Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Beetle

Yesterday morning Sam, Emily and I went for a bike ride. While rounding the corner back to our home- a very busy beetle was crossing the street. So- much like we were watching a parade- we all stopped, parked our bikes and camped out, right there in the street, and watched him walk across the road.

It took a while, as he is just a small beetle. So we had lots of time to talk.

Emily was wondering where he was going. Then she decided he must be going to his mommy beetle. Or possibly going to visit at a friends house. No- he is leaving is friends house at Mrs. Mac's house and is going home to his mommy beetle. And there we sat, squatted down watching him walk across the street.

Sam joined us, and too squatted down so he could see him up close. Emily continued to discuss the life of a beetle. Then out of the blue SQUASH! Sam could take it no longer and stepped on him. Oh the devastation- Emily instantly was crushed and I too, as a matter of fact, was a bit disturbed that Sam would step on this poor little beetle. Gosh I hope this kid does not grow up to be a serial killer. It kind of sucked the breath out of me- why on earth would he have done that? Oh well- too late now, now for the aftermath.

We still sat there and watched him, this now dead beetle. Sam decided he would give the beetle the special rock that he stole from a neighbors driveway while on our ride. I will give him the credit that possibly he didn't know he would kill it by stepping on it. Giving the rock to him kind of redeemed him in my mind a bit. Then he found another one and put it there too. Before I knew it, there was a small shrine being erected around the beetle.

Then it happened- Emily saw his ear move. (wow, that kid has good eyes- beetles ears are very very small). "He's just sleeping mom". Devastation over- we continued on our bike ride. I almost took my camera back to take a picture of the beetle shrine- but didn't (I'm just lazy that way).


Ronda said...

You have a real boy on your hands. Remember this day the next time you ask Dan to take care of a spider. It's part of their genetic makeup.

Rebecca said...

Hummm I am thinking "at least he didn't smoosh it whilst wearing Emily's beautiful Lilac colored boots" THEN there would of really been some trouble. I'm glad you got a little time with the kids during your busy season though.