Thursday, August 28, 2008

All about me

Allyson's big homework project for this week was to make a sheet about herself. I just have to share. I was giddy excited to see what she came up with. Somehow now that she has grown to this ripe old age of 8 I feel just a smidge farther from her than when she were, say, 3. So needless to say it was exciting to see what she created about the young woman she is becoming. I forget sometimes that she is only 8, and I expect way too much from her. I hate that about myself. I expect her to act older than she is. I am working on that. But look at how very sweet she is- and her favorite things. Awesome.

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Ronda said...

Well, that is the coolest thing! Makes me want to go out and buy a scanner. The "kite" from last year highlighting Cooper has unceremoniously landed on top of the fridge. Good grief.