Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not what it seemed

Yesterday turned out to be not what it seemed. I started off like super woman and ended like psycho mom. By 9am I was already tired and ready for a nap and my day had barely just begun. Tears (mine) were abundant and the day was just hard. I wish this schedule change for Dan were just for a week- instead of months. And I wish he hadn't convinced me he would take care of the kids and I could do airshow in the mornings- because as it turns out he has to work until 3:30ish and doesn't wake up until 11am, and I told Mom she was off the hook. Tricked again. Which gives me a late start on my day and not enough hours to get it done. Then he brings them (emi and sam) to me at the office for the last 1 1/2 hours of my day- which also doesn't work so good : ) Then we have to run (literally- run) home to beat Allyson's bus to the house. And the thought of taking all 3 back to the office is more than I am prepared to embrace, this week, with the 215 people running in and out trying to set up the show. I'M OVERWHELMED! And that is an understatement. Just a week to go- surely I can do this. I'm just now sure how. Dan's mom is coming the last part of the week to help with the kids- I am so grateful for the help that both she and my mom provide.

Last night, however, we (me, emily, sam, allyson & her friend elizabeth) did manage to get Sam's room painted. Still not sure about the color of blue- but now it is all over the walls which is a step in the right direction. Oh- and for the record- I skipped the taping process and I must say it still worked well! Perhaps taping is not all it is cracked up to be????? I got the inspiration from watching the professionals on Extreme Home Makeover paint without taping and they made it look so easy. And since I too am a professional painter (wink) I decided to give it a try. Not bad. However, the 'no dropclothes' idea was probably not the right decision. Moving on.

And just because I am feeling especially whiny- Kroger rearranged the entire store. Not just a couple items, not just and isle or two- the entire store! As the lady was handing me an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper with 7pt. type all over it "which would help me to find what I was looking for" I was tempted to pull out a gun and hold them all hostage until they put it all back where it belongs! But being as I only had an epi pen in my purse (must have lost my gun last time I threw a fit), I just decided to go with it and try to find the 7 items on my list. It was like a really bad scavenger hunt- but the good news is they apparently didn't have the funds to move the freezers or fridges- so that stuff is still where it goes. Just in case you need to know- peanut butter is now where popcorn was, salad dressing is now where strange chinese food was, sodas where vegetables were, chips where coffee was, and I couldn't find the cereal isle. Needless to say, they moved the alcohol too so there was not even an option to numb the entire experience. Just a note to all of the executives everywhere "LEAVE IT ALONE! I HAVE LOTS OF CHILDREN, A HUGE LIST, AND 32 SECONDS TO FILL MY CART AND THE STORE WORKED THE WAY IT WAS- LEAVE IT ALONE. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD- LEAVE IT ALONE."

I feel better now. Here's hoping today proves to be less weepy than yesterday.

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Rebecca said...

Please Mynde write a letter to the big wigs and tell them. NO ONE including my grocery working self wants them to re do the store every 5-7 years but they get kick backs from manufactuers who pay to have ther stuff where they think you might like it(or buy it)!