Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our last first day of preschool...........ever

It's official, Sam is now back in school.  And it is our last year at preschool- not only for him but for our entire family.  Our sixth and final year of painted macaroni jewelry, tissue paper stained glass crosses, painted pillow cases and snack buckets.

Last week I took sam for his orientation.  He gets to play with his new room toys, meet his teachers, see the others who will share his personal space all year and us parents get to hear the rules. again.  The rules have not changed at all in the six times I've listened to them.  The first year I went, I took notes.  The last year, I wished I had a book. 

Sam has this thing he has learned from his dad.  It involves taking basic names of objects and applying a body part and calling another person that.  It's not my favorite thing, but it is part of my husband and for that it makes me smile.  He will flip out names like cheese head, pickle brain, sausage belly- you get the picture.  Sam- being his son- has picked up on this fine art.  He does it to me, his sisters, his dad, the neighbors.  Whomever.

After orientation, I came back to Sam's classroom to find him eating a snack with his new buddies.  He showed me some of the super rad new toys in his new classroom, pointed out the size of his new room and packed it up to head home.  I said my goodbyes to other kids parents and his teachers and we headed out the door. 

Just as we were exiting, Sam turns around and in the LOUDEST voice he owns screamed out his goodbye to his new teachers............."Bye Pot Head".  I couldn't even turn around.  I can only imagine the looks on those faces of all those people.  We just went out the door.  Of all the nouns in the universe, he happened to join that one with that particular body part.

I hope they are ready for this child.  Probably works out well that he's our last.  We can avoid that whole "Mrs. Goble, would you mind switching to that nice baptist preschool down the road" talk.

So on to his first day.  With two previous girls- I have lived the first day of school thing but in a different kind of light.  Girls wear dress shoes, skirts, flowery shirts, hair bows, braids, headbands.  First day of school is a formal event for girls.
For Sam- it involved picking a brand spankin new pair of stretchy pants and the best star wars shirt money can buy.  And he was bustin' at the seams to get to wear it.

But not with his new shoes.  No way.  He doesn't want to ruin them.  He dug out his old shoes with the holes- those will be perfect for the playground.  He'll save his new shoes for less messy occassions.
I was glad to return to pick him up.  I wanted to hear all about his first day.  I pulled his head to mine, smooched his soft soft neck and told him how much I had missed him.

"I didn't miss you Mom".

I can only imagine when he leaves for college.  I'm going to be sure not to teach him how to operate a washing machine- at least that will ensure he will come home at least for clean clothes.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Before Dan asked me to become a Goble, I was a Larsen.  I suppose I still am- you can pick a lot of things for your life but family ain't one of them.
Thank goodness.
I'm not sure I would have picked my family, but I am most certainly glad they are mine.
And this weekend, my family (the five of us) and my family (the fourteen of us) and dan's parents (the two of them) decided to head out to Ohio for a family camping trip.

New Paris, Ohio to be exact.  But there was not an Eiffel tower or chocolate croissants.

But there was a giant rock quarry (that is really just a lake I think???) that was over 30 feet deep with crystal clear water.  So clear that you could look down and see straight to the bottom.  And you could see the fish. As in the fish that were swimming in there with you.  But I still got in.

I learned this weekend that I am capable of treading water for an hour or better as my children hoist themselves onto that floating platform and jump off like crazy people.  They loved it.  I loved it.  My nieces and nephews loved it.  Everyone but Dan loved it.  He apparently is not capable of treading water. 
Now we know.
They also had a really nice pool.  And yes- I did in fact miss the giant splash picture- a photographer I am not.
Dear Lord- this child was so scrumptious I wanted to pick her up and eat her.  (side note- she doesn't belong to my family so I in fact did not).  But I had to snap a picture of her just to point out the fact that you can only pull off that look for only so long, and she is nailing it!  If only 35 year old women with huge chubby thighs and bulging bellies made people oooh and ahhhh- I'd be the hit of the pool.

