Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here it is folks. Don't act surprised. You all know that in my mind I am a super organized, catagoried, labeled, sorted by type person. In my mind. In my fridge, well that's another story. The point here is not the messiness. That is not the point, so move on. The point is the super overflowing, packed to capacitiness of my fridge. Emily and I spent 2 (count them 2) hours at the grocery Sunday- and $150- and we have food. And lots of milk. And all those bottles behind the milk- that is wine. Don't judge, just listen.

Somewhere in that mess of a fridge is a substance that has gotten spilled that is so sticky a small child would not be able to break free if trapped in it. A science experiement gone bad? A dribble left unwiped by one lazy, uh I mean too tired momma? Part of a continued investigation by the CSI? There, none the less, and we are not going to discuss it any futher. I mean it, forget you know about it and quit trying to find it in the photo. Moving on.

Just because, I am throwing in this picture of all our yogurt. Tube yogurt for Sam, drinkable Kid Rock yogurt for Emi, Keylime pie for Ally, Yo-plus for me (because the ads say I will feel better if I try it for 10 days- and I need all the help I can get- I'm not sure how better or what better they are referring to- but I am banking on more energy, clear skin, weight loss, more patience, sparkly eyes, you know- basically a complete body make over.)

The point, the point you ask? The point is that we have food. Lots of food. Green food, canned food, cheese food, yogurt food, dairy food, meat food, food food food.

Here it is folks- brace yourself mom (you had to have seen this coming, right mom?) My mom, to whom I am so very grateful for her willingness to come and help me with this crazy little world the Lord has blessed me with, came down to watch the kids last night (I had a committee meeting).

She inquired as to what the kids had for dinner. I could have lied, I could have. I could have said I was spinning lettuce to make a nice big salad with fresh ranch dressing, I could have said that they ate pot roast, I could have pulled some fancy named recipe out of no where and said that is what I was preparing. But instead, I replied 'bacon'. It's the truth. I can not help it. I was making them bacon. See technically, I was planning BLT sandwiches. Nice crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, soft white bread and bacon. But my kids don't eat the LT part of that- so that just leaves bacon. And in the craziness of my day- I had gotten no farther into my dinner planning.

Mom always has a way of making me feel a bit 'inadequate' when it comes to cooking or stocking my kitchen. Perhaps it is what her mother did to her. I'm getting used to it. Sometimes I even find it as a challenge to try and stock the things she wants me to have. Granted, most of this are things we don't use, but we now own them (powdered milk anyone?) Never fails, she will try and prepare something for the kids and out of no where she will say "Don't you have any 'strange item that no one will really eat anyway'?"

Now you've seen my fridge- there are lots of other things that could be made- but she will get hung up on having to make tuna salad- or whatever, and that is that. In fact, the other night she said my kids don't eat because they are tired of what I fix. Well Holy Macral then- perhaps we should hire their own personal chefs. I wouldn't want them to experience culinary boredom! (smile mom- it's all in good fun).

She will point out all of the processed stuff, the chemicals, lack of this and that. Now I really do try and make most things as naturally as possible. I try new recipes, I put kids to bed hungry, I prepare fruits and sometimes vegetables with every single meal. I am really trying. I am I am I am. Did you see my fridge- it has tomatoes in it for crying out loud. As well as a peach and a plum- I am trying!!!!!!!!!

So, in fear for my children and their sad mothers cooking- she seems to come prepared to offer nutritional supplement. Almost always bringing something for them to eat, since there is obviously nothing appropriate here. Last night, she brought them this.............

Thank God for mom- otherwise my children would have been short on their daily supply of high fructose corn syrup and chocolate : )

Sam was grateful for his truck 'snacks'- and the cookies will be put to good use as well. In fact, I think we will have them for lunch!

Meal are difficult now that Dan is not here for dinner. That is how we arrived at bacon for dinner last night. If Dan were here, I would have never made bacon for dinner. So I need to suck it up and prepare 'nice' balanced meals for my kids- even though they won't eat them and they will whine, whine, whine the entire meal. I can do 'whine whine whine'. I can. At least I think I can.

No one in the world could take the place of my mom, and I love her, even if my cooking is not good enough : ) It is a reassurance to know that she will bring my children something to eat, something healthy and nutritious. And when they are at her house- they will get their supply of gummy bears and sour cherry balls. They'd wither away to nothing without their Grandma, obviously!


Ronda said...

You'll have to take me grocery shopping sometime. Our fridge is perpetually empty. It's a pretty sad state of affairs.

Sharon said...

Ohh, Mynde -- when I quit laughing and the tears quit running so that I can see, I will finish my comment. Oh, I'll go ahead and try now -- you see, the intent of the cookies and snackie poohs was to use them like a 'carrot' to entice them to eat supper. Which, Emily & Ali ended up doing -- couldn't even get a grape down Sam, However.....he is as strong-willed as I am (or maybe think I am). I think he did flim-flam me later, with his sad little face which made me........FORCED ME...to give him 2 cookies and one package of the fruit chews. I will talk to you later.....I needed this laugh today:)

Love you......Mom