Monday, July 26, 2010

Funkylishisness, Funky Fresh, Funkyfied

I have been having me a funk.  I spent two hours (count them............two) crying last night because, get this, Dan and I are not going to have any more babies probably.  My eyes were puffy this morning from crying so hard.  Sincerely sobbing, from my heart.  It was sad. I was sad.

Today.  Today I am crying because I don't want to work really, but I kind of like it, but I don't want to work a lot, any more than what I do now really, so I need to be fine to be just the office girl but then my coworker gets all the glory and the attention- which she should since she actually shows up for work and I don't really all that often but sometimes if I feel like it- so she gets new titles and such and I'm just stupid old Mynde who really knows the show but doesn't have time to be all showy about it.  Sheesh.  Tears pathetic.

And because Sam wanted milk, and Ally gave him water and Dan got all yelly.

Somewhere in the middle of the night my monthly 'gift' came which is like a week early and I only know that because I am on THE PILL so because they are still orange I am still in the clear..............or at least I should be but apparently I'm not.

I'm blaming all of this crazy emotion eruption on the full moon.  It always makes me squirly.

So even though I made dinner tonight, a real nice homecooked meal which we technically had to eat at 4:30 which is wayyyyy to early for dinner, we went out for a pizza at 9:30 at night because we were out getting the kids from vacation bible school.  And the particular Pizza King we ate at had a Juke Box.  And upon further inspection, it appeared that it hadn't been updated since the early 90's.  Which to my kids is bad.  But to their full moon, week early period, no more baby havin, phone girl momma it was just what the doctor ordered.

$2 later I was singing my soul out to Toni Braxton, Reba McIntire, Lori Morgan and Wynonna Judd.  I even scored a little Boys to Men (ABC a BBD. The east coast family).  It was bad karaoke on a good night without a microphone or an audience.  And I have come to the conclusion that music heals the soul, I love Pizza King with the early 90's juke box, and I need to find a great place to since some karaoke- because my singing skillz were completely wasted on my family who cared more about who had the stupid shaker of cheese and whether or not there were onions on the pizza.

And to think, I didn't even know that I was missing karaoke in my life.  Humph.

I am off to find my case of tapes and a player.  I need to brush up on my lyrics.


Ronda said...

I knew it! Girls' night: Friday night at Round the Corner. Although, I'm afraid you may have to find some quick love for country music. I'm not sure they know that other stuff you mentioned.

Mynde said...

Lord Ronda- Lori, Reba and Wynonna ARE country. Sheesh. And you'll remember Toni and the Boys when I start singing them. Although- in order to do so in front of actual people it may require one (or ten) shots of something really strong.