Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunday's Adventures (on Thursday)

This is Allyson and Emily checking out the catepillars we brought home from church on Sunday. We were anxiously awaiting their 'transformation' into butterflies. Friends from church said that all catepillars turn into something winged (buzzz- wrong!) and that if you leave them all together they will eat each other (ding! you are correct!) And then mom squished our dreams- they were web worms. Great news! Most of them escaped- so we probably just infested the neighborhood. Our neighbors love us.
Sam was going to hunt some butterflies. But decided to just beat up his sister instead with the nets.
Then the turkey took my broom and my bird feeder hostage. He has a whole collection of stuff that he 'stores' up there in his secret hidy hole.
And Miss Emily picked what was left of our summer flowers. They are all leggy and gross looking- time to replace them with something else. Or just let the weeds have their way with whats left of my flower beds. Whatever.

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Ronda said...

I forgot to tell you...Sam looked like a little Gap model on Sunday. I told him (and I think Dan was standing there), but I doubt either one of them relayed the message.