Saturday, July 31, 2010

Failing my Family Friday (on Saturday)

I'm either making my own wine...........or allowing food to rot in my van.

I personally purchased shoes for Emily that I'm not even sure a stripper would wear.  (She LOVES them, for the record, which I knew she would)
That plant has more umph than I do.  It hasn't been watered in like a month and it is still kind of hanging in there. (after typing this, I did in fact throw some H2O on the poor thing.  It's probably wrong to wish it would just die???)
I'm not a fan of bamboo.  And yet I have one (thriving I might add) in my dining room.  Strange.
And would you look at all of the beautiful handmade items we display in there as well???  Gorgeous.
Yeah.  All three of them on the computer.  I don't even know what they were doing.  Probably ordering a bunch of crap with Dan's credit card.  Wow- look at the dust on those stairs.
Our overgrown beast asleep on Sam's pillow (don't worry, I washed all the bedding.  even though I didn't feel like it)
My poor, poor zuchini that so wants to be turned into something wonderful.  And my cookbook that had the pages 'glued' together from prior baking frenzies.  I put them together so they might bake some bread or something.  So far no luck.
Me bed.  Buried under every towel we own. Clean towels, for the record.  I like to consider it my way of cleaning out the linen closet.
Or just avoiding washing towels for like way too long.
My closet, featuring my laundry situation. (disclaimer:  I did manage to get all of MY laundry washed yesterday.  And Dan got all those towels folded.........thank you Dan.  Next up, kids clothes.)

Random things like these lego doogies are scattered  I'm starting to consider them art.

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HalalaMama said... I'm going in the kitchen right this minute to lay food on my cookbook. That's genius.


Where's my cookbook?