Saturday, July 10, 2010


I can not begin to explain what this week has been like.  A great super week.  But man am I glad it is over.

All in just a few short days, we returned from vacation, hosted a neighborhood cookout, coordinated crafts for 30+ kids every night at vacation bible school, prepared 2 fine art projects for the 4H entry, prepared 2 baked items for the mini-4H entry, trapesed back and forth to the fairgrounds like 300 times (well- just 3, but it felt like 300) to submit said items, Allyson had a sleepover (me=pushover), Dan spent the day at a clinic with metal stuck in his eye, we finally were able to have Uncle Buddy's memorial  and two guinea pigs were shown at the fair (4th trip by the way to the fabulous fairgrounds).

Which is why I basically produced myself in the office one day this week and said sorry, but apparently I am like on week two of vacation and I totally can't commit to being here with any frequency this week- buh bye.

Every day has had non-stop stuff to do- morning until night.

So today to wake up and glance at the old calendar and see,   what?   what is that?????  nothing?  Could it be possible?  There is NOTHING on the calendar for today.

Well blow me down.

Looks like I might get to that mountain of dishes in the kitchen and endless piles of laundry after all.

Pictures from the fair.....................(sorry Ally- I didn't get a picture of you with your painting.........but it really was beautiful and I'll make it up I promise)

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Ronda said...

We saw a bunch of the projects at the fair and they looked great! Way to go, Gobles!