Monday, September 22, 2008


I feel like I should post something- but I have nothing really to post. I am too lazy to walk all.the.way. into the kitchen to get my camera for new pictures, and my brain is on auto pilot so I have no story to share. Nothing earth shattering to report. But I did rent myself a movie and in 36 minutes I am putting it in, jumping in my chair with a GIANT glass of sweet tea from mcdonalds and spending some quality time with the TV. (Baby Mama, in case you were wondering what the movie was).

I noticed on a plastic toy frying pan this evening that sam was playing with that it was stamped on the bottom. It said "Do not heat". Huh. Makes you wonder, doesn't it.


Ronda said...

We just watched Baby Mama last night. I'll be interested to hear how you liked it. I, for one, had a hard time not trying to imagine Tina Fey/Sarah Palin be the VP while she was trying to run a Jamba Juice store!

Hope you enjoyed your evening.

Rebecca said...

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Ya gotta have something if ya wannna be with me.... Remeber that song?