Friday, July 16, 2010

That was random..........

Allow me to share with you .........

Sleeping in piggy tails makes your hair CRAZY.  (Emily made me promise I wouldn't post this on my blog, I assured her I wouldn't......)
The county fair is the highlight of our entire summer.  We've been there like everyday this week.  We need a hobby.
Sam lives to get 'fancy beers' at the county fair.
Sam does not wear glasses- but he will look good in them should he ever have to.
My beautiful niece- who has discovered eyeliner.  (Remember when we all used to color the inside of our eyelids until they resembled dark, black slits?  That is a phase we must all go through, apparently)
We are having a yardsale this week, and the lightbright is not for sale.
We Goble's have been camping out in the living room on the 'air camashener' alot lately.  Lew is loving it.
Ally won't let me take her picture much these days- but here is her hand..... and Giblet.

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