My oldest and first born nephew.  Randyman.  I didn't 'know' babies when he was born- he was my crash course into aunthood.  He is the one who 'power puked' Roselyn bakery thumbprint cookies and chocolate milk all over my car- and then went on and on about how cool it was.
He is the one who wanted to grow up to be a power ranger.
He loved (LOVED) the teenage mutant ninja turtles.  LOVED.
He is funny, witty and handsome.
And not a baby any longer.
He is my second whittle baby nephew. 
He used to wear my high heeled shoes and tromp around my house wearing a diaper.
I swore he was my child accidentally put into my sisters belly.
He was born premature- was so very little that there was talk he would never make it.
There was concern that his brain, body and lungs would never catch up.
He is six foot something or other (5inches???) tall- he took that very seriously.
My little mi-munk cheek, bologna booty number three nephew.
He was born in Maine, and I didn't get to wuv on him until he was a few months old.
He is a man's man.  Always has been.
When I met Dan- Zachary was just a few years old.  He instantly bonded with him.
I was destined to marry that man.  Zachary decided.
He is a protector.  A dreamer.  And please dear God let him grown into a provider.
Next up- these two.  They were both due at the exact same time.
But Elaine (right) burst into the world 3 months premature.  It was a race.  She won.
Rachel (left) and Elaine (right).  They are curvy, booby, hippy, funny, pretty and both delightful young women.  Young baby women.  Who are growing up apparently.
They both are on the swim team.
They raced again at the pool.
Rachel won this time.
My kids bring up the rear of this family.  They are the babies.
It was nice to have the older kids around- they doted over mine.
We had a little camping city.
So to recap- my brother (green) his wife (white) their two Randy and Rachel, my sister (pink) her three John Zach and Elaine, Me and Dan and our three, my mom and dan's parents (not in picture).  Fourteen in my family- plus dans parents=16.  Two campers and two tents.  Lots of food.  Tons of laughs.  A few bickering matches- mainly over the rules of cornhole.  It was fun.
But I kept thinking that my dad was missing.  I wonder what he would think of all of us out there in the 'wilderness' camping.  I wonder if he would have come.  I wonder if he would have been proud of mom for coming.  Or if he would have called us all idiots, because we kind of are a little goofy.

We learned this past week that Dan's dads cancer has shrunken to the point he may not have to have that total throat reconstruction surgery.  There is a small spot they could see on the scan- we'll know more later.  But that news was good.  Great in fact.  Thank you God.  And it was so nice to see him (them) out of the house and feeling good enough to come with us.
Emi entered the hoola hoop contest.  You are not allowed to use your hands.  She didn't win.  But she could have if that hands rule wouldn't have applied.  She cried.
And then she got over it and headed back out with the big girls. Whom she thought she was one of.
This weekend was absolutely one of my best memories of the summer.
I loved it, and I think everyone did. 
There is talk of doing it again, I can't wait!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Not feeling the LOVE

Dearest family,

I awoke this morning at 6am.  Since that time I have:
woken and helped in preparing all three children people
made breakfast for said people
unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
performed my aerobics (with emily)- yeah me!
washed bathroom rugs
folded and put away sams clothes
folded and put away two- count them-two loads of darks
folded and put away a load of bath towels, neatly and in perfect little stacks fresh for your bathing enjoyment
packed a lunch for allyson
vacumed the carpetings
swept and MOPPED the entire house- including the bathrooms (yuck)
cleaned the patio doors
sewed new curtains for the girls room (and I am no sewer so this is HUGE)
wrestled the dog (your dog) outside to pee
scrubbed up something sticky on the kitchen counter

It is 10:30 and I just finished a shower and dressing myself so that I can now take Sam and go to work for a while.  Then we will run an errand for my job, do our grocery shopping, and look for a garage sale so that we can buy some 'new' toys to keep at the office for little man.  Once home I will put away groceries, bake cookies to take camping, pack all of our families needs for said camping trip, and prepare your dinner.  I will check your backpacks, sign slips, wash lunch bags to be ready for next week, read books, listen to books and listen to you whine while you do your 'chores' (mind you- which are typically homework, practice instrument, walk the dog, unload dishwasher, sweep deck- stuff that is fairly easy and quick).

