Wednesday, August 13, 2008

These Boots were made for Walkin.............

I'm not sure why- or how- but this past weekend was all about the shoes for me. Perhaps that is because my house is a total wreck and the air show is consuming my family- so instead of embrace or fix either of those things, I chose to hyper-focus on the shoe situation in our home. Kind of like now, instead of embracing our day and doing something useful- I will provide a bunch of worthless information about our shoes and their situation.

I will begin with these little beauties. These are Emily's. It is my personal belief that all small girl children should own at least one pair of ruby red slippers in their lifetime. Allyson did, at least 2 pairs if I remember correctly, and these are Emily's 3rd pair. When worn properly, they will deposit small amounts of red glitter all over, well, everything. That glitter will make you smile each time you are vacuming it up- at least it did me. These, my friends, are some well loved shoes. And if she could still cram her chubby little piggies in them- they would continue to be strapped to her feet, I'm sure.

However, these are what she is currently strapping to her feet. In the whole 'clean out the shoes' thing on Saturday I stumbled upon these. I picked them up last Spring at Target in hopes that they might fit her in the Fall. Looks like there is still a bit a room to grow to properly fit them, which is good news for the Christmas program at church. But my guess is they will be worn out by the time they actually fit. She loves them, and I can't say I blame her. What girl doesn't love a pair of strappy black high heels?

These are mine. Rebecca turned me on to the thrill of 'hot' shoes while on girls weekend this Spring. I had no idea that strapping on some sexxy supatos (not spelled right, I know) could make me feel so much less frumpy! Although I didn't look any different- I felt just a smidge of sexy pulsating from my toes. So while at Target (apparently the place we buy our shoes) this weekend I found these bad boys on a 75% off rack! MINE MINE MINE I screamed as I hurdled the other women digging through the bargains. All Mine. And when I take the kids to Kroger in my sweatpants- it is my full anticipation to strap these on and do my best 'mom' walk down the cereal isle! After all- that is about the fanciest place that I go. Maybe I will head to the grocery in Carmel- now that would be a real night out : )

These are the shoes that adorned Ally's feet on her first day as a big bad third grader. She loves them- and I do too frankly. The bonus- there are no laces to tie (which proves to be difficult with that giant honkin cast on her left arm). And yes- the picture is sideways- because I failed to rotate it. Deal with it please, and move on.

And here would be Sam's new loves. Also from Target. Sam has been wearing Emilys lilac boots- which makes Dan insane. I personally don't mind, except the screaming that Emily then emits trying to get them off of his feet and back onto hers. That being said- I splurged on these for my little man. And he has worn them every day since. Except on Sunday when Dan took the kids to church- he wouldn't let Sam wear them. Sam cried, and cried and cried. But Dan did not break . I am more of a 'get some shoes on and lets go' kind of gal- I suppose I am already used to the stares and strange looks we get when grocery shopping in our pajamas, swim suits, dress up shoes, and so on. Dan is a rookie- so he demanded some normal shoes (like the rubber lightning mcqueen shoes?) Whatever, back to the run down on what adorns our feet.

Ahhhhhh. These are mine too. On Saturday, somehow I ended up at Target with my Shelley and we each only had one kid in tow. I don't know how it happened, but I am not questioning it. It was wonderful, and I loved it. We went there to look for something to organize the girls shoes. Instead, I came home with 5 new pairs! It was that whole aforementioned 75% off rack thing- too good to pass up. That is how I ended up with these. Every overweight mid thirties woman needs a pair of ballet slippers, it's a fact. And when I wear these, I am graceful- that too is a fact. And I can also balance on my toes while wearing them- yes it's true. And I love them. Not a word.

And since I spent all my money on shoes- I had to cabbage Shelleys shoe rack from her house. She actually offered it and said they weren't using it. And look- it is obviously well used in our home. This fine display does not include the bag of 'too little' selections that we weaned from the inventory. Girls have lots of shoes, apparently. Dressy shoes, flip flips, tennis shoes- you know, just lots of shoes. I am too a girl, and I have lots of shoes too. So I'm not complaining- I'm just saying.

So now- since my life is feeling like total chaos and I am overwhelmed and about to have a stroke- I will start another project. Sam's room. This week it is my plan to paint it and buy a bed for him. That will also involve patching the walls, sanding the circles I painted for Emily's nursery and reorganizing and rearranging. When I am under stress, I tend to create more stress by starting new projects. That is my gift, my talent, my method of procrastination. It is what it is. I'll keep you posted on the progress! Now- go strap on some sexy little shoes and get on with your day!


Sharon said...

Hi, my Baby Girl -- it's Mom:) I tried on a neat pair of heels recently, but fell off them and was brought to the realization that my days of wonderful strappy heels are in my well as any heels much over 1 - 1 1/2".

I well remember the days of 3-4" spikes worn with tight skirts and that feeling of 'sexiness' as I 'strutted my young 110 pound body' down the sidewalks in downtown Indianapolis and noticed admiring glances coming my way (and loved those whistles from construction workers).

And I sigh ........ Now, when going to select a pair of shoes to wear, there are necessary questions to be asked such far away will we have to park -- will there be much walking involved -- how many stairs are there to climb -- will I be there past the time when the ankle swelling begins etc. Also, strappy sandals are out as I always get a question from some child wanting to know what all those purple lines are on my feet!! Will I be wearing a skirt or slacks....And my final question is almost always 'if I wear these, will the length of time I can stand the pain be longer than the length of time I will be there?'

Then, I am drawn to my closet of foot beauties to which I have been reduced and can choose either my 1" heels, my slightly tight leather dressy 'wedgies' with small heels also, my loafers (favorite of 3 pair being the wonderful soft leather ones you threw away a few years ago and I cabbaged them for I loved them when I bought them for you in high school and still did/do--it pays to buy Quality) or my wonderful Nike tennies.

Yessir, nothing like living life in the fast lane with my good friend, Dr. Scholl!! I SO MISS my wonderful Capezios!

HOWEVER, I am still a rather adventurous spirit, and upon reading your blog about the 75% off sale at Target, remembered a $10 gift card for there still tucked away in my purse and you know, I think that I just MIGHT, if I can find a pair to fit me, try out a pair of those ballet slippers like you bought -- have always wanted to find out if I could stand on my toes and after all, one never knows til one tries!!

Will let you know how 'one' does:)


Rebecca said...

Mynde,I know Ronda is realy very nearly ready to lose her cool if you or I do one more "feet or shoe" post. I however am right along with you on this ride. I am and always have been a shoe junkie. They just seem to make the world a better place some day's. However now I am in the bcak to work crownd I'll be wearing soem of the ungliest shoes you have ever seen but boy they will be COMFORTABLE.
Please feel free to wear your high heels to the local Wal-mart ,trust me when I say "No one could feel out of place in that joint"