Tuesday, August 12, 2008

See Ya Suckas!

First Day of School.................
Here she is- one big, bad third grader! Third grade- holy smokes! How could she possibly be in the third grade already? Every year is hard. I guess I didn't realize that. I thought that it was just Kindergarten that was hard. But then first grade was even harder because I wasn't just sharing her for a couple of hours a day- it was the whole day. Second grade I was already hip to the whole day routine- but just like this year, it is hard to give her back after getting used to having her home all summer.
Sam and Emily have gotten used to us all being together all summer too. They were both up with the chickens this morning to see her off. It was a bit cold this morning- so they wrapped up like burritos! (Emily is saying "#1", as in 1st day of school. I don't know- it was their dads idea)
There she goes. Another year older, another grade in school. She tried to act like she didn't want to go- but she had her clothes laid out a week ago and was up at 6:30 this morning. Truth be told, I think she was excited. And she had a great first day. Came home without any homework, but I apparently have 438 forms to fill out (yeah me!) Oh- and it turns out her teacher for this year is apparently not the huge meanie that her friends told her she was. Awesome!
Look at those eyes- Gosh it's hard to believe this child can create as much chaos as he does (he looks so sweet and innocent!)
And now- just some pictures of my goofy children. Someday I do expect a knock on the door from the fashion police- until then we will just remain in a constant state of crazy!

Emily has an entire wardrobe of swimsuits- and these shoes are her new favorites (she actually slept in them!)

I'm sure you can hardly seem him, with all the camo and all- but there he is! Loud and proud!

It occurred to me out on the front porch this morning that next year Emily will be leaving for school with Ally. Acccccckkkkkk! That will be a really hard day- to send them both off to school. In so many selfish ways I hope that this year goes really slowly- I can not even begin to embrace the thought of Emily beginning school. I wonder what the dress code says about swim suits and high heels?

Happy third grade to my baby Allyson- I just pray that the Lord will continue to bless her and allow this year to be a good one for her.


Ronda said...

I am loving Ally's third grade fashion choice. Green cast and all.

The picture of Emily might just end her presidental candidacy.

I didn't see Sam...too much camo. He's lost in Greenfied!

Rebecca said...

Well well well, Back to school time. I am glad to see Ally had a good 1st day. She probably had lot's of attention with that huge honking green cast on her arm too.

I am thinking it will be awesome for you to be able to have ole Sam all by hiself next year. He will have you climbing stuff and sneaking throught he back yard on your belly. Then much to Dan's dismay sharing your new "sexy" shoes since the lilac boots are no longer available.