Thursday, August 28, 2008

Multi Poster Thursday

I made that up. The Multi Poster thing that is. But today- for whatever the reason- I feel like posting again. So I will. Because I can. My blog just so happens to have way too many words and not very good pictures. I'm okay with that. You should be too. Much like me in 'real life'- I talk to much and therefore I type too much. It is what it is.

In looking for pictures to put with my earlier post, I stumbled upon some pictures of Emily. I remember the day- she for whatever reason needed me to take her picture. And as I did- this is what she did:

I will never tire of being her mom (or any of their moms of course). She is so funny in a special Emily kind of way. What a hoot.

Completely different subject: I stopped at Toys R Us this morning while we were out. They are having a 'clearance sale'. Now I know better- their stuff is so over priced that even on 'clearance' it's still kind of pricey. Sometimes. Depends on what you can find. So that's why I stopped.

I had a question, so I approached a gentleman sitting at the baby registry desk. I stood there and waited for him to address me. I didn't want to interupt what he was doing, so I just stood there. I am not by any means hard to see, and my children are not quiet. He knew I was there. He did finally look at me- but I kid you not- he did not say a word. So being the mature adult that I am, I just stared at him, wondering when he might actually muster a word or something (hello, how can I help you, what are you looking at, go away- anything). Nothing. Me- still staring. Him- staring at me and actually walking away from me. Smartie Pants Toys R Us Man! I finally broke and asked if I could ask a question or if he was not-questionable. My husband said I was being snippy! To heck with all of them and their crazy snail in their pants ways. HELLO- WHATEVER HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE? I will hang this up now- just needed to get that off my chest.

Could be another post yet today. Don't know yet. I have a lot to say today. We'll see.


Rebecca said...

Gee You had bad customer service at a Toys R Us.....No why I'd NEVER beleive that! Thye are such professionals from the bottom to the top. They care so much about their customers! Ha see I hate to say it but "I did tell you so " MMMMWWWWAAHHHH! Love ya

Ronda said...

You braved Toys R Us? With kids and a husband? What are you thinking?

Good for you on being snippy. I hope you were. It's us snippy moms with things to do that are going to change the world!