Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Be on the look out........

This just in. Small boy child disguises himself as a blanketed blob.
He sat like this for like 10 minutes. Quiet and still. Just sitting there. I took a picture- how cute.
When he came out- he was naked and had pee'ed on the chair. Not cute! I kid you not- he did not make a peep or appear to be moving at all, but quite apparently he was.
Later in the day I find him under a comforter in the middle of the hallway- just like this. When he came out he had 326 toys underthere with him (all arranged in a rows, of course) and had snapped appart a puzzle of his sisters.
Oh- I'm on to you bubba. I will not be taken again. This is your new hiding spot, your way to disguise the evil of your works, but I know now, and I'm watching you. Like a hawk. Like a really tired, worn down hawk. With the reflexes of a rhinocerous and the stealth of a hippopotomus- I am watching you.


Ronda said...

You know if he can't see you...you can't see him. Sneaky little guy. Too bad he's cute, too.

Sharon said...

If I find him this way on one of my babysitting days, I will just leave him there til you come home in response to my phone call -- he's getting 'too scary' for meLOL.

He moves fast!!!....like greased LIGHTNING...it's almost as if he was never there but you know he was by the havoc he wreaks!!

Emily sat me down on the patio last night and explained it like this ------- that I was not to tell Sam he was a 'bad boy' for her family doesn't use those words(this after he had taken right out from under my nose the container of hummingbird food I had cooked up earlier this week and carefully saved in the fridge til needed/which was now for the feeder was empty/and poured it on the ground). Sorry, Mynde, I must've used 'the forbidden words' even tho I can't seem to remember it:). At any rate, she went on to let me know that Sam simply listens to the Devil and that he does this at 10 o'clock and at 1 o'clock.....then she sighed and 'tsked'. I guess it takes a sis to figure him out----she seems to know a whole lot more than you or I do about him and his 'evil ways' as she calls it. I LOVE that little girl when she 'goes deep'.

At any rate, boiled up more hummingbird food while I made them strawberry milkshakes which kept them in one spot til I could safely put the hot stuff to cool. And, it was worth it, watching Sam's smiling face thru the window and listening to his advice and happy chatter as I cleaned and filled the feeder later on. (tho, there are times when I wonder if he was misnamed -- Damien pops to mind occasionally/just kidding!!)


Rebecca said...

Ok now would be a perfect time to introduce him to the term "blanket party"
Glad to hear your suriving the undercover brother phase.