Thursday, August 28, 2008

TO THE BEACH BAT BOY.............

One of my most favorite places in the entire universe is South Haven, MI. Possibly it's just because I've been going there almost my entire life, Dan proposed to me on South Beach, My babies have all swam in it's slightly dirty water, whatever the reason I just love it there. And I don't know that the feeling is universal, as there have been others who have visited and not found it nearly as captivating as me. I am glad my husband is not one of them, he enjoys it there to. AND WERE GOING BACK ON SEPTEMBER 13!
Allyson gets this ginormous green thing off on Sept 5 and to celebrate we are going to the beach. This is a picture of she and her best friend- two left broken arms in the same week. How funny is that (not really ha ha funny- but 'what the heck' funny). And on a completely different note- check out that flash of Sam in the background. Doesn't he look blurry? Like a super hero sweeping through the yard or something? Scary- that kid is scary. Back to michigan.
We didn't get to go last year, and it broke my heart. Even if just for a weekend, I feel the uncontrollable desire to go there at least once a year. I just need for my children to remember it there and love it like I do. There is a place called Captain Nemos where they serve all kinds of colors of ice cream as well as normal type foods (fried mushrooms, grilled cheese, hot dogs, burgers, blah blah blah). I need them to remember that place.
The girls will LOVE the beach- and I just hope it is still a smidge warm so we can play in the water. Sam, however, will require anything boyant being strapped to his body. He is not afraid of much- and definately not water as I learned in the hotel pool last weekend. He just wanted me to let go of him, and he spent his time there trying to get in the pool without me holding him. I will have to watch him like a hawk. Which goes without saying, considering he is without a doubt the busiest, scariest, most into everything little man in the region.
Two years ago we planned the trip with a few folks from church. Rick and Julie ended up not being able to make it (whaaahhh!)- but Jeff and Ronda joined us. I'm glad they didn't hate it. I would have felt horrible 'wasting' their vacation. They said they didn't hate it, but who knows for sure. This was the view from our front porch, which had a swing. And that, over there, is the beach- which we visited EVERY DAY.

Here we are at the giant table in this great big beach house we rented. If you look closely you will see Maddie inside of Rondas belly! Oh- and look, Cooper is demonstrating now to eat toast without the use of utensils or your hands. Sorry Ronda- I couldn't help myself.

Two years doesn't seem like that long of a time- but jeez look at how the children have changed. This is all of us. And that bench has a plaque with my dads name on it. The year he died the city of South Haven offered sponsorships of benches- my dad loved south haven, and he loved sitting on all of its various benches waiting on my mom to quit gabbing, shopping, browsing and come back out of all the little stores so they could walk to the next bench and she could gab, shop or browse some more. I love the idea that there is this bench in that place. And we will find it and have another picture, similar to this one, taken.

My mom is going to join us. If I am not mistaken- this will be her first trip back since Dad died. Possibly her second. Either way, I'm glad she is going to go. The kids will need someone to bury in the sand.
Speaking of sand, I heard that if you dust yourself with baby powder or cornstarch that the sand will not stick to your skin.

I figure lets give it a try.

Emily, who wears swim suits pretty much non stop, is also ready for the beach. Either that or Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition.

So that just leaves this one little detail, this one little 50 lb detail. Any takers for an over night dog sitting adventure? All interested parties can submit their application via this blog site and the winner will be notified by a 50 lb. beagle arriving at your front door on Sept 13 : ) Just kidding.?!. Or am I?


Ronda said...

Holy mackeral! How did our kids get so big?!?!? I loved South Haven; I don't know why you kid yourself into thinking I didn't!

I'm glad your mom is going, too. You guys will have a blast. Visit that restaurant in the middle of town for us...the one with the cool onion rings on a stick. Love that!

Rebecca said...

Well I am so glad to hear you get to go on a vacation soon. What a fun time for you!I have never ben to South Haven... Theirs always next year I suppose.Have a blast !