Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop- I want off!

Crazy is the only way to explain last few days of our lives. And I am exhausted- and unfortunately I don't see the end in sight. What is up with that? Here's a quick summary, as I feel like I want to post but don't really have the strength to move my fingers.

Air Show: it's over, it was hot, attendance was down (which was expected without the jet team), it did not rain (even if it was the hottest days on record for the summer-beggers can't be choosers), I am alive, there is one heck of a mess out at the airport. Enough of that.

Water: our well quit working Saturday night. After a LONG day at the hottest show on earth- I came home to a house of sick children and no option for a shower. We stayed in a hotel Sunday night just because everyone was stinky and needing washed, and I was weeping and tired and overwhelmed. It was nice, kind of like a mini vacation (except the leave the hotel by 8am thing so we could rush to school this AM). On Dan's drive in the neighborhood to meet the well guy (thanks Rick for giving us direction on who to call) he noticed two other neighbors with well guys in their drives. Whatever happened, it beats me. Good news is ours is now functioning and it was not near as expensive as it could have been. Something must have happened though- right? Three wells all go out on the same night- our well guy says it's not connected, I think it's too much to be coincidence. Oh well!

Kids: Emily and Allyson (and Sam) all still have that nasty cough. Took Emi to the doctor today though because her little lungs just can't handle it. But so far so good, her oxygen level is still okay- so hopefully she will kick this bad bug on her own without those nasty steroids. Sam quit puking. Allyson went back to school today. They felt good enough to destroy the house today, so I suppose that is a good sign.

School: Back to school nights two times this week. Tonight was Allysons, her teacher seems nice. Different than we've had in the past, but still nice and I'm sure she will be good for Allyson as I spend much time each year praying for the folks who influence my childrens lives. So I am confident that God has put this woman in Ally's life for a reason. Emily's back to school night is Wednesday, and she has a bone to pick with them. Waiting all this time to go back is just about to drive her crazy. Walking out of Mt. Comfort tonight I took a shortcut through the kindergarten hall and realized that next year I will be leaving Emi there- of course it made me cry. I am not looking forward to that! And that just leaves Sam, who insists he is going to 'cool' this year too. NOT OVER MY DEAD BODY! I am keeping him with me as long as I can, unless he continues to be the terror he was tonight- then he's off to military school : )

Me: Worked 125 hours in the past 14 days. Tired, weepy, short fused, bloated, blessed. Suppose that sums it up. Just wondering who in the heck is going to straighten around the hurricane that must have hit my house while I was working non stop the past few weeks. My poor mother in law must think I am the worst mother/wife/janitor in the universe. Sorry Ginny. Also sorry for making you sick! You know us, we spread the love : )

Dan: Beats me, I've barely seen the man lately.

Life: Nutty. Way way way way busy. Whatever. Up tomorrow at 6am, allyson has another check on her arm at 8:20. Please let the doctor be on schedule, I would love to get in and out of there and move on. We'll see.

I will put some pictures up later, Dan must have the camera in his truck because I can't find it.

Funny story. A man came into the air show office on Saturday with a watch he'd found in the parking lot. It was a nice, expensive ladies watch. He wanted to turn it in. But also wanted to know what time he could come back to get it if no one claims it. Good deed? Not sure. Funny though. Also- tons of sets of car keys turned in (as usual). But no one claimed them. Doesn't it make you wonder how in the devil they got home?

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Rebecca said...

Well Miss thang you did it survived the air show. You may have landed skidddig around a corner banged and bruised and puking but it is over...Until next year right?