Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From Baby to Big Boy: One Small Homes Story of an Amazing Transformation

Well, truth be told, it's not really an amazing transformation. It's really just a gallon of paint. But to me it was a big deal as it has been two years in the making. Why on earth I am so indecisive is beyond me, but it should come as no surprise if someday I am taken from this earth by a train that creams my van as I sit on it's tracks trying to decide if I should go forward or back up. A decision maker I am not. But I do have a lot of really great opinions. That's a story for a whole nother day.

So it occurred to me this morning that I never posted the pictures of Sam's new room. So here it goes.
Here is his 'before' room. Less the full size bed. Just imagine it is still there- right there where the white comforter is balled up on the floor. Okay, now we're up to speed.
This is the room I painted for Emily. Accidentally it was painted a pale elephant grey (I had a different color selected for this room and got the cans mixed up. The upstairs playroom got painted the color that was supposed to be this room- but as it turns out it too is a different shade of grey. I spend hours upon hours selecting all of the paint for our house when we moved in and somehow managed to paint the entire damn thing 14 shades of gray. whatever.). When I found out Miss Emily was on the way (of course then it was Mr. or Miss Emily as we didn't know 'what' she was) I decided that the nursery needed pale polka dots all along the edge. For whatever reason, it was kind of hard to paint over those polka dots. But enough of that.
Here it is. These pictures make it look like it really needs something on the walls. I will work on that. And that he needs a window valance, I'll work on that too. Regardless- just look past that. Please. Look past the obvious water spots that must be on my camera lens too. Please.

And here is Allyson on Sam's new bed- she is home puking today, yeah. But not on Sam's new bed. She was warned. And over there in the right corner, that's Emily thinking I was taking her picture. And this is him, the newly roomed boy, staging an escape for 'key kat' from his crib. You notice the crib is still up because this little man still prefers to sleep in it. And I'm okay with that. I kind of even like it. Someday it will get taken down, and he'll have tons of extra floor room. When he's 12.Mission accomplished, 'key kat' is free.And here is Miss Thing- who had staged herself on top of the toybox anxiously awaiting her photo op. What a beautiful young lady. I love her. And her dress makes me thirsty for a margarita.This was my three little bed bugs the first night Sam's room was 'together'. They all wanted to sleep in his new bed. It lasted for about 30 minutes before emily and allyson were returned to their beds (way too much giggling) and sam requested to go to his crib.And this is a giant, huge chip in the paint- already. Bunch of crap. I will never ever ever take the time to get all that painting junk out to fix this. I will just stare at it every time I'm in his room and remind myself that I need to. Great.

So that is that- his kind of finished room. Or at least his newly painted and new comfortered room. I've got to go look for something to hang on his walls. It really looks far less deserted in person, at least I think. Whatever.


Ronda said...

I love it! (Except for the part where Ally is now puking).

My suggestion for Sam's walls -- pictures of Sam. Doing Sam things. I have some IKEA frames, and that is my goal for the kids' rooms, but as you know, I haven't been to IKEA in a million years. But that's my goal -- cute pictures of my kids on their walls.

Rebecca said...

Aah a paint chip. That just goes to show ya not every thing can be perfect for long. You could turn lemons into lemonade by hanging a picture over it or if it's to low just cover it with a dresser. Move the furniture around that will do it. By the way just to scare the life from you...SAM will be 3 in Jan.