Everyday is like this for a mom.

I am not looking for kudos.  I am not looking for constant thank you's or appreciation.  I'm just asking that maybe, just maybe, since I am like KILLING myself over here trying to keep our household afloat, you could not treat me like I have cooties.

Sam.  Stop calling me things like 'sponge head' and 'cheese face'.  Throw me a kiss now and again, I am really missing your kisses and lovings.  Don't hold your cup in the air while demanding more to drink.  No more ultimatums.  And please, for the love of all things, do NOT ask me again "What kind of a citizen are you?" while rolling your eyes.  I miss chatting with you, having you talk to me about this and that, and I really miss having your little tiny body wrapped around mine.  PLEASE don't let this phase be a forever thing.

Emily.  Thanks for the love notes I keep finding.  They are special.  However, try and get your clothes into your laundry basket, don't leave your shoes in the yard/car/sofa/bathroom, and don't always climb up to your nice hot homemade plate of dinner and declare you are NOT eating it.  Please just eat it.  And, even if occassionally, let me take your picture.  It's important to me.  And don't ever stop being my snuggle bug.

Allyson.  I miss feeling like I am special to you.  I know you are at a tough age, I know you don't think I'm cool, I know you are trying to find who you are- but please don't be afraid to show me that you love and care for me.  Don't get so angry at me when I try to parent you.  It's my job darlin'.  And try not to focus yourself on how much better you think your parents houses are- trust me when I say you don't have it bad.  And don't ever loose your excitement to tell me things from your day- I'm sorry that sometimes I act like I'm too busy to listen.  I'll work on that.  Oh- one more thing- when I tell you that I love you it would be okay with me if you occassionally say it back.  Oh- and stop referring to me as old, or I'll hit you with my cane.

And finally, Dan.  I just need affirmation.  I need you to talk to me, ask questions about me, want to be around me.  Kiss my lips- really kiss my lips (not just a peck as you run your routine before flying out the door).  I miss feeling like a woman, you are the only one who can really make me feel whole (and not THAT.  we all know that men always turn to THAT.)  I'm talking about just real, live connection.  I miss when you used to send me flowers- really expensive delivery kind.  I would gladly take some you swiped from the neighbors yard these days.  Just anything to let me know that you still find me to be someone you enjoy being around.

I feel like I now understand how a woman could really turn her back and walk away from her entire home.  Course, I would have to get a job, a real job, since I would basically be homeless.  But I invision getting one at the Marriott- I'd basically be doing all the same stuff, but at least here people would tip me for it : )

And of course I would not walk away from my family.  Probably.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not now

I would love to type up something for today, but I'm afraid I can't. 

I let that stupid bit$# kick my a*% again this morning and all I can think about is the pain I am in.  The severe, throbbing pain.  Particularly in my left thigh.  And my ribs.  I wasn't aware that I have muscles around my ribs- but apparently I do as it hurts like all heck to breath- so I'm trying not to.

Did I mention my heiny?  Yeah- pain there too.

This exercise thing is not for the weak, and I'm afraid I am.  She says it will get easier.  I think she's a liar.  Tomorrow I'm replacing her with someone else.  I'm afraid I won't live through three days in a row of this.

That's enough for now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think I'm making fruit salad

Our new school year routine has us up and ready for action beginning at 6am.  Well, we're up anyway.  Some of you who are morning people (you know who you are) are all like pul-eeze.  Some of you who are accustomed to working full time (again- you know who I'm talking to) are rolling your eyes and telling me to suck it up.  Just hear me out.

The earliest we have had to get up is 8am.  7:30 if I have to take someone to school at 9am, but usually closer to 8.  With the exception of those 8am dental cleanings that I occassionally schedule- we don't get rolling here early at all.  And during the past summer, there was not a soul in this house that would wake up before 8:30 or 9am.  So this new 6am thing is painful.  Just sayin.

Determined to make the best of this 'new' life- I decided that I should make the best use of the hour between when Ally leaves for school and Emily has to get up for school.  This summer, while sleeping until mid morning, I determined that 7am is a great time for excercise.

