Friday, July 16, 2010

Related to Royalty

That is- if you consider a close neighbor and your children's favoritest and bestest babysitter/friend in the whole universe family
And if you consider Royalty the county fair queen (which we do)
-on a side note- look at Sam, he is SMITTEN with Melissia, puddy in her hands-
And I share with you proof that she is in fact considered royalty- at least in Hancock County- because she got to have her picture taken on THE great big tractor.
Just one of the perks to being the queen in farm country I suppose.

Can I just, for a brief moment, say how devastated my heart feels that this young woman will be moving away to college in just a few short weeks?
We are so going to miss her.  But none of us quite like Sam, I'm afraid.  And right next to Sam- will be heartbroken Emily and Allyson, followed by me.  She is a delightful young woman and a blessing to our family and I wish she were still 12 and eating cookies in my kitchen while playing with my kids.  She truly is royalty.  At least to us.

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