Thursday, September 18, 2008

What the heck?

I don't even get to be the princess in my own house.
I mean, what the heck, Lew isn't even a girl dog.
Just one of them things, I suppose. I would write a letter of complaint, but Emily can't read and Allyson is still struggling to read cursive (my handwriting is atrocious, even if she could read cursive she wouldn't be able to read it). So I'll just complain here. I'm not the princess, wahhh!
Just got a call from the school, the power is out so we are on a two hour delay. That means pajama time is extended until 10am, yeah!
Too bad we all woke up at 7:20. Oh well.
Today's extraordinary events: a pap smear. I don't need to go into detail, I'm sure you just crossed your legs and felt sorry for me. Why is there not a home pap smear test? You can test for lead, marijuana, and pregnancy for crying out loud right in the privacy of your own home. Could they not package something that I could just mail in instead of having to expose all that is private to the entire world? Whatever, I suppose it is a reason to shave. I probably need to shave, so that will work out well.
Have I mentioned that life right now seems a bit overwhelming? Well it does. This week, my idea of private time is my pap smear. Pathetic.
I will close with the thought that my son is bionic. He has survived a trip down our stairs (the nasty wooden ones), a fall from his bike, a trip down the ladder at the play ground and multiple other 'ouies' in the past 48 hours and he is still going strong. Thank you God, for making this child part rubber.


Ronda said...

That silly dog is sooooo patient!

Rebecca said...

FINALLY !!! Iget to catch up on all things Mynde and it's friggin PAP SMEAR day.. It's just the way things have been going for me lately. I do feel your pain honey.