Then when school began, I also determined it a great time to drink coffee, read blogs, watch the news, catch up on the Duggars, and see who was bringing home a new baby.  I have really enjoyed my whole hour to myself despite the fact that I would prefer to be sleeping.

Yesterday I called for new quotes on a different type of life insurance.  Nothing can remind you not only of your own mortality but your excessive out of shapenness and unhealthiness than answering that swaray of questions.

So today- I busted out the VHS tape, blew off the dust and decided it was time.  1 hour in the morning.  I can do that.

The woman on this tape is satan himself.  At least she is conspiring with him, if nothing else.  She even has 70 year old people doing these tricks as if they are nothing at all as I roll myself around the house trying to 'pelvic scoop' this and 'gentle steady movement' that.  Torture.  Sheer torture.  All the while she is talking about turning pears into peaches- referring to my hind end I think but I'm still confused about that.  Goodness- I haven't even seen pear in a few years- I've moved onto watermelon I'm afraid.  Or if there is a really really big bumpy fruit that is soft and giggly like jello- that is more my heiny.

But I was doing it.  Yeah me.  Until it was over, and I could no longer use my legs for anything and my arms were equally as useless.  I had to crawl down the hallway to Emily's room.  I've never been so thankful to reach a carpeted floor in my life.  I managed to collapse at the foot of her bed and muster the strength to say "Emily, time to wake up for school- and try not to step on me".  And there I remained for the next 20 minutes. 

I rolled back down the hallway into the kitchen.  If only I could reach the phone from my comfortable ball position on the floor.  I would have called 911.  I would have called Dan.  I would have called someone to get over here and help me hoist myself back into my bed.  If I were able to physcially hold my arm in the position necessary to use the phone, that is. 

Everything is heavy.  My legs, my arms, my earlobes- 173 pounds each.  I can not walk normal.  I am staggaring and swaying and bumping into walls.  But I'm upright- which is an accomplishment all in itself.  I'm going to have to manage to climb into the shower, but I really doubt I can lift my legs over the 3 inch threshold.  And then there is the problem of my underpants.  I am out of clean ones- with the exception of the load that I am THANKFUL I put in the washer prior to concentration camp.  But now there is the issue of getting them out of there and into the dryer.  That will require bending and stooping- neither of which will be possible for me again I am afraid.

I am lucky that I am able to type this.  The only reason that is possible is because I have used pillows to prop my arms into place and my fingers (thankfully) are unaffected by this mornings events.  This is my official SOS- someone please come help me put my legs into my pants if you have a spare minute today.  I might also need help brushing my hair as I'm sure my arms can't do that kind of action today.  If I can manage these things, I have to go to the bank and work.  But the car is parked clear out in the driveway instead of in the garage- and I'm not sure I'm up for that kind of walking right now.  Not to mention the step off of the porch.  I may need to have a ramp installed.

Day one down.  Do I look thinner yet?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Times they are a changin'

Just a few brief updates for ya, cause I know you are dying to know.........
We got a rug for the dining room like 6 months ago.  And I finally recovered the dining room chairs.  So now I can post a picture- since they aren't overly appalling together anymore.  Mind you- they don't match- but I equally love them both so they are living in harmony together for me.  They are thoughtful like that.

Allyson has never been one for a simple paint job.  I remember when she was like four she would beg for me to paint every nail a different color.  She just came wired this way.  I think it's cool. 

Dan calls her punky brewster.  She has no idea who he is talking about- which makes us really old.

And to cover those babies up- I present her new school shoes.  No simple pair of nice supportive New Balance here.

I took Sam shopping for a few back to school items- since all of his jeans won't button and hit him just under the knees. 
I discovered that he has partially graduated to the older boy section.  The one ALL.THE.WAY.ACROSS.THE.AISLE.  No longer are there cute sweatshirts with sweet little puppies and monkeys and practically perfect cartoony t-shirts.  No.  Now we have skulls, flames and guitars.  I was the only one who was disappointed.  He was in heaven and fell in love with this outfit- his back to school outfit.

