Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's all a blurrrrrrrrr.............

The past seven pictures (really bad pictures- most from my're welcome)

 First I sent my girls off to Church Camp with just their dad and baby brother while I proceeded to work 16 hour days and cry because my girls were too far away from their momma.

 Mind you- it is by far one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth.  But still- over two.hours.away.

 And while they were there, I spent any spare moment I had worrying and praying that they were having a wonderful week full of great life long memories.
 Which they did.
 Both of them.  They both had a wonderful week and I am so very thankful.
 This was Allysons 5th year going to this camp............amazing how quickly time moves.
 This is my work.  My office.  My job.  Simply amazing.
 Emily brought home lots of beautiful treasures.
 They all grew facial hair.

 The air show happened.
 Every tent.  Every credential.  Every parking tag.  Every picture in the program. Every ticket.  Every persons shoe laces.  I touched them all.
 And by being so involved in the details, sometimes I loose sight of how very cool this event is.  Which it is.  Mind you- I don't DO it all, there is a committee of THE most amazing people who make this show possible.  I just do the grunt work : )
 Smokey bear's waistline.  60 inches- in case you can't read it.

 How cool are they?  If only that silly Thunderbird lady wouldn't have jumped in and ruined my picture.
 Sam and the famous 'Mr. Denny'.  Sam gets to ride shotgun in bobcats, tractors and mules while thinking he is a big shot thanks to this man.

And then we all collapsed from exhaustion.  Except the kids.  They are still pulling on my arms and legs asking for 300 friends to come over, if they can have a lemonade stand and wanting to know if I will take them to various fun yet exhausting places.  And what's for dinner. 

I'm still unconscious for the most part.  And grouchy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Camp

Five very short, yet very long, years ago- we dropped Ally off for her very first week of church camp.

And today?  Emily.

Dan and our children just left our driveway to take Ally and Emily for a whole entire week at the same church camp Allyson has been attending since she was 8 years old.  I suppose I have gotten just a smidge used to it- although our home just doesn't seem 'right' without her here.

But now Emily too?  That sweet little girl has been dreaming of this moment since last summer when we realized she would be eligible to go this year.  Her bag has been neatly packed with all of her clothes, pajamas, three swimsuits, bugspray labeled with her name in sharpie, a brand new bible and one stuffed animal neatly tucked in the side zipper of her bag- just in case she needs him.

Would you think I was stupid if I told you I cried as I checked her suitcase?

I already miss them. 

Dan had to take them without me this morning- with the air show being this weekend I just couldn't not be at work today.  But my heart?  It's on it's way to camp with my family.

Gonna be a long week.  Can't wait to see them this weekend.  I stuffed the camera into Dan's hands as they left, I'm hoping for some pictures for tomorrow.

I'm going to go get my shower and get on with my day.  And cry.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Refuge

Your room is your refuge.

Your quiet spot, your happy place, your hole in the earth where you can breath in peace and breath out stress.
Or it's your storage facility.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Safe and Secure

Am I the only one who dang near breaks out into a SWEAT when trying to create an online account these days?  When in the holy heck did we become so secure?

Please enter a user name.

crazy_days_I'm_a_nut  @

Sorry- you can not use any special characters.


Sorry- that user name is taken.


Sorry- that user name is not strong enough.  You must use at least 1 numeral.


Sorry- at least 1 letter must be capitalized


Sorry- that user name is taken



Now- please enter a password


Sorry- that is not strong enough


Sorry- you must use numbers and letters



Now- for your safety- please answer these 47 security questions

What was your first car?

Oh heck- do I put Honda CRX, or just CRX?  Or do I put crx, or Crx.  And once I do this, how will I EVER remember if I put Honda CRX or just CRX, or crx, or Crx.

Who was your best friend growing up?

Yeah right- like I'm going to confirm this forever on the internets.  Then if I put Amanda, Patty will be hurt, or if I put Patty, then Carrie will wonder why not her.  And what if I do put Carrie, then I forget and think it's Amanda?

Childhood Pet?

We had several.  How could I ever remember which one to put as the ONE?  Then when I inadvertantly enter the wrong one on whatever security test they have planned- they will block me out after entering three wrong names.  Oh the pressure.........

Highschool where you graduated?

Again- do I put Warren?  Warren Central?  Warren Central HS?  Warren Central High School?  Then if I put Warren Central High School- will I EVER remember that and not just put Warren?

44 questions later- a whole lot of sweat and stress- three notebooks filled where I try to remember the answers to my own dang security questions.......

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now logged in to Chucke Cheese. com!  You may now access your 3 free token coupon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who doesn't love a parade?

 Last weekend, or maybe the weekend before (who really knows, time is just zipping this way and that right now) was the annual Ball Day parade for our soft ball organization.  It is one of my favorite days of the year!  Despite allyson's damaged hand and her inability to play much ball lately, she still loves her team and we loved seeing them in the parade!
And Rosie?  She is enjoying my irresponsible children's habit of leaving their bags of candy laying anywhere and everywhere.  Her favorites are the dum dum suckers.  Her least favorites are the bubble gum.  (I know that it is blurry- but that is a sucker she is holding and unwrapping- and yes I just sat there and took pictures.)

My least favorite?  Cleaning up the mess she leaves behind.  Dogs aren't good about throwing away their wrappers and sticks............neither are children.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tender Mercies

She liked it.

She had fun.

She made friends.

And then.............she refered to it as 'her' church.

She introduced me to girls.

She hugged and jumped and acted goofy.

And she told me what a really good time she had.

I still can't wipe the smile off my face.  THIS is the big exciting thing God was holding back for me.  And it has warmed my entire soul.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Resistant to Change

I'm a creature who doesn't like change.

I mean

And Allyson, my oldest?  She doesn't either.

So when we up and switched churches this past year?  She has protested.  LOUDLY.  Although she agrees that the new church is nice, she wants to go back to what she knows.  To what she is used to.

Truth be told, I do too.  But I know that we are where God wants us to be.  He keeps confirming that.  For whatever reason, he needed us to move around and shake things up.  Perhaps it was just to make us uncomfortable enough to search for Him again.  To awaken the holy spirit in us.  And it has.  And it is continuing to do so. 

It's been the most powerful experience of my life.

But every week, Allyson continues to voice her feelings about not wanting to be at this 'new' church.

So we did what every responsible parent would do.  We signed her up for a week long church camp with the new kids she doesn't think will ever be her friends.  Packed up her suitcase, kissed her on the forehead and put her on that bus. Yep- we sure did.

And now I just pray pray pray pray pray that God allows her heart to receive the joy that I KNOW is at that camp.  The JOY that I know is in Him, if she will just receive it.  And that she'll make a few more friends and eventually begin to feel like this church could be her home.

We arrived at the church bright and early yesterday morning.  Several girls greeted her and they chatted and messed around while we waited.  We gathered in a large circle and lifted these young people to the Lord with prayers for safety and guidance.  And when we finished she ran off with her friends to find a van to ride in.  Before climbing in, she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me.  And I knew that it was okay. That she was going to be okay.

I will be anxious for Friday to pick her up and HOPEFULLY hear about what a fun week it was.  But more than fun, I want her to allow the seeds to be planted for a faithful life for her.  And I'm hoping this week provides that opportunity.