Monday, August 11, 2008

Swingin' from the chandelier

Well, at least someone is having some fun around here.
My life this week is anything but 'swingin' from the chandeliers'. Two weeks from today this dag-nab-it air show will be over and I will be almost back to normal. Right now there is just so much stress, and so much to do, and I am working as many hours as I can possibly squeeze into a day. That is, on top of the stuff that already fills my days, you know- children, laundry, dishes, dog hair, dust, grass, blabbity, blabbity, blabbity.
Good news- Allyson's arm doesn't need reset. Dan took all of them to the Doctor this morning (within 40 minutes of their appointment time they were finished and on their way home- what's up with that?) Not that I was wanting to torture him- but I do feel like he should get to experience some of the joys that I get to. Bunch of crap, I tell ya! Watch- when we go back in two weeks we'll be back on the 2 hour wait schedule.
Today Dan starts working 2nd or 3rd shift- what would that be, 2 1/2 shift? 4pm-midnightish. Wonderful. As though there are not already too many irons in the fire, now my screwy husband's job throws another log on! Whatever. I am grateful he has a job, and it's a good job. That is a blessing. Trying to do the whole dinner and betime thing alone is what I am not looking forward to. Then we will have to tip-toe around in the morning so he can sleep. Whatever.
Whatever, whatever, whatever. BRING IT ON! I am super woman- watch me go (crazy). It will only be for a few months- could be worse I suppose. I just want something to feel normal again. Whatever that is. See how all I focus on is me? Me Me Me. I do feel sorry for Dan and the kids- this transition will be hard on all of us. (But especially me : )
Just glanced over to see what the kids are up to- Sam is currently sitting in the exersaucer (you know- like a walker for babies) wearing a super man cape while his sisters spin him in circles. I would take a picture, if I were not so lazy. You will just have to envision that one.

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Ronda said...

Hang in month, you'll be looking for something to do!