Emily got new glasses.  And they are not purple plastic frames.  They are more of the big girl variety, with actual nose pieces and peace signs on the side arms.  But I have no picture to share, because she runs and hides whenever I get the camera out.  So instead, I share my list of items to take camping this weekend (yes- camping this weekend, again, as in twice this summer- just call me the camping queen).  I left it on the counter, and Emily wrote me a sweet message. 
Finding this surprise made it possible to continue with my week of horrors.

On another note- yes we are on a health kick and will only be eating really healthy nourishing things while camping.

And now for Dan's update.

Here he is the last time we went camping, which was basically the last time I got to talk to him.  How is it possible to live in the same home with someone and still never converse with them?  Things are just so crazy busy and it feels like we are running in opposite directions all the time.  Yuckipoo.
At one point in our lives we really enjoyed one anothers company.  So we choose to get married to spend our lives together and we've barely seen each other since.  Does that make ANY kind of sense?
On a lighter note- just 20 years or so until he retires.  I guess we'll chat then.
However, Sam is managing to squeeze expletives into his conversation- so apparently he is still getting the chance to chat with his dad.  Good?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our favorite vacation memory

I can hear my kids now, remember that one year?  It was the best vacation ever.    Yeah- it was great.  Loved it.  Can we go back?

Our trip to furnace world.

Over and over again the kids have just gone on and on about what a fabulous trip it was.  And Allyson just keeps saying 'remember that one year when you didn't poison us with carbon monoxide?  That was the best year ever'.

The crowds were minimal, that was probably the best part.  Heck- we barely had to wait at all to get the kids pictures with Furnace Man.  They just basically ran up to him!  After wiping the insulation and sweat off of their little faces, they just went on and on about how they couldn't believe it was really him.

We stayed in a fairly simple little resort- but it was sooooo much like home that it was completely worth anything that we paid for it.  The bedspreads already had small stains on them, dog hair all over everything and there was even laundry piled up in every nook and cranny- just like home.  They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome.  There was even a pool and a nature preserve.  The maid service was lacking though- and their room service was non-existent.  It is just impossible to get good service these days.  Needless to say we saved our tip money at least.

Yeah- it was a great place but I don't really hope to go back there anytime soon.  Maybe next year we can go to Septic World?  Well Pump Village? Eh- we'll have to wait and see.  I want to take a look at their brochures so we don't get sucked into sub-par accomodations again next time.  At least we got to keep the gigantic box that the A/C unit came in.

On a brighter note- when Furnace Man went to the bank to cash our check for aforementioned accomodations- we got a phone call, it went like this:

bank- Hello, Mr. Goble.
dan- uh, yeah?
bank- You've been banking with us for years and years and years.  We appreciate your business.
dan- uh, yeah?
bank- Well, see.  There is a pattern to your typical cash flow on a monthly basis and we've become rather used to what to expect from you.
dan- okay?
bank- There is a man here with a check that he says is from you for an UNGAWDLY amount of money and we just want to make sure this is legitimate.  I mean, typically we expect to see 146 checks to Target and 13 to the school per week, and apparently a child has moved to Intermediate school as there is an additional 17 checks to them but this check, well, obviously there has been a mistake...........
dan- Mam.  You can stop.  Yes I wrote the check.
bank- Oh- oh yes.  Of course.  Of course you did.  I see.  Okay. *giggles and laughs at the poor saps who had to fork over that.much.cash for something like a furnace* Well, thank you Mr. Goble.  That basically leaves your account at NOTHING so let your wife know to steer clear of the big bullseye for a while- okiedokie?????
dan- uh, yeah.

At least it's good to know that someones got our back.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Moldy Deck Foam

I might be raising one of the laziest children on the planet.


Saturday- I armed each person in our family with a bucket of cleaning water and a scrub brush and onto the deck we went.  Determined to get the dang thing sealed this year, I realized it was going to take a bunch of man hours scrubbing off algae to make that possible.  Fortunately- I am part of a team of five- instant man hours.

One child in particular could not fathom why we would be doing this.  And they were none too quiet about it.  They wanted to know why, how much longer, what will happen if we don't, who else does this, what is the point.  They were whining, screaming, and throwing a bit of a fit.  And then they began crying.  No joking- crying.  Shoulders heaving, tears rolling, sobbing.

