Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kiss this

He's back- and there was squealing! Allyson has been looking and looking and it has been so blasted hot and dry that I think all the toads went on vacation.But last night, after an all day rain fest, she was lucky enough to catch this little fella.

Shortly after, we were on our way out to a promised visit to- yes Rebecca and Ronda- Chucke Cheese, so we had tears and trouble in letting him go. But she did, and he happily hopped away. And now we can only hope that he will show himself again, which I'm sure he will.

Today holds cleaning. If I am right- today will be the last time I get to clean the house until the air show is over. I am already experiencing the need to be at the office anytime I am not, well, sleeping- and I must just say that it is stinky to spend every spare minute there and not here. Which is why we took the opportunity to take the kids to 'that place' and play last night. I am panicking actually- so much to do and only 16 days until show time. What the heck! I also need to get to the grocery and stock up on frozen pre-made dinners- as there will be no time for grocery shopping and cooking shortly. Now I just take a deep breath and wait for it all to be over!

Have a happy day!


Sharon said...

Boy, if he isn't one grumpy, hornery looking critter protesting in his loudest most froggy way in the first pic!! You 'captured his essence' -- he is thinking 'ohh, geez .. all I did was come out to smooth the wrinkles out of my skin and this kid grabs me -- I'll probably have to go down the slide again -- hope they don't put me in the pool again, I'm getting too old for that kind of exercise....etc etc etc!!

You need to save that pic for the it.


Ronda said...

I think that Allyson needs to hang out with my Chicken Littles for a week. She'll fix 'em.

Next week, when you're puking at the air show office, I'll remind you of the Chuck E Cheese experience, you crazy woman.