Friday, August 15, 2008

Refreshed, revived and redesigning my life!

Last night I did something totally selfish. Totally unheard of. Totally crazy. I hired a sitter and went out on a date- by myself. All alone, just me, no air show, no husband, no children, no nothin- just me.

It was supposed to be a date for Dan and I to go listen to some live Jazz at the Zoo. Then Dan got switched to nights. So I invited some friends- no one was able to go. So I was going by myself. In my heart I knew that if I had a sitter- I should be at the office cranking out really important air show stuff (because that's what I do, in theory). But I didn't. I totally wasted the money on a sitter and went and spent some more!

As my tires hit the street- I was on my way to the zoo. Then it occurred to me- I could do anything I wanted. As I turned toward the air show office, I stopped myself. What about that return at Target I have? I could do that first.

So I did- I returned the first 'oh, it's the one, it's the one' backpack of Allysons (she found another one later) and then strolled the isles. There was a time that I would never leave Target without browsing the candle isle- but I haven't seen it in years. I looked to see if it was still there and IT IS! Then I looked up and down the toy isles, because I am a gluten. Picked up some laundry soap, because that's what I always do. Glanced over some various clearance, and then it hit me. Pedicure! I could go get a pedicure!

So I headed to the magazine isle- I could pick out anything I want. All the magazines in the world- and I came out with a Women's Day. I guess I have turned the 'Cosmopolitan' Corner'- and there is no going back now. I just don't need beauty tips and 'how to please your lover' ideas- it's too late for all that. Now I just need to know how to make a dinner 'everyone will love' in 3.5 minutes and how to save thousands at the grocery. And I'm at peace with that. Moving on.

Off to get a pedicure. I almost stopped because I haven't shaved, in well, days. But then I thought- what the heck- and went for it anyway. A 1/2 hour in a massaging chair with my feet in hot water reading my household tip articles- wonderful. Then the woman began torturing me with the files, gels, trimmers, sanders- and to think I was paying her for this! When it was all said and done- I left with more knowledge about how to oranize my cupboards and pink toes. Awesome.

Dinner at Qdoba- the place I love (but my entire family doesn't). All alone. Still awesome.

Two hours left. Now what? Air Show. Then I stopped myself and went to shop for a new mattress for Sam. And found one. Wow, I am on a roll. Now Dan just has to go give it his stamp of approval and that is done.

Now to Lowes- I might as well tackle that paint problem. And I did. Selected the perfect color of blue- within 40 seconds of approaching the wall of torture- uh, I mean paint chips. Had it mixed. Decided I hated it. Paid for it anyway. Whatever.

And then on to home. Refreshed and ready. I felt awesome- and still do. Woke up at 5am this morning to the howls of Sam and his quest for a drink, the hallway light on, his mcqueen car and his blankie pulled up- and haven't gone back to bed since.

I might be on to something. Maybe I've turned a new leaf? Could I have somehow become a decision making, not tired woman? Probably not- but I feel good (for the first time in a long time) and I am going to go with it. That is, until my 3 small ones arise from their slumber shortly and begin to beat me to death : )

Now for pictures of a playdate we had with one of Emily's friends a week or so ago. Nothing earth shattering to report- just my children being cute and funny and playdoughey.


Ronda said...

Yea, Mynde Goble! Way to go, taking time for yourself. I'm so proud of you. (Here I am, weeping for the second time in a week....not really, but I am proud!)

Rebecca said...

OK I am Mad. I didn't get a call Friday night . You KNOW i'd of gotten a pedicure, I'd have met you 1/2 way at McAlister. But seriously I am so glad you had a nice night!!!