Mind you- each and every other member of our family had green algae foam up to their elbows and all over their legs from crawling around our slippery deck while scrubbing.  My fingers were cramping and my knuckles were raw from rubbing on the brush.  It smelled like a really stagnant pond full of dead fish in our back yard.  We were not even a quarter of the way done.  And they were crying.  Like cinderella.

I couldn't believe it.

I explained to them that part of being good stewards is taking care of what the Lord has blessed us with.  We had to clean and seal this deck, or it would rot and fall apart.  Then- next year when it came time to budget our money we would have to replace the deck instead of take a vacation.  No vacation next year- that is why we are working so hard.  To make the deck last so that we don't have to pay to replace it.

There- they should understand now.  Back to scrubbing.

Only they, through their tears, said that was fine.  They would rather not take a vacation next year and just pay to replace the deck instead.

I'm not going to say which one of my children I am rearing to rely on public assistance and food stamps for the rest of their lives- that would be too embarrassing for them.  But I will give you a hint..........

She'll be looking for somewhere to stay next year while we take a vacation.  But don't expect her to pitch in and help out or anything.........at least not without complaining and producing tears.

And no- the deck still isn't cleaned.  It's been like 8 hours total of cleaning and we are 3/4 of the way finished.  Dan has now resorted to just power spraying it- none of us have the elbow grease for that kind of scrubbing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A day for everything

Yesterday was national cupcake day.

I take these national holidays very seriously.  Afterall, if I chose to ignor such an important holiday, what would happen to our local cupcake farmers?  Who would support Betty and Duncan and Wilton?  What would become of homemade buttercream frosting?  What about the beautiful colored bits of sugar?  See- it's important.

Emily thinks so too.

Today is Mr. Snuffleupagus' birthday.  Back to the kitchen to bake more cakes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dairy products and socialization

Being a mainly stay at home mom, I tend to stumble out of the house sometimes while still in my pajamas, no make up and hair in a pony tail.  It is always on those times that I run into people I know.  People who are not still in their pajamas.  Disclaimer:  I say pajamas loosely as I typically sleep in yoga pants and tank tops or t-shirts.  Yes, that Dan is sure a lucky man.  Moving on.

I will always be taken back with moms who are at the grocery, post office or preschool pick up line with their make up done, jewelry on and coordinating trendy clothing.  Sometimes they even look like they ironed their outfit.  Impressive.  Well, impressive to me who is glad for the opportunity to shave her legs more than once a week.

So last night was Emily's Ice Cream Social at the elementary school.  I was determined to at least make a good first impression on these parents that Emily will journey through school with and her new teacher.  I couldn't prepare myself too early in the day- otherwise the humidity would turn my hair back into a huge crows nest, my mascara would melt into huge racoon circles and my clothes would have food dripped on them.  No- I must wait until later in the day.

So after I started dinner cooking, I made my move.  I jumped the shower and picked out something other than my pajamas to wear.  I started the flat iron heating and I even put on some make up.  I can't make myself skinny by 6:30, but I can make it look like I might have something in our lives together.

I ran out into the kitchen to finish up dinner.  Knowing that once I got it finished I could pop back to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and iron it.  I was even thinking of matching earrings and necklaces- but I wasn't sure if that was too over the top.  Then Dan came in speaking of styrofoam packing peanuts, the neighbors house and Sam all in one sentence.

I grabbed my broom and went out the front door. I knew which house to go to as there was only one with white drifting snow up their entire driveway.  Sweet mother of pearl- what on earth could they have had shipped to them with THAT many packing peanuts?

Apparently the neighbor girl was hiding in said box and Sam and she were playing.  And then Sam accidentally dropped his 'penny', which is a large beanie baby coin, into the box.  The box that was full of packing peanuts.  So neighbor girl, being the helpful sort of 4 year old that she is, dumped out the box (of course) to find Sam's 'penny'.

And there looked to be running and laughing and blowing and wind and a level 4 hurricane- and voila!  Packing peanut snow frenzy 2010.

