Monday, July 12, 2010

Do people still say Hooptee?

My nephew called a couple of weeks ago- so very excited to tell me and Dan that he had bought a car.

Not a hotwheels or remote control, apparently time is marching along and my little baby nephew with giant chipmunk cheeks is 17 and thinks he is old enough to drive.  As if.

So last week he called and wanted to drive over and show us his new ride.

This kid was about to BURST he was so proud.  He spoke of air ride suspension, keyless entry, automatic trunk closer upper thingys, he looks at this car and sees nothing but shiny beautifulness.

I see my nephew who I am so very proud of for saving and learning and becoming a young man.

And a car that may or may not be at the end of its useful life.  I see duck tape holding together the door panels, upholstery that looks well used, and taillights that have red plastic panels taped on them.  I don't mean that in a bad way at just is what it is.  He has owned it for a month.........and has already began learning about how to fix carish items like radiators and water pumps and such.  He's also (finally) motivated to get a job and earn some money.  After all, he wants gas to drive around with.  And I might be guessing here, but I'm not sure this is the highest mile per gallon ride on the market.

When he got here, I told him that his Uncle Dan was excited to get to go for a ride.  "I BET he is" was his response.  He also mentioned that he was sure uncle dan wouldn't pass by the opportunity to ride in a Lincoln Town Car.  I was just hoping (beyond hope) that he wasn't going to make ask me to ride in it.

I ran in the house to pack up some muffins for him to take home with him (because he just happened to come on my baking marathon day last week, and I am his Aunt Mynde after all and we Aunts send baked goods home with our nephews) and when I came back out of the door, I saw this.........

I could see the wheels turning in Sam's little head.  Someday he too will purchase his first set of wheels, I think he's already laying the plans (he keeps talking about unmentionables with just two wheels.........over my DEAD body!)  Boys and their giant old battle wagon cars....just 12 years until there just might be one located in my drive way driven by my super blonde boy.  Yikes.


Ronda said...

Mrs. Goble, didn't Mr. Goble have one of those unmentionable things with just 2 wheels, and didn't a Miss Larsen ride on that thing? Just askin'...

Mynde said...

Exactly. No way some hussy is going to whoo my sam just to get a ride on his motorcycle. Besides, there won't be room on the back for anyone with his oversized helmet, complete fireproof suit and plastic protection bubble. And that is IF I am dead and he gets to buy one.