Monday, August 4, 2008

Why me?

I tell you what, this year has been a crazy one as far as lockable doors go. (this has nothing to do with the above picture by the way!)

Last year, on Emily's first day of preschool, I successfully locked Sam inside of our van on a blazing hot day. Without spilling all of the really really stupid details, it ended with the fire department smashing out a window and Rhonda vacuming up glass. What a day.

Then, just before Christmas, I found myself locked inside of an airplane hangar (while trying to locate the air show's christmas tree) with my children outside in my vehicle! I was able to stick my hand underneath the rubber seal and I was screaming at Emily to find mommies cell phone in her purse. Although the kid has talked on the thing 3000 times, she just couldn't understand what I was talking about. And even if she had found it, who in the heck was I going to call anyway????? From inside that stupid metal door, I could hear her say "here bub, you can look at mom's wallet". But that's a story for a whole other day. Obviously I managed to get out, I'm here aren't I?

On to this summer, when in an effort to make my rear end smaller by visiting the gym relentlessly, I realized (while riding a stationary bike) that I had locked my keys in the van. So there we were, 3 kids in the play room and 1 sweaty gross mom with no way home. That day ended with my friend Rebecca having to come get us and take us home. Not until we landed in the drive way did I realize "Duh, your keys (and garage door opener) are not here!". That day we were lucky enough that the back door was unlocked.

So what in the heck does this have to do with anything you are wondering? Last night, I took the kids outside for a picnic. We spread a blankie and ate english muffin pizzas while reading a bible story book together. Then it was inside for a bath- I gathered the plates, cups, blankie, book and napkins and by the time I got to the deck Sam was already on his way back outside. He pulled the door shut and joyfully announced "I locked the door". Yup, he surely did. He locked us out of our own home. Luckily it was a nice evening, not raining, and we had just been fed. I used the neighbors phone to call Dan (who was at Dad's Group with church friends-wonderful!) to let him know that we were fine, we'd stay out and play for a while, but please come home before the mosquitos come out at dusk!

What a looser, man! I managed to live for 32 years on this earth and hardly ever locked myself out of anything. This year- not so lucky! What is up with that? Am I just that horribly discoordinated- wait, don't answer that. I just don't need the obvious pointed out, not today.
And Miss Rebecca- no the pin pad on the garage door is still not working. Dan fixed it after the gym incident, but it has since kicked the bucket again.
Off to the key store- I obviously need to have duplicates made of everything and just scatter them around the yard!


Rebecca said...

No dear don't scatter then around the yard . You need A LOT of hide-a-keys. That's what will be on your christmas list.

Ronda said...

Man, oh, man! You've got to get that keypad thing working. My funny little family went to Lowe's this weekend while I was cutting grass. I finished up, and every door was locked. Luckily, our keypad works, and the people who lived here before have never tried to come back in (I don't know how to change it, and we use it religiously).