Friday, September 5, 2008

Wheh, that was fun!

Yesterday, I got to take the two little kids to this place. It was a lot of fun- and bonus for me- not crowded at all. In my opinion, this is the new place for daytime playdates- but that is a bummer for the big kids in school. I'm sure I'll brave it on a weekend so that Allyson can experience it too- I felt so guilty going there without her because I know she would love it!
Sam was like a maniac. He could not get enough.There was a 40 foot soft play house with cool slides, hanging things, balls, nets, and so on- Emily got afraid and wanted to come out (which faded and she went back it) but not Sam- he was ready to move in.It's located inside of a huge sporting warehouse type of building. But it was decorated nice, had nice carpet and obviously lots and lots to do.This was the toddler/baby room. I say room- but it was just a half wall and still open to all the other chaos. Sam and Emily loved it in there too.This bad boy is the only thing I was not impressed by. You would think I am new to this mom thing, I tell ya. I let Emily and Sam go in here- like a giant inflatable obstacle course. Sam got stuck. I could hear him crying and could not get to where I could see him for anything. Emily came out- I sent her back in to find him. She came back out, panicked, and said there was no way to get him out. I had to grab this young boy and beg him to go get Sam- which he did. Turns out- once you are in you have to climb up this rope thing to get back out. Now I know.We must have spent an hour on this monstrosity.It involved climbing up this huge flat ladder thing.And then flying down this huge slide at super sonic speed.Sam was in heaven! It involves all his favorites- climbing, speed and screaming! Look at that face. Thrilled I tell ya! Other little ones were scared, not sure what to think, their mommies were going down the slide with them offering consolation. Not this little man- he LOVED it.And Emily too. She was sweaty by the time she finished playing on it.This blow up thing was cool too- and designed for toddlers. I suppose Sam is still a toddler- even if he can leap small buildings in a single bound.And yes, there were some video games, and yes we played them. But look at the way cool prizes we got with our tickets!
We didn't try the rock climbing wall, laser tag, power bungee jump, or bowling. Next time- with Allyson and Dan. Possibly we will take Ally there on her birthday. Either way- I'm going back if nothing more than a play date. They served food too- so I might just move in.
This blog entry was in no way sponsored by the above mentioned havoc wreaking facility.


Sharon said...

Ohmigosh!!!! When did Sam turn into a little boy???!! I looked at the kid climing the ladder behind Emily and wondered where Sam was and then I realized that was him! Honey, he is beyond 'toddler' -- Sam is now a 'leaper and a bounder':)

These people will make a ton of money on this.


Ronda said...

That does look like fun. I'm going to hang back, though, and see if you catch any weird communicable diseases from it. You tricked me into Chuck E Cheese once, and no amount of special soap could save us there.