind that I spend $100-$150 PER WEEK on groceries.  Yeah- nevermind that.  Seventy Cents was completely worth it.

I'm sorry for having my little tantrum at your checkout lane by the way.  I hope you weren't embarrassed as I began chucking packages of bacon and boxes of frozen vegetables back at you saying you could just keep them then.  It was everything I could do to restrain myself from shoving the entire cart of groceries through your front window- so all in all I think it turned out well.

Oh- and stop sending your weekly letters to my home.  They are just painful reminders of what we had, and what will never be again.


The crazy nut lady with all the kids and the fistfull of coupons who you will never see again- probably

A promise is a promise

Emily saw the photo things I put together for the other two on their first baseball games and wanted to make sure I would do that for her too.  Because she values my skills.  Even though I have none.

So because I promised, I thought I better hurry and get it on here- after all, her first game was Thursday.  As in a week ago. 

Nevermind that all of the pictures were taken in the first 10 minutes of the game.  That is only because immediately after getting to see her bat Sam, Ally and I ran across the baseball fields, jumped in the car and floored it to the intermediate school for orientation.

Yeah- I missed her very first game.  But I will not miss her second.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A very sad day indeed

Frigidaire Microwave, 7- Today we mourn the loss of an important member of our family- one who is was there in good times and bad, sickness and health.  Melting butter for corn and defrosting meat in a hurry.  Hot tea for a sore throat and hot fudge for ice cream celebrations.  With it's fabulous turn table and various fancy buttons, our good friend and confidant has left this world and is on to the next.  We like to think she is running free with all the other microwaves- popping popcorn and heating hot cocoa once again.

She leaves behind her good friend and kitchen companions Refrigerator, Stove and Dishwasher.  Although blender has been recently repaired, they were still very very close.  And not to mention Washer and Dryer- even though they too are on their last legs.  It is wondered that Microwave heard talk of their upcoming replacement and tried to beat them to the punch by taking a huge blow right on mothers day.  Her good friend Freezer was especially devastated as he was recently filled with 'emergency' frozen dinners for speedy preparation on crazy busy nights.

In addition to her close family of other useful appliances, she leaves a woman who laid in a heap on the floor of her kitchen screaming 'why, why, why' and clutching a package of pre-cooked bacon that simply needed warmed in a way that only Microwave can provide.  This woman then had to provide comfort to her own children who became panicked upon realization that dinner as they know it will never be the same- or quite possibly ever exist again.

Her body was donated to science- and has already been stripped into 4834 parts as the man of the house tried to determine a way to possibly resuscitate her.  All for nothing- as she now lay lifeless on the floor of the garage.

She will forever be remembered for the fine contributor that she was.  Although the strong bond they shared was special, she will be completely replaced by her family before the week is over.  Maybe even today.  After all, life goes on and there is white chocolate to be melted.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers day is just another commercial holiday.............

Except to me.  I love it.

I love to see the children's drawings and pictures.  And I love it that emily likes to 'back' (bake) with me- and I especially like that her special picture is of me with her.  Because I like being her mommy.

I love seeing how Dan puts so much time in to selecting something to give to me.  To me it is totally not about 'the thing' they pick- it's about how much they put into selecting it.

And then seeing how super duper excited the kids are to have 'the thing' for me and they wrap it all up- this year completely by themselves- and then they about explode waiting for sunday to come so that I can open it.

And I love to see Ally slap her hand over Sam's mouth as he almost tells me what it is, on three separate occassions.  And then for Sam to catch me alone at some point, climb into my lap and quietly whisper in my ear exactly what is that his daddy had drug him all over tarnation shopping for and bought for me.  And then to, just as quietly, tell me not to tell them I know.  And I love how on Sunday morning he giggles and wiggles in anticipation for me to unwrap it.  Actually for me to let him unwrap it.  And I love that he is still little enough to ask me if he can unwrap it.

And I love it when the kids come bursting out of their classrooms clutching a handmade item that was prepared just for their mommies.  And seeing how excited they are to give it to me is enough to make my heart explode.  And how they can never wait for mothers day to do so. And to top everything off- Emily's kindergarten has a mothers day tea which made my entire week so perfect!
And I love to hear Dan and the kids preparing a special breakfast on mothers day morning, that they always serve to me in bed, and then everyone grabs a plate and joins me in destroying our comforter and sheets eating it together.  But not before one by one they each give me special things that they each have selected just for me.  Including cards handmade by each of my beautiful children.  And this year- signed by all three of them as well (allyson spent time with sam helping him to 'write' his name).

This year those things included a small giftbag filled with Sam's absolute favorite cars- you know the ones that he has played with so much they are chipped and worn, because they are the ones he loves the best, a handmade cootie catcher from ally that had all special mothers day wishes written inside of each flap (which we played in bed sunday morning), and a small strawberry shortcake figure that emily had saved up her stickers at school for a trip to the treasure box and then chosen it to give to me on mothers day.  All three gifts made my eyes fill with tears, because each of them was so very perfect.

In addition to my pictures, Dan had let the children pick a card.  And it played music.  And it was perfect.

And always always always a special card selected by my husband, usually from the christian bookstore, that somehow says the exact words that my soul needed to be nourished with- along with a hand written note from my husband that somehow confirms I am doing okay at this mothering gig in his eyes.

'The thing' this year?  Two of the most beautiful casserole dishes I have ever seen in my life along with a huge blue hydranga bush (because they are my favorite).  Dan had seen me caressing the casserole dishes at Kohl's while shopping a few weeks ago- and he noticed.  And that is why they are now my favorite dishes that I own.  And everytime I fill them with some mediocre recipe I've tried to make for dinner- I will smile.

I just love mothers day.  But only because my children and husband made me a mother.  It is my day to celebrate them (but don't tell them that- I kind of like that they think it's all about me).  Truly all I ever wanted to be in my entire life was a mother- and I feel so very blessed that I am.

And I feel equally blessed to have a wonderful mother myself. Now that I am trying to raise my own children- I am especially grateful for her love and support.  Except those times when she tells me that I am doing it wrong (because we all know I couldn't possibly be doing it wrong).  And I loved that on mothers day my brother and my sister (along with their families and mine) met at my moms house to celebrate the day. 

That particular day- I might add- was also the day my sister turned the big 4.0.  But I didn't tease her about that- because she really is upset about it- which I don't really get.  Course, I'm ALOT younger than her : )

I won't mention my mother in law here, because she doesn't celebrate mothers day. So I won't mention how much I love her or how blessed I feel to have her in my life.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Deep breath in- cleansing breath out

I want to run into my room and hide in my closet.

But I can't.  Mainly because my closet is jam packed full of dirty laundry piles, but also because there is a marathon to run apparently- called our life.

Tomorrow, I promise a light hearted post about my super wonderful mother's day- today, you get what you get.

I am running in circles- circles I tell you.  Work is crazy, making me feel very stressed and I am working like all the dag gone time.  And when I am there I can't even accomplish the things I plan to- I end up stomping out a fire over here and over there, turn around, stomp stomp stomp, fire fire fire, stomp, fire, stomp, fire- well you get the picture.  And there is no end in sight for all that chaos for over a month.  34 days to be exact.

Home- same thing.  Stomp, run, stomp, run.  Then allyson points out that 'the freezer is like covered in tiny snowflakes' aka someone left the door ajar and now it's all frosted over and her softball uniform, that she needs to be wearing in a game in one hour, is still wet. 


Tomorrow night, after a 4pm choir shin dig, we had nothing on the old calendar.  Until like two seconds ago when I got an email saying that we 'get' to have a 'surprise' practice with Emily's team.  Great.  Because a group of six year old girls clearly need to hone in on all those mad skilz they have and another practice is going to do the trick.

Sam has the snack bucket for wednesday, which is also his wonderwalk which we have yet to really help him raise money for...........we are completely out of milk, which can't be that big of a deal because we are out of cereal too.................I have not one pair of clean underwear left...............there is a recall on romaine dining room chairs need recovered..................and to top everything off- my microwave kicked the bucket yesterday.

None of this is life changing, or even really matters.

Except to me.  Because all of it jumbled together makes my head hurt and sucks the joy right out of my body.  Except that romaine lettuce thing.  That just really doesn't matter because I prefer iceberg.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I ooze rainbows and butterflies ya'll

Last night I attended an orientation- at the intermediate school.  As in, not the elementary school.  We are so not in Kansas anymore.  Next year that big yellow bus is going to roll up to our drive- at 6:45 AM I might add- to whisk Ally away to the not elementary school.

How did this happen?

The absolute only thing that consoled me at all was when the principal said "Technically we are considered an elementary school- but we call ourselves a transition school that deals specifically with the special needs of 10-12 year olds".


Because as far as I can tell there really are very special needs for 10 year olds.  Needs for skillz that I ain't got!  This stage of Allyson is, to be totally honest here, harder than the newborn stage.  I would so totally prefer to sleep a total of 4 broken hours a day and communicate with a creature whose only words are screaming than to try and decifer what is going on in this 10 year old child's world.

I don't speak 10 year old.  But I really do try.  She apparently doesn't speak overstressed mom.  She doensn't try.

This morning, our entire conversation involved her not being able to wear dirty clothing- her huffing and stomping to her room to change- then me explaining that she had to wear two of the SAME shoes- more huffing and stomping- me shouting what the lunch choices are as she blows out the door and then professing my love to her- and her saying bye.

I need an in here folks.  Because I am totally on the outs with her, apparently.  If this is at all a preview of what the 'real' puberty years are going to be like- shoot me now.

I'm off to look at old pictures from back when she wanted to hold my hand and would shout out that she loves me and offer kisses willingly.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Take me out to the ball game...............

Last night was the first ball game of the season for Allyson and Sam.

It was awesome.

I hate it for Dan that he missed it.  Because it was really really awesome.


Tonight is Emily's first game.  It is also Ally's orientation at the Intermediate School.

I'm going to miss Emi's first game.

Totally NOT awesome.

(Thank you Ronda for showing me how to make these fancy collage things.  Although I apparently still have lots to learn............)

A night with the arts

Tuesday was a big art show at the elementary.

We're nothing if not cultured. 

Actually- Allyson does really posess quite a bit of talent- in my humble mother opinion.  We got to see several of her drawings & paintings- and we bought one of them that was all framed and matted.  (This is my kind of art!)  And then the show choir that she is part of performed for us.  And she played the piano. As in a solo.  Without any other singing, dancing or instruments.  I was so proud of her- she must have been so incredibly nervous to play in front of all her friends and their parents.  But she did it, and did it beautifully.....(again- humble mom opinion here).

Meanwhile- I gave my camera to Emily and Sam to entertain themselves during the 1/2 hour recorder concert and the 1/2 hour choir performance.   (My sincere apologies to everyone sitting around us- must have been pretty annoying having the flash in the back of your head every 3.5 seconds).  I had to sort through over 200 of their pictures.  What?  Did you think I was joking? (click flash................)