For the next 30 minutes I huffed it around the drive way (wet hair wrapped up in a towel none the less) with a dustpan, shoe box and my broom while me, the nanny, two four year olds and a 2 year old tried to capture all those dag gone bits of static clinging blowing around crap.  We wrestled most of them back into the box and Sam and I said our goodbyes and came back home.

Interestingly enough, it was 6:00.  A mere 15 minutes before we had to depart for school.  I plated kids meals, woofed down a quesadilla and headed to my room to finish getting ready.  I had just enough time to wipe the mascara from under my eyes, blowdry my mop and wrap it into a mess on the back of my head.

And that, my friends, is why I never stand a chance of ever looking like I have any part of my life together.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bakers Dozen of Mix Mash Brain Smash

1. My garden is producing.  These were the first two fruits of my labor.  And for the first time in history- we ate them.  I've never liked tomatoes before this year, and now I do.  All total I think I've had 5-6 tomatoes.  And a small handful of cherry tomatoes.  But they are all mine.  I made a salad with one, sliced up one for burgers and one night last week I made a pizza with fresh sliced roma tomatoes and it was delicious.
I even ran out to the garden one night in need of a tomato for something- there was one ripe and on the vine.  I brought it in, washed it and sliced it up.  It was still warm from the sun.  I felt so organic.  I broke into song.

Speaking of song- I know all the words to every song in the Music Man.  Just a little extra info for ya.
2. We have a pond now.  And it might resemble a hospital throw up pan filled with water and rocks on my front porch.  As of yesterday morning it had 5 very happy tadpoles living in it.  We learned that tadpoles don't like to be handled too much or petted very often- and now there is just one.  Surprisingly enough, they survived having milk poured in their water (courtesy of Sam)- but something happened between Emily and them yesterday morning and now they are either hiding or in heaven.

3. I couldn't find Allyson's lunch box this week because it was in the laptop compartment of her backpack.  The laptop compartment.  Of her backpack.  Huh?

4.  I'm having one of these signs installed on our street.  And in my kitchen.

5.  Sam's new hairdo is fuzzy.  It feels like the softest pure velvet.  I can't rub it enough.  No one can really keep their hands off of his little head.

6.  Sam won't give me a kiss anymore- most of the time.  And he no longer calls himself 'in love' with me.  He saves that term for Allyson.  My heart aches.  And so do my lips.

7.  When I grow up and get my farm, I want a barn like this.

8.  The kids 'worked' really hard and redecorated the playset.  It took them an entire afternoon.  It was actually a huge blessing to see them happily playing together.  They named it the kids korner and my broom now lives there.  On another note- wow that playset is really leaning.  Like the tower of Pisa.

I'm including this picture too because I couldn't decide.  You're welcome.

9. I promised Ally I would have a particular shirt washed and ready for wearing this morning for her.  And then I put it in the washer and fell asleep.  It is now dry- but her bus left 15 minutes ago.  She wasn't too upset- but I know I let her down.

10. I bought pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the girls lunches because we have to get up at 6am now and my body won't function that early to actually make a pb&j 'from scratch'.  It was a gift to myself.  Why won't they eat the dag gone school lunch?

11.  I am not even joking when I say we have the biggest spiders in the universe at the air show office.  See that really heavy white zig zaggy line from the middle down?  Each and every one of them does that to their web.  What do you suppose that is for?
They have HUGE bodies that have black and yellow stripes.
We counted 16 of them in the small area next to the air show door in the flower bed.  Yuck. 

12.  Tomorrow they will begin installing our new furnace and air conditioner.  Read with me here people- they will take out the air conditioner to my home and it will be hot in here.  Sam and I will be sitting in the drive way under his 'car wash'.  And we're having ice cream for dinner.  I am assured that they will install our new AC first thing and have it working by night.  But we all know how that goes.

13. I must drink coffee in the mornings.  It is the first thing I do- besides pee.  As soon as I'm up, I run to the coffee pot (figuratively speaking) and start it brewing.  I ran out of coffee this weekend, and it wasn't pretty.