Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike lives in Michigan

I've visited South Haven ever since I was a kid- and I have never ran into Ike there. But this year, he was there. More tired than he was when he visited Texas, but no less wet. However, we did not let him rain on our parade. Not even when I made everyone get out of the van into the cold cold rain for a picture with my dad's bench. I just had to have a picture with dad's bench- after all, we were in South Haven! But the big weiners wouldn't sit down on it : )

And this, this is my first true love. Ice Cream from Captain Nemos. I want to marry it.
And apparently my children are in love too- true blue. Lots of food coloring blue. Tons of stain your clothes, teeth and skin blue. But soooooo good.

No beach for us- way too rainy and windy (thanks Ike). But we still got to visit lots of shops, enjoy our beautiful hotel room (with cable, yeah!) and play in the pool of course!

Sam learned how to jump in, and yeah for me, he prefers to do it without his floatie ring. So I spent the balance of my time following him around the pool waiting for him to jump in. No warning, he would just jump. Scary child, no fear. Yikes. He didn't even mind when mom missed him and let him sink to the bottom of the pool.

It was a fun weekend, even if we didn't get to visit the beach (bummer!). I will look forward to going back in the Spring when it starts to warm up again. It was a blessing that mom came with us, we so enjoyed having her. I'm sure her visit with three small children in tow was a bit different from she and Dad's long weekends there previously, but she didn't run screaming from the car- so I think that's a good sign. We'll see if she ever want to accompany us there again, that will be a sure tell tale sign.

South Haven is my happy place. Even if Ike was there too. And even if the greedy corporate mongrals are moving in (there's a Quiznos there now, yuck!) Don't get me wrong, I like Quiznos- in the mall. Not in my happy place. Don't worry- I'm writing them a letter.

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Ronda said...

That picture of Sam kissing grandma is too cute!

Glad you guys still had fun, despite the weather.