Thursday, August 7, 2008

Three little words

Sam's vocabulary is really really advancing. 2 has always been a fun age as during that year they become little people and talk so much better. Slowly as the year progresses, you can actually hold a conversation with them. Sam has a lot of 3 word sentences- I will share some:

For you mama!
Sam is so proud when he brings me things. He mad this mud pie with my mom. Lately he has been picking me flowers too. He's so happy when he presents me with a treasure. This particular treasure ended up with more water being added to it- in the house. Funny thing, mud pies turn back into mud when rehydrated. Yuck!

Oh! It leakin!

That is a scary one to hear- especially when you are in Target and he is pointing to the shopping cart. The shopping cart that he is not riding it, I (being a fool) have been bamboozeled into allowing him to walk. And 'it' was leakin! Glue. All over our entire shopping cart full of Allysons' 98 item school supply list- and a new pair of shoes- and then through the bottom of the cart and onto the floor. Manufacturer defect? No- Sam unscrewed the top and threw it back in the cart. Allyson thought it was funny- "Look mom, we've left a trail". Me- not so funny.

You bad boy!

Those three little words Sam screams at anyone who is not following the rules. Or anyone who reminds him to follow the rules. Or anyone who has to use discipline tactics to make him follow the rules. It's like his curse words- he finds great power in shouting them. I don't know where he got it, it is not something Dan or I use- I believe it might be something his sisters say to him. It's nice when they learn things from their siblings. Here's another that I think they have taught him........

I hate you!

Hate is a word that we do not allow to be used in our home. But apparently it has been used, in secret conversations, and Sam uses it freely now. He will scream those three little words anytime he is angry. I have never been told I was hated so much by someone I loved as much as I do him before in my life. He will also declare he 'hates' whatever you are suggesting if it is not exactly what he had in mind, I hate camping, I hate Target, I hate dinner....... you get the point. It's just one of lifes little blessings- to hear a small cute blonde boy whom you have dedicated your life to raising screaming "I hate you!" over and over and over. Makes it all worth while..........

Oh, it gross!

You've seen our produce pictures- now invision one of the beautiful little red tomatoes all smashed. It was getting a bit over ripe so it was very soft- then with just a small amount of pressure 'pop!'- Oh, it gross! And then I was like- "Oh come on people, like you've never seen a smashed tomato- and don't worry- I will clean it up. I mean, it's just the dressing room at Old Navy, and it's not like we got it on the clothes, jeez!" Secretly I was glad that he didn't get out the summer squash too. Emily helped him pack his backpack- I failed to look to see what she had put in there. A salad bar apparently.

Max and Wooby

These three little words I know Allyson is getting tired of hearing. It is Sam's favorite TV show of all time- and he declares "Max and Wooby (Ruby)" as soon as he gets out of bed in the morning, and actually then all day long. Allyson has every episode memorized. She is a very bright young woman- who can remember things she has heard 3014 times. Even Sam can say all the words now. Emily watches it like it is the first time, every time.

I lock it

We've covered this.

I love you

These he saves for when I am almost to my breaking point- when I have been beaten to death and almost unable to take another step, heading to my bed to curl up in a ball, just about to give up- here he comes with these three little beauties. Powerful stuff. I love you too Sam. Just please try not to kill me.


Ronda said...

Awww...that's sweet! At least he still tells you he loves you. My boys say, "uh huh". Boogers.

Sharon said...

Hi Mynde -- the tiny little holes visible in the mud pies were made by birdseed....much better than your sprinkles that they were wanting to use out of the kitchen!! Looks like the birds enjoyed them! They worked so diligently on these things, after the initial fight about who would dig where in your garden for the best dirt (sorry), sifting it to get just the right texture to the 'flour' to work with and make sure there were no lumps and then adding the liquid. I think Sam's favorite part of it was choosing his stirring stick and seeing how many times he could make Emily scream by poking her with the muddy end.......sigh!! All said and done, they were lovely when freshly put out under the sun to bake....sorry about the reconstituted mud in the house, but it takes a lot of hard work to make good mud and yes, it comes back well when done right. They were so them guys!!