Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gardening 101

Believe me when I say I know the way to a happy garden.

Straight rows, lots of sun, perfectly marked signs so you know what is what, no weeds, fertilizer. Oh- I get it.

Therefore, I bring you..............

My garden.

See- there is a common misconception that you plant your items in order and in rows. Fools. I am giving the 'love' method a try.

See how the tomatoes are planted in a nice circle? It's a circle of love. They are gathered around sharing coffee and gossip- they are breeding love. And when tomatoes breed love- they produce fruit. Just sayin'.

And see that lone bell pepper over to the side. He's a beast, so we put him over all by himself. Sam picked him out, but the tomatoes were NOT happy.

In the back there- that strange gourd plant. Yeah- he's a volunteer from my sister in laws garden. But happy I might add. Growing and blooming and vining everywhere. Happy Happy Happy.

There's also a pumpkin vine and a watermelon in there somewhere. I can't remember which is which. I guess signs would have been handy. However, whichever one grows a watermelon will be the watermelon so I guess we don't really need signs now do we?

Down in the front- those are the kids beautiful flowers. I gave them shovels and the freedom to just dig holes and shove them in.

What's that you say? You see a lot of grass? Well HELLO- I can't very well get the lawn mower in there now with all those plants, now can I? Sheesh. And it's not like it's practical to sweat and work just to pull weeds- that would be crazy.

So there you have it- gardening with the best of them (that's me in case I lost you). I was going to take a picture of my neighbors straight rows, weed free, perfect garden just to show you how unhappy their non gossiping tomatoes are, but they were out on their deck and I was in my pajamas. Sorry.
And check this out.  Miss Emily planted her gourd seeds the night they painted the pots in VBS- and all three have sprouted.   What can I say- farming is in our blood.

(PS- Mom just called and said she felt it was important that I let you all know that she taught me everything I know about gardening.  So there you have it.)

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Ronda said...

Alright, Miss Fancy Pants, how did you get those letters on your picture?

And our garden looks a whole lot like yours. I've given up, but boy, oh boy, do I have BIG plans for next year!

Sharon said...

DISCLAIMER: just want everyone to know who reads this that I had nothing to do with the Farm Girl's garden skills. Sometimes seeds of knowledge are slow in sprouting and....well.....I know it is all in you there somewhere but is slow in showing itself:)

Oh, you have done it now, you Little Devil!! Yes, Lord knows I have TRIED to teach you what my farmer father taught me about gardening, but it kind of gives me the same feeling I get when I water a dried-out plant and all the water runs out the bottom of the potLOL A little stays in but the majority runs quickly in and right back out. (still say that is not the ideal garden spot)

Somehow tho I have to give you credit for being able to choose strong plants for every year they do manage to hang in there and make it thru the end of the summer, tho produce is at a minimum. (and yes, I do remember the watermelon and cherry tomatoes:)

I think you did inherit your Mom's good intentions, however for every year I promise myself that I'm going to do your garden and then I lose track of time and it's too late. So, your intent is not all bad and in your case produces a grand group of very social veggies. HEY!! Maybe you have created a new strain here:)

This year tho has been exceptional for producing lots of weeds and grass and so not to worry.

Looking forward to your harvest feast in the fall:)