Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A dinosaur in our world of flowers

While on vacation, we stopped by a bakery and let the kids pick out a super fabulous decorated cookie.  And upon seeing each of our selections, I realized that one of my children is not like the others.

I always assumed my first child would be a boy.  Don't know why- I just did.

And then I had two girls.  And I 'knew' what to do (in theory) because they were girls and I'm a girl............we can relate is what I am getting at.

And then I had Sam.  I am so thankful God sent Sam.

Although, in a good way, that child will be the DEATH of me.  No joking. 

However- before Sam I didn't realize one thing in particular about boys.  They come with sound effects.  There is a constant whirrrrrr   vrooooooooom   squeeeeeeeeeeeeeel around these parts now adays............all courtesy of one small blonde boy creature.

 There is also batteries in the register vents, sand in the dryer and capri sun straws wedged in between the boards of the deck............but that's a story